Willingness is Everything

Everything is willingness.  Everything.  Everything.  Everything.  Willingness is behind every action, every feeling and every thought.  If not with one part of our self, then with another part of our self and thus behind every inner question and conflict.

None of us accomplishes anything or does anything, unless we’re willing.  No one heals, unless we’re willing.  No one helps another or harms another unless we’re willing.  No one does or is anything unless we’re willing.

We don’t become president, unless we’re willing.  We don’t stay healthy unless we’re willing.  We don’t enrich ourselves unless we’re willing.  We don’t become addicted unless we’re willing.  We don’t enter into the valley of the shadow of death, unless we’re willing.   We don’t make our lives better or make our lives worse unless we’re willing.

A Small View

A.  Unfortunately, if someone looks at life only from the surface and being a human being, this makes no sense and is extremely debateable.  For example, why would anyone ever be willing to be attacked, be willing to die from cancer, be willing to be enslaved, be willing to be abused or maligned, or become a drug addict?  Why would anyone ever be willing to be the victim of a hate crime or be rounded up and killed by Nazi’s.  Why would anyone ever be willing to be nailed to a cross?

If we look at life only from the perspective of the surface of living this physical life, this makes no sense.  Yet, whether full understanding exists or not, everything is willingness – just not all at the human level, sometimes the willingness is from the whole soul.

For Others and Our Self Equally

B.  At the soul level, we can also perceive that if we’re willing to do to another, then we are also saying we’re willing to experience it ourselves.  At the soul level, if we’re willing to “teach someone a lesson” in a certain way, then we’re willing to learn in that same way.    Or, if we’re willing to truly forgive, then we’re willing to allow forgiveness to be for ourselves, as well.  If we’re willing to truly understand, or show mercy or be patient, then we’re willing to experience understanding, mercy and patience, in all it’s manifestations for ourselves.

If we’re willing to create a certain experience for others, we’re willing to say this is a valid experience for ourselves as well, whether it be harm and suffering, or forgiveness and compassion.

The challenge is to be aware that we can choose to be willing and unwilling in the same experience at the same moment.  Willing for some reasons and unwilling for others.   The issue then becomes what are we willing to choose for our life and others?

PS.  We don’t love unless we’re willing to love.  We don’t forgive unless we’re willing to forgive.

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