The Spring of 2050: UFO’s and Edgar Cayce

While so many of us already are aware that we have visitors from other places in space, others are not – for countless reasons.  Why, then, would there be no public announcement or public presentation?  The answer is – there will be – in the spring of 2050.  Precisely, I’m seeing it in April and May of 2050, then stretching out in other ways through the summer.

From my research, Edgar Cayce didn’t say much specific about UFO’s, Extraterrestrials and the like happening in the future, except to say that there was regular contact and relationships with them during the Atlantean days and there would be again.  During the Atlantean days, there existed a very high level of technology – some of which has been discovered but not recognized and not identified correctly.  This level of technology plays a role in contact and normal relations with Extraterrestrials.

There are good reasons why there has not been a public presentation with developing regular and normal open  relations.  It is because we are not at their level of the technology, yet.  Especially with regards to energy.  Literally, there would be wars over their technology.  If full openness were to happen now, it would create extreme tensions in the world over who gets their technology.

The best way to avoid this conflict is to not be fully open with the existence of UFO’s.  Otherwise, the conflicts would be serious and even destructive indeed.  The few sightings and rumors help to put this topic into peoples’ minds and that is a necessary first step that must happen over time.

The Descent of Technology

When humans descended into lower technological times after Atlantean times, those from other locations in space who witnessed the process, also recognized the need to withdraw from regular public human interaction.  Through the thousands of years since Atlantis, there has been contact but only the most limited and only on the outskirts of experiences.

With the return and growing of the technological levels we have now, there has been more contact, entering back into the subconsciousnesses and consciousnesses of the human race, waiting until mankind once again is able to meet them without being overwhelmed and without causing chaos in our planet.

The New Energy Source

With the development of the new energy source that I’ve mentioned before, mankind will have the energy technology that will avoid the need to war over their technology.  Our technology will be sufficient to provide for our planet.

So, beginning in 2045, non-public discussions and processes will begin for development of the procedures and preparations, of the following 4 years leading up to the public pronouncements  and the official “Welcoming” events – all around the world (and over many months time.)  As I said above, April & May, 2050, then stretching out through the summer around the planet, then winding down in the fall of 2050.

It will be both an exciting time and anxious time.  There will be many who are welcoming and many that are afraid.  There will be many areas of cooperation and many areas of conflict to be worked out.  They will present themselves to the whole world – to all the more than 8.7 billion people on the planet at that time.

And they will be a part of our consciousnesses and paradigms from then on.

Space Travel

One result of this new relationship is that tens of thousands will want to go into space to visit the other “few” planets that these visitors will represent.  While I currently count about 16 – 19 different species that are “touching” Earth in some form or fashion, only about 3 will open up their societies to be visited in cooperative ways.  Eventually millions of humans will travel to other non-Earth places.

Not all 16-19 are above board and open.  That is why the message deciphered in 2008 mentioned that humans need to be aware that not all species  in space are truthful.  Some hide behind fake smiles.  Sound familiar?  They have traits just like humans – who would have thought it.  Always remember actions and behaviors represent what is within someone – whether human or not.

This year, 2012 is only 33 years away from the beginning of the process which I would equate to preparing for the Olympics in a new city – years of preparation.  And only 38 years until 2050.  If we compare that time range to waiting for the year 2000, it would be like if it were 1962.  How many of you remember the time from 1962 to 2000?  It seems like a long time to a few, but not to the rest of us.  And we’ve been through a lot during those times.

I hope you can be around, but be aware that what we will be going through before 2045 and 2050 will test us in so many ways.

May 24, 2012

Send me your questions about this topic and I’ll share more.

10 thoughts on “The Spring of 2050: UFO’s and Edgar Cayce

  1. There are people who believe in a Christ figure – they call him Maitreya – and that he has manifested himself on earth and is waiting for a period when people are ‘ready’ to receive him.

    They say his message is one of sharing.

    What do you see in this? It strikes me as similar to the extraterrestrial visitors in nature and I wonder if these are related in any way.


  2. Why can’t we all share so called new tech, obviously by that time our world will still be ruled by greed driven, power hungry control freaks. Maybe it is another reason we are out of contact with ETs.


    • To understand why humans, in general, do the things we do and why we behave as we do, we simply take a look at our own self. While the outward appearance and manifestation of our actions can be very different amongst each other, the motivations are the same. We all feel all the same feelings and emotions in our own ways. We all experience fear, albeit in different kinds of ways. We all exhibit selfishness in one form or another. The amount and degree may be different, but there’s no difference between selfishness that withholds food from a hungry person, than selfishness which withholds technology, … or love … or support … or kindness … or forgiveness. Selfishness is selfishness and we all exhibit our own brand of it.


  3. Edgard Cayse also said about new religion in Russia, that whole world will follow. Russian empire rise, and lead the world for another 1000 years. And that is going to happen very soon. What can you say about that?


  4. Interesting. There at those among Christians who believe that a “new” religion will be of Satan and that he will rule the earth for 1000 years, that many will be suckered and lost because of it.


    • Christ told His followers how to know who was His follower and who was not: “You will know them by their demonstration of the fruits of the Spirit” Loving kindness, patience, understanding, mercy, forgiveness, charity, unselfishness, cooperation, long-suffering, faith, joy – these are the fruits of the Spirit.


    • The issue is not whether we’re allowed to know or not allowed to know. The issue is how do we handle what we choose to know. We always have choices of knowing or not knowing, but the knowledge also calls for responsibility, wisdom and maturity. Knowledge because of curiosity is pretty much useless. But, knowledge put to practical and wise use, becomes “muscle” to our soul. Taking the knowledge seriously and putting forth effort to live our lives knowing what we may know – using the knowledge we have already in a responsible way – creates a strong foundation for even greater knowledge to come forth.
      Take the knowledge you have already, and put it to use. Then afterwards more will be given. Remember the story in the Bible about the 4 servants who were given resources by their master. 3 put their resources to good use and were rewarded. The 4th hid his in the ground. That and more was taken away from him.
      I hope this answers your question.
      God bless you.


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