Florida will have a little bit of loss of coast line and in some areas bays will be formed where land once was – especially along the eastern coast slightly north of central Florida. It will be significant enough that there will be buildings in the water. It’s possible that central Florida (around northern central Florida) will have so much water that it will create a larger body of water, like a bay from a river. This will happen before 2012 – most likely by 2011. (reading of 2005)

With regards to the coast line of the Gulf of Mexico, I don’t see much change. Back during the May, 2005 reading, it appeared as if the land mass will rise some along the coast in addition to a water level rise. (I think this is odd, but it seems to be what I see. I will keep an eye on this one because I could be off.) (6/11/2007)

8 thoughts on “Florida

  1. Generally I has dreams much more drastic in the past than your visions. I often foresaw huge floods and waves around 2010-12.
    However I do not feel that this will pass in a much soften way, some weather big events but not that huge.
    People will slowly relocate more away from sea I think. Now I think the sea levels will only rise by 1 to 5 meters at most.


  2. I agree. As time continues, I see the prayers and meditations of many, help to bring healing energy – God’s Spirit – into the events and help to alleviate much of the destruction that was “slated” to happen. As Edgar Cayce said many times, “if all thing stayed the same” the events as foreseen, would happen, but because many people don’t just sit on their …. hands, and do nothing – they/we pray, meditate, work to bring Spirit into the world, through whatever means and behavior we can,- because of this, changes to the future happen – healing changes happen.

    I still am seeing some water level rise, but right now, I’m only seeing 1-3 feet (1 meter) rise. However, I’m currently seeing 2-3 hurricanes or tropical storms for Florida in 2009. In 2008, I’m seeing 2 storms impacting Florida. I think I see 1 hitting directly and another indirectly, going around it, but still affecting Florida. 1 vastly more powerful than the other.

    But Florida still needs our prayers because I see the potential for the storms and hurricanes gradually getting more and more powerful as the years continue. 2010 will be a peak year of sorts, with 2011 being a less severe season. 2012 will be strange indeed. A mess in many ways for Florida, just like so many other places.


        • For the rest of this decade: first, I see no hurricane going through Seminole, FL or threatening the western coast of Florida. I see a potential tropical storm or tropical depression in a few years. I do see much rain, though. In the next 6 years, I see the water level inching up slowly. I don’t see a surge onto the coast line, but rather a slow creeping with the range of potential coastal water level rise being about 1 inch to 8 inches. This range depends on many changeable factors, yet.
          Near the end of this decade, I see some of the Seminole citizens begin discussing moving away.
          The water tower issue will reemerge in 2017-2018 with potential results being repainting.


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