The Rainforest and hurricanes

I’m seeing another factor in addition to global warming affecting the weather in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico and it being “slightly” a natural cycle – the destruction of rainforest. The rainforest in South America is like an air conditioner for the northern half of South America – working to keep the temperatures regulated and even, but with the rainforest dwindling, there is greater temperature fluctuation, meaning that the hot temperatures are now getting hotter, and vice versa. Unfortunately when temperatures rise, and as heat builds up in this region, it affects the waters in the Atlantic Ocean off the coasts of S. America, namely where hurricane cells are created. With hot temperatures in the region, and in the Atlantic waters, more hurricanes will be the result.

Likewise, with the temperature fluctuation, when the temperature goes into the lower levels, this will affect the many species in the rainforest, causing some species to dwindle because of their inability to cope with colder temperatures. Most of the individual species will eventually adapt, but this will take many years.

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