Jesus, prayer, 2006

Added 12/12/2006 (revised 7/6/07): The weather (hurricane) predictions of 2006 in the Gulf of Mexico did not occur as I predicted. I looked back into this, and psychically looked for that which led to the contrast between my prediction and that which occurred. As I asked and looked psychically, a vision came. I saw the Spirit of Christ covering the entire southeast US including much of the Gulf of Mexico. The Spirit of Christ’s presence absorbed/dissolved the destructive energy that was coming and would have manifested through hurricanes in the Gulf. The presence of the Christ Spirit came as a direct result of so many prayers for the Gulf Coast following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, coming much from the churches and people of Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi, and from the prayers from the other surrounding states and the entire U.S. The prayers that were offered up for this Gulf region after hurricane Katrina and Rita were so great in their numbers and so united in people’s efforts, in order to help this region to not have this again, that the presence of the Christ Spirit grew so great as to change the weather patterns that I had seen potentially happening. I saw prayers coming from churches along the Gulf Coast states, as well as people from all across the nation.I also saw during this time and subsequent readings, that the presence and energy of the Christ Spirit is so great that these prayers and this presence will also protect the Gulf on up to the middle of the 2007 season, and will greatly reduce the number of hurricanes which I saw entering into this Gulf Coast region in 2007 and some in 2008. I believe the Christ Spirit responded, and in turn, responds to the problems, as human beings respond to the problems – through our prayers and meditations. As we pray, so then answers Christ. If we don’t do our work and pray (call on God), neither then does the Spirit of Christ respond to the great degree that we would otherwise see.

Many wonder if our prayers are answered. I’ve seen it first hand that the answer is “Yes”, according to the sincerity, strength, in our hearts through our prayers.

One news report I watched on television near the end of Nov. 2006, stated that the 2006 season was uncharacteristically quiet – that more storms and hurricanes had been predicted for 2006 by meteorologists and the National Hurricane Center. (and by me, too, but the news report didn’t mention me. Nor did they mention the protective healing power of Jesus Christ coming from the prayers of so many.)

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