European Union

By 2025 the European Union will emerge as an economic super power, as well as a political super power, and the US will be one of two super powers again. By 2035, the US will be the #2 super power. The European Union will do more to help Russia than any other agent of help. (Added 8/10/05)

Vibration/energy rate increase

The Earth’s vibrational increase affects all life on this planet in different ways.  Animals and birds will also adapt to this vibrational change.  Their DNA will also adapt.  Different species will begin demonstrating different character traits, abilities and behaviors heretofore unseen in these species.  Insects will struggle to adapt.  Their adaptation will be in the area of “fortitude” – being tougher to overcome.  The increase in viruses in the planet is also an effect of the vibrational level.  The energy vibration increase will affect viruses activating their ability to mutate at an increased rate.  (Added 11/24/05)

2012- physical meaning

The 2012 mark is the physical manifestation of the beginning of a new cycle of 52,000 years. This cycle is really two 26,000 cycles. The beginning of our current 52,000 year cycle saw Atlantis as a world dominating militaristic government, so self-aggrandizing and self-centered that it was brought down through it’s own self-destruction to the point that little is even left to prove it existed.  (This nation raised itself above other nations from it’s own self-glorification,  but is now brought down so low that it’s not even considered to have ever existed.)

The 2012 mark is also the beginning of the change-over, the beginning of a wave of consciousness coming through the earth, but taking many, many decades to fully wash through humanity and it’s generations – the generations being those in physical bodies now, and those not in physical bodies now.

2012 marks the time in astronomy whereby the Solar System passes across the galactic center.  The electromagnetic pull upon our own Earth has been occurring for several decades as witnessed by some of the weather changes (and enhanced by global warming),  and will culminate with electromagnetic problems which will periodically occur in 2012, affecting our own planetary electronic systems as well as any other natural or manmade aspect in our world which relies on magnetic fields for functioning or survival.

The Next Shift

In General, the next millennium shift will occur in 2100-2200 years from now. At the most 2300 years. Our own shift isn’t an instant experience happening in the year 2000 or in 2012, but rather over a range of years beginning in 1940’s, peaking in 2130-40 and going until about 2165. This is because it’s not just a physical shift – it’s an energy shift – and a consciousness shift (which, in fact, is energy.)

But, right now is an amazing time. It is phenomenal that we’re here able to witness this. We’re seeing the increase in consciousness into this planet and it will continue to increase in this phase for 160 or so more years.


Florida will have a little bit of loss of coast line and in some areas bays will be formed where land once was – especially along the eastern coast slightly north of central Florida. It will be significant enough that there will be buildings in the water. It’s possible that central Florida (around northern central Florida) will have so much water that it will create a larger body of water, like a bay from a river. This will happen before 2012 – most likely by 2011. (reading of 2005)

With regards to the coast line of the Gulf of Mexico, I don’t see much change. Back during the May, 2005 reading, it appeared as if the land mass will rise some along the coast in addition to a water level rise. (I think this is odd, but it seems to be what I see. I will keep an eye on this one because I could be off.) (6/11/2007)


<>Israel and the nations surrounding it will be a center of unrest for 30 more years. As mentioned before, around 2006-2007 there will be a peace-making event for the Middle East and it will be a great thing, but the peace will last a few months. Things will start getting better in 2025. It will then be a 10-year process for the Middle East to become a peaceful arena. There will be an accord being reached and the Middle East will become a peaceful area by 2035. (Added 8/10/05).

<>Reported on 6/11/07, a cease fire had been in effect from the end of 2006 and lasted a few months before fighting started again.  Another cease fire had been agreed upon in May, 2007, but only lasted 1 week.  (Added 6/11/07)

Middle East

In General, the Middle East will continue to be a hotbed of fighting until 2028 when the peace process will begin and will be visible.  Those involved will begin to make headway until about 2035, when real and lasting peace will come to the region. Except for minor events, this peace will continue for the rest of the century. (Added 8/10/05)

The peace will be a guarded peace, where compromise brings acceptance of the belief that even a “compromise” peace is better than even more violence, death and destruction, in a place that has had nothing but this for so long.  (Added 12/12/2006)


I’m “seeing” the next 6 presidents after G. W. Bush be white men. The 6th could be 1/4 Hispanic – having a grandparent who is Hispanic.   The 4th next vice-president could be a woman with black hair (if she accepts the position.) The 6th next president will be president only a few months before his health causes him to no longer be president. There is potential for the 7th next president to be a black man, but it would be a challenging race. A black man will be chosen as his party’s nominee. (Added 8/10/05)
There will be one black man who can become president, on or around 2044-2048 and possibly one president who is a mixed race Hispanic/White around 2064. There will absolutely be one woman president during this century, closer to the end of the century, in the time around 2084-2088. (Added 8/3/06)

In 2008, if Sen. Obama or Sen. Clinton is the Democrat’s choice to run against a Republican in the presidential election, the Republican will win. (Added 6/11/07)

Psychic Ability

Psychic ability in people will become more and more accepted, but society or the world as a whole won’t begin the evolutionary step until about 2080, when a generation will be born that has a significantly large percentage that are born psychic – possibly as much as 40% of the generation born into the world at that time – 25%-40% (33% plus or minus 7 -8%) of those born at that time. (Added 8/10/05) This does NOT mean 25-40% of the population, but rather only 25-40% of the babies being born at that time. This is still a very small percent of the population. If anyone wants to calculate a projected number correlated to the 8.9 billion people on the planet at that time, please do and let me know what you get.

The Papalcy

This Pope (Pope Benedict XVI) is very traditional. He believes that strengthening our beliefs in the doctrines of the church are how we grow spiritually. He is a strong spiritual presence, and he’s gotten this belief through studying the church’s doctrines and his own spiritual efforts. This helps those who also believe in Catholic doctrine. It will help those who want to follow the Catholic doctrine. The attrition rate will continue, because there will many who want to go beyond the Catholic doctrine.

The number of people in the church will stay the same because children are being born into the Catholic Church.

This Pope will put a lot of effort into bringing people into the church. He’ll travel to try to strengthen people’s connection to the church – not so much his 1st year, but his 2nd – 4th years. This will happen for about 4 years, until mid-2009 when he will slow down the traveling because of his health. He’ll be in-house at that time. There will be some that become priests and nuns because of his efforts.

However, the problem with the shortage of priests will be solved by having fewer people in the church. He won’t be sanctioning women as priest because he’s traditional. Traditional beliefs will be his core during his tenure. He won’t open up more on the issues of gay marriages, birth control, nor anything more about the sex abuse by priests. His agenda will be to preach the Catholic doctrine as a method to grow spiritually. This will help those who believe this way, because it will help many deepen their Catholic spiritual beliefs.

He won’t be a strong political leader. He knows his years are limited and he wants to focus on his spiritual agenda. His health will suffer in the 5th year. His tenure will last 10-11, maybe 12 years ending 2016-2017.

After this Pope: There will be a man of great spirituality and/or a weak Pope – both within the same person. He will try to open up the church. There will be such internal and some external opposition after about 2-3 years (2019). This will create political conflict within the Vatican organization and those that oppose him will try to find a replacement. There will be one person in the Vatican that spearheads his ouster and works to put someone else in the position of Pope. At this time will come the Anti-Pope. An Anti-Pope is a Pope not elected by the cardinals, but put in place through some other way. There will be 2 Popes. One elected and one chosen. The church as we know it will come to an end. The church in different forms will continue though. (reading of 2005)

Indigo Children

Indigo Children – humans being born with physical bodies that are genetically capable of holding energy of a higher vibration. Every human has a different capacity for a level of energy. The “Indigo Children’s” DNA is such that they can hold within their bodies the capacity for a higher rate of vibration of energy.  Their nervous system is better able to contain this higher vibrational level with the body not being over-strained or suffering ill effects from prolonged connection to this energy.

The Indigo Children started entering in 1938 – 1 born – a male. The mass of them that are alive now, were born in the 1960-80′s and are increasing now. They have a section of DNA which allows them to vibrate within their bodies at a higher vibration of energy. In other words, they have the capacity to hold energy vibrating at a higher rate. This is a natural evolutionary step that mother nature is taking to respond to the energy of this time period vibrating at a higher rate. (Doesn’t it seem like time is faster?) The energy in this physical plane is vibrating faster and this is a natural evolutionary response to this environmental change.  All physical species, including humans, can adapt to environmental changes, some quick, some slow.

Indigo children aren’t necessarily smarter, nor will they be instant leaders, but they have the capacity for these possibilities. They have their free wills, their own egos, and they are going to have to deal with that which every other human being deals. They also have the capacity for even greater misdeeds or ego-based deeds. But they have the capacity for standing upon our shoulders and reaching further than we’ve been able to – in many different ways and with a capacity for channeling a higher vibration of energy. The generation born between 2060- 2080 will be the generation that is the turning point. By 2080-2100, their numbers will be significant enough to facilitate a shift of some type.  I see it taking approximately 325-345 years (as early as 2315 to as late as 2355) for this DNA shift to finish occurring worldwide.

Don’t place them on pedestals. They don’t need that. It doesn’t speak the truth of their humanity, nor help them face their challenges, or speak of their need for prayers from others just like everyone else. Those that we place on pedestals, we tend to think they don’t need our help, because we think of them so much higher than we are – put here to help us, rather than us helping them. It’s false – even Jesus Christ was helped and supported in what He did. The other side of the coin of putting someone on a pedestal – the other side of that coin is “nailing them to a cross” – which is what we tend to eventually do to those we put on a pedestal.  Putting someone on a pedestal is a way to crucify the truth of their being human – just like everyone else.

They will struggle with their struggle. They will live their lives. They cannot accomplish what they will except that we first accomplish what we accomplish. They have bodies which allows their spirits to vibrate at a higher rate within the physical realm and therefore can connect to a higher level of our spiritual awareness. Most will have their entrance into their own social roles in their 40’s (age). But, many of them in their 20’s will be interested in spiritual matters or many things that are not mainstream. They are part of the “light-bringers”, but then so is anyone who chooses to be.
Many will be like turning on light bulbs – helping other’s turn on their own light bulbs – as are many today.

They are also capable of greater destructiveness and greater schisms if they so choose that.  (Added 8/3/06)

Transportation and flying cars

By 2080, more people will be traveling by air than by roads and many roads and highways will become “little used”. Individual flying vehicles that do not need runways will become prevalent. The equivalent of flying “buses” will become more prevalent, carrying up to 10 people into cities for commuting. These vehicles will act more like helicopters do. (Added 8/10/05)

We could see the beginnings of these as early as 2028, with prototypes and experimental novelty crafts being used. Use will increase like many emerging technologies and will eventually become the transportation of choice for regular travelers. (8/3/06) Into the 2030’s to 2040’s, we’ll see a slight increase of these vehicles, still as novelty, with the bugs being worked out with how to regulate the airspace and how air traffic controllers will be involved. By 2050, there will be a noticeable increase in these flying vehicles to the point that 50% of the vehicles will be ground based and 50% will be air based. As the decades progress, use of these vehicles will progress – in much the same way that automobiles increased throughout the early 20th century. (Added 8/3/06)
A note to developers of this technology: Success will come to those that adapt technology to fit human patterns of current behavior, and not to those that believe they would have to change human patterns to fit the technology. Smaller commuter vehicles for commuting humans will offer the most market opportunities – possibly 1 or 2 person vehicles. (Added 12/12/2006)

A large surge to integrate this technology will come around 2032-2034, based on government regulations helping to promote the use of this technology.  There will be much support for this across the nation.  The world will be watching to see  how it progresses in the US.  There will be companies in Europe that will be competing but still the US will be the one, other countries are watching.  This technology’s “Model T” will come around 2035-2037, meaning many of the “Beta” models will be sold during this time.  Another surge of purchases will come in 2045, possibly 2044.

Social Security

The Social Security system will continue as is, until about 2015 when they open it up to include private investing. A small amount of opening it up will occur in 2008, but it will only be a minor change. Private investing and retirement accounts will eventually become the primary source of retirement income by 2027-8, we’ll see it become #1 with SSI becoming #2 based on funds amounts. It will start in 2015 but will take about 14 years before the mainstream population are using this method. Without major reform, by 2040, most people will see the writing on the wall for SSI even existing in any form, and by 2060, the SS system will be relatively useless. It’s possible that by 2065, the SS system will end all together, or it will be revamped to become an “also ran” secondary system rather than the primary system as it is today. In a sense, at that time, it will be for those that would like the govt. to be their retirement fund banker. (Added 8/10/05)

Health Care

In the years to come, in the medical field, health care will become an even bigger mess for people into the end of this decade. It will get worse before it gets better. It will be 2012-2015 before any real changes come or any real reform comes and then only slightly. Change will come from Doctors themselves, forming smaller groups to offer medical help as small organizations, rather than be a part of larger health programs such as HMO’s now. (Added 8/10/05)

Alternative medical or health practitioners will continue to gain ground and will organize more. (Added 8/10/05)
HMO’s will be a part of the health field for many decades yet, and their philosophy will not change much at all, for at least 40 years. Insurance companies don’t know what to do. High costs of medical malpractice insurance will continue at least for 30 years before they begin to bring the prices down due to regulation or govt. intervention. (Added 8/10/05)