I’m “seeing” the next 6 presidents after G. W. Bush be white men. The 6th could be 1/4 Hispanic – having a grandparent who is Hispanic.   The 4th next vice-president could be a woman with black hair (if she accepts the position.) The 6th next president will be president only a few months before his health causes him to no longer be president. There is potential for the 7th next president to be a black man, but it would be a challenging race. A black man will be chosen as his party’s nominee. (Added 8/10/05)
There will be one black man who can become president, on or around 2044-2048 and possibly one president who is a mixed race Hispanic/White around 2064. There will absolutely be one woman president during this century, closer to the end of the century, in the time around 2084-2088. (Added 8/3/06)

In 2008, if Sen. Obama or Sen. Clinton is the Democrat’s choice to run against a Republican in the presidential election, the Republican will win. (Added 6/11/07)

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