Indigo Children

Indigo Children – humans being born with physical bodies that are genetically capable of holding energy of a higher vibration. Every human has a different capacity for a level of energy. The “Indigo Children’s” DNA is such that they can hold within their bodies the capacity for a higher rate of vibration of energy.  Their nervous system is better able to contain this higher vibrational level with the body not being over-strained or suffering ill effects from prolonged connection to this energy.

The Indigo Children started entering in 1938 – 1 born – a male. The mass of them that are alive now, were born in the 1960-80′s and are increasing now. They have a section of DNA which allows them to vibrate within their bodies at a higher vibration of energy. In other words, they have the capacity to hold energy vibrating at a higher rate. This is a natural evolutionary step that mother nature is taking to respond to the energy of this time period vibrating at a higher rate. (Doesn’t it seem like time is faster?) The energy in this physical plane is vibrating faster and this is a natural evolutionary response to this environmental change.  All physical species, including humans, can adapt to environmental changes, some quick, some slow.

Indigo children aren’t necessarily smarter, nor will they be instant leaders, but they have the capacity for these possibilities. They have their free wills, their own egos, and they are going to have to deal with that which every other human being deals. They also have the capacity for even greater misdeeds or ego-based deeds. But they have the capacity for standing upon our shoulders and reaching further than we’ve been able to – in many different ways and with a capacity for channeling a higher vibration of energy. The generation born between 2060- 2080 will be the generation that is the turning point. By 2080-2100, their numbers will be significant enough to facilitate a shift of some type.  I see it taking approximately 325-345 years (as early as 2315 to as late as 2355) for this DNA shift to finish occurring worldwide.

Don’t place them on pedestals. They don’t need that. It doesn’t speak the truth of their humanity, nor help them face their challenges, or speak of their need for prayers from others just like everyone else. Those that we place on pedestals, we tend to think they don’t need our help, because we think of them so much higher than we are – put here to help us, rather than us helping them. It’s false – even Jesus Christ was helped and supported in what He did. The other side of the coin of putting someone on a pedestal – the other side of that coin is “nailing them to a cross” – which is what we tend to eventually do to those we put on a pedestal.  Putting someone on a pedestal is a way to crucify the truth of their being human – just like everyone else.

They will struggle with their struggle. They will live their lives. They cannot accomplish what they will except that we first accomplish what we accomplish. They have bodies which allows their spirits to vibrate at a higher rate within the physical realm and therefore can connect to a higher level of our spiritual awareness. Most will have their entrance into their own social roles in their 40’s (age). But, many of them in their 20’s will be interested in spiritual matters or many things that are not mainstream. They are part of the “light-bringers”, but then so is anyone who chooses to be.
Many will be like turning on light bulbs – helping other’s turn on their own light bulbs – as are many today.

They are also capable of greater destructiveness and greater schisms if they so choose that.  (Added 8/3/06)

4 thoughts on “Indigo Children

  1. “Indigo children aren’t necessarily smarter, nor will they be instant leaders, but they have the capacity for these possibilities” – Exactly! With this I completely agree!


  2. I will add that the DNA activation can occur in the rest of us, too. This occurs when we include prayer and meditation in our lives. Meditation connects us to the higher vibrations of the spiritual aspects of our soul. As we acclimate to these higher vibrations over time, our own body begins to change. These changes can go unnoticed or they can be very noticeable. However, I see these types of changes going slower than the instantly existing change of being born with the DNA activation.

    I’ll also add that few children that exhibit what could be termed as “anti-social” behaviors, are indigo children. ADHD, is not a symptom of being an Indigo child. ADHD can also come from many sources including chemical and hormonal imbalances within the body caused by drug and alcohol use by the parents – a common thing in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Drugs and alcohol can cause changes in the genes that make up the child’s body. This can create an imbalance or disturb the natural chemical and hormonal balances in the child’s body, in turn causing disturbing behavior as the child’s way of coping with the chemical imbalances going on inside. (I’ve heard of Castor Oil Packs being used and helping with some cases.)


  3. When has anything about human beings been easy to decipher?

    Because it takes the discussion into spiritual arenas, it becomes controversial and worthy of “everyone” weighing in with their beliefs and perspectives. With this wide open field, we’ll basically have “opinions” presented rather than scientific research. The subject has taken on an atmosphere of “speculation” rather than discovery.

    This is not a bad thing, though, as this opens up the discussion into the spiritual realm which of itself still has plenty of room for discovery – but on a subjective level – which is how spiritual discovery is meant to take place.

    In addition, the understanding of the DNA strand is only now beginning to be explored and understood. It will be 200 years before we have information that leads us to understand fully how it works and how evolution plays into things.


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