2008 Election

Even though I’ve psychically seen that the next 6 presidents will be “white” “men”, I also see that there are scenarios that can happen to change this.  Freewill is real, but predictions come from “seeing” patterns of thinking and behavior.  I don’t see a lot of changes to how people currently think and behave, therefore predictions can be made.  The road being traveled is most likely the road we’ll be on come Nov, 2008.

I do see that if Hillary Clinton wins the democratic nomination and she picks Barak Obama as her running mate, together they can win the presidential race.  With this Sen. Obama could enter the white house in 2016.

But by themselves, they will come very close, but I don’t yet see a way one of them can win by him or herself.  If there is a way that I’m not seeing, then it will be an EXTREMELY close race, with a winner only having the slimmest of winning margins.

If Mitt Romney wins the presidential race, his presidency will be for 2 years.  I see a potential illness causing him to be bedridden.  If Mitt Romney and John McCain joined together, they would win by a large margin, but I don’t see that happening.

So, there are alternate paths, and this ability to have alternate paths comes from personal choices made by the candidates.

As of this date, the Republican candidate is who I see winning.

4 thoughts on “2008 Election

  1. I think this is as close to the realities from a mundane point of view that we can surmise. Of course, anything could happen that might negate this, but I think this is very accurate–given the current conditions.–DL


  2. Something that you’ve mentioned again and again on this site is that freewill determines the outcome. The unpresidented amount of time and energy that Obama supporters put into this election surely swayed the outcome. This election is an incredibly tangible example of how the power of prayer and raising vibrational levels through our own thoughts and actions can affect a change. If only we could organize ourselves collectively for things like ending war, and eliminating poverty — what an amazing ripple effect we’d experience!


    • Some good points. Thank you for your comments. With regards to your last statement, though, looking at it from another perspective, I would say that as a species we have indeed organized ourselves collectively. All 6.7 billion people on the planet have contributed to creating the world we live in. It’s just that some of us have focused this organizing process to choose war and choose poverty. Freewill is for everyone, not just those who want peace and abundance, but also those who want war and poverty. That is why war and poverty exist – because some want it to be some people’s experiences.
      However,…. this doesn’t mean that we are destined for war and poverty for eternity on this planet. The very nature and result of spiritual evolution coming from the efforts of many is the growth of the presence and availability of spiritual consciousness in the earth plane.
      The greater presence of this energy helps to heal even on the deepest of levels. This is the process in which change comes about – as we heal/change individually, the world changes.

      The difficult thing for many will be that it won’t be in the political arena that the world is saved. Spiritual growth cannot be legislated. It will only be in the Spiritual arena and then manifest into the other arena’s from the spiritual foundation. And as many are learning, one cannot legislate spirituality. We see governments in the world that try, though. Spirituality within a person’s heart, comes only from within that own person’s heart reaching out to God. Freewill will never be removed from this process.


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