7-year cycle approaching 2012

There is a 7-year cycle beginning in 2005 ending in 2012. Each year brings events which will contribute and lead into the next year. Each event is connected to and contributes to the next event like steps in a stairway. We may not see the physical connection between them, but each year’s physical Earth events will contribute and lead to the next year’s events. Science may or may not be advanced enough to see the connection, although some geologists might see the Earth event connections.

Based on the level of spiritual effort of those that work towards it, as time progresses, there will be less of the ability to change what is coming. We can change some because of the spiritual work that has been done and is still being done. As an example, when the Tsunami hit in Dec. 2004, I did a reading, and saw that we could still change 20% of what is coming, but not 80% for the single reason that many do the spiritual work and many do not and the positive changes/healing is based on the number of people involved in creating a stronger level of spiritual presence.  (Again, an example of “If all things stay the same….” meaning if the numbers of people that put forth spiritual effort to bring forth God’s Spirit does not increase, some karmic energy will still manifest as destructive events – either manmade or natural.)

Likewise, spiritual effort through meditation and prayer, will  heal much and this healing will also impact that which would then manifest in the physical world.   From another reading, I saw that the prayers that followed Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, served to bring forth Christ’s Spirit of protection for the Gulf of Mexico in 2006 and the first half of 2007, when storms started forming and coming into the Gulf again.

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