Weather 2014: 12-Alabama, Georgia, Southern California

Hi, first I shall say thanks for what you do. I feel and am somewhat prepared for (lack of a better term) the unknown so my question to you is what you see for the area between Birmingham and Atlanta whether it is weather related or not. Thanks, M.

It’s going to be cold. For both Alabama and Georgia, expect below average temperatures. I don’t see a lot of snow for either state, but I do see January reaching down into the ‘teens for Alabama, but around 10 degrees warmer in Georgia than Alabama. I see the first half of February being difficult for Alabama because the temperatures – I see them reaching down into single digits if not at least close. When was the last time a place in Alabama had 10 degree weather? Georgia on the whole will be warmer than Alabama because of their proximity to the Atlantic waters. Georgia, too, though will have difficult times for the reason I’ve stated – because the south is not designed for cold – it’s designed for heat. Both states need to prepare for the disaster of roads impassable, loss of electricity in some places, mostly rural, but a little in the cities, and broken water pipes.

What do you see for Southern California This winter? Hoping for rain. R.

Southern California: expect colder weather in January, but in February, So. Cal. will not get hit with the same freezing temperatures that the rest of the country will get. The Pacific Ocean has a big effect on Southern California’s weather. This will help keep the region warmer than the rest of the nation. I think the lowest it will get will be in the 40′s.

I’m not seeing much rain for the L.A. area and most of S. Cal., during January or February. Cloudy, yes, sprinkling, yes at some times, but rain, downpours? I don’t see much, yet. I’ll keep watching.

“Every time we stumble and fall, God accepts, understands, has no judgement and is ready to help us back up.  That’s the nature and truth of love.  Every time we stand back up again, God rejoices.  That’s the nature and truth of Love.”  (From The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2010)

Winter 2014: #11 – Repairs During and After

I haven’t mentioned this before, but I am now.  During the winter of 2014, there will be damage done to structures, including roads, electricity, water lines, both inside and outside and possibly even some heating systems.   If you have any feeling or hunch that you may have to make repairs, get the materials and supplies early.

The reason: after the arctic weather goes through, and damage happens, there will be a huge run on plumbing and heating repair materials and supplies at the hardware stores.  The shelves will be emptied.  I’ve seen this happen personally and was absolutely amazed.  Hardware stores will NOT be able to replenish their shelves fast enough.   There will be a variety of problems and the hardware stores won’t be able to supply everything to everyone who has damage in whatever form.

I’m putting this here to give you a “head’s up”.   Have the most “vulnerable” materials before you need them.  If you end up not using them, you’ll know loved ones – friends, family and neighbors who were not so lucky and your foresight may be able to help them.

I’m also now advising people to avoid airline travel in the US, if at all possible – at least from around January 20 to February 17, 2014.  I’m seeing this being a time of high cancellations of flights because of weather.

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“What we don’t believe in – only limits ourselves.  It doesn’t limit others, the truth or God.” (from The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2003)