The Infinite Archive

There is an actual internet archive that exists and is being compiled that archives every webpage and every past version of webpages in existence.  The purpose is to create a database of everything ever created on the planet.  Awesome, isn’t it.  Huge, too.  Right?

There is another archive in existence that holds even more information.  The Akashic records hold every thought, every emotion, every belief, every action, every everything of an entire lifetime.  And then it also holds each soul’s lifetime after lifetime, after lifetimes.  And then it holds everything in between lives, and it holds a soul’s existence before it ever entered into the earth plane, and it holds all the previous existences in other planes and other planets, … and all those thoughts, and feelings, and beliefs, and learning and actions.  And it holds all the potentials, all the choices, and all the other dimensions.  Even more awesome, and even more huge.  Right?

Then, there is the archive in existence, that holds infinity.  It is the Consciousness of God… of which the Akashic records exists in, and if you’re wondering, which the Internet Archive exists in, also.

Infinity is the Consciousness of God.  The Consciousness of God is Infinity.  This Consciousness of God is aware of Everything within it, including everything in the Akashic Records and everything in the Internet Archive.  And everything in every superconscious and everything in every subconscious.

Infinite Consciousness is aware of Itself as Infinite Consciousness.  Therefore, all life and everything pertaining to it exists within this Infinite Consciousness, and therefore, Infinite Consciousness is aware of all life and everything pertaining to all life.

Within Infinite Consciousness lies Infinite Creativity and therefore Infinite Possibilities.  This is why Jesus said, “With God, all things are possible.”  Jesus just used 6 words to say it all.  (I used more.)

And remember in the Infinite Consciousness of God exists Infinite Understanding, Infinite Forgiveness, Infinite Patience, Infinite Mercy, Infinite Peace and, yes, Infinite Unending Love.

You knew that, right? :-)

3 thoughts on “The Infinite Archive

  1. I once read a book when I was younger about a woman who communicated with her mother through automatic writings. This woman said that Earth was a birthing place and that consciousness is recycled and that sometimes it retains memories. What do you think of this?


    • I’m going to interpret “recycled” as “past lives.” The memories of past lives are available to those that are able to integrate and learn from them. They are not meant for punishment, judgment, or self-conceit – just learning. In many cases, what we’ve learned during past lives can stay with us as innate talent or understanding, and therefore be further developed in a next or current life.


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