Down to Yellow Alert

I’ve been foreseeing events since the 1960’s, as a child. Some of the events happened, and some had been changed. I foresaw WW3 happening in the late 1990’s, when I was doing readings in the 1980’s. It didn’t happen. But, also in the 1980’s, I foresaw hurricanes going up the east coast and the issues with water via rationing and bottling of water, and that has happened. I foresaw droughts and harsh winters which did happen and I foresaw storms and other events which didn’t happen.

Each of the predictions felt the same, presented themselves the same, and I sensed/saw them all the same.

In addition to this, I’ve had *literally* hundreds of thousands of psychic experiences happening every day throughout the majority of my life, which helped me to be familiar with and have confidence in the process I’m involved in. I’ve studied the Edgar Cayce materials. I’ve read and learned from other psychics. I’ve been psychic many past lives and have been on this planet this time now for over 5 decades.

No amount of comments or beliefs from others will change my paradigm which I’ve worked on and been involved in for all these years. But, from time to time, what I’ve foreseen hasn’t happened.

In those times, almost each time, when I can study the “changed” situation in depth and look back on the process, I have come to see a greater Higher Spiritual involvement at work than I had seen earlier. Psychically, sometimes, I’ve been able to see Christ involved directly. At other times, I’ve seen people join together to bring a stronger Spirit into the Earth that became immersed into our day-to-day lives, flowing like the atmosphere around us, helping influence actual Earth and human events. Some of those times, I also have become aware that I had focused on and continued to focus on a timeline that we had outgrown and no longer was playing out for us.

God’s words I once heard in meditation were/are “Come unto Me, and I will come unto you.” And with this, as humans on this planet, I’ve seen many human beings do just that through meditation, prayer and “random acts of kindness, etc” (not really so random and I know it’s a cliche.) To me, this has been our side of the picture – “Come unto Me”. For me, this phrase means – “connect with Me” while in the Earth, and which God then fulfills the 2nd part with “I will come unto you” in the Earth.

In no way does this mean that this should now be a living paradise and everyone getting along. There is no getting around the fact that we have freewill, and this means we can hate anyone we want to hate. Freewill also means we can condemn anyone we want to condemn, hurt anyone we want, ridicule and belittle, disrespect, criticize and judge, and on and on. We all have freewill and so plenty of people are choosing these.

But, some of us are choosing to practice the presence of God – seeking to “Come unto Me”. For this reason, God is active in the Earth. In essence, the ‘Son’ comes out and ‘dries up the storms’ – both human storms and physical storms. For me, premonitions and visions are a call for prayer to help heal what can be healed before anything harmful happens. I’ve always held that this is their purpose.

I’ve looked back at notes, dreams and written entries which I write down sometimes. I found references to these particular “2nd Event” visions. The message I got a few weeks ago, in my written notes, actually said, “The visuals have changed.” (not the word, ‘appearance’). This tells me that much of the energy destined to manifest physically still exists, but the ‘how, what and how much’ has changed. We prayed for the people of the area where I saw the 2nd event destined. These people are currently not going through the predicted natural disasters.

I’ve seen how the energy of disasters can be spread out over time to not be as strong in any one time and place. Originally, I saw this event as already having been spread out. And yes, now I see it being spread out even more over time and place. This information I did NOT go looking for until a few days ago, when I had the vision of “a kitchen counter being swept clean and empty by an arm.” To me this signified “start with a clean slate or start from scratch”.

When it doesn’t happen, I want to know why. Sometimes it’s obvious, but this time I’ve learned that there’s more going on than what I’ve been seeing so far – a much bigger vision. It could be that one of the most important things to learn is that God is a great deal more active in our lives than we know. Prayer and meditation help us to open our minds and hearts to this but even with that, we are hardly aware of the extent to which God comes into our lives when we ask and seek. What I suggest is that the praying for this planet and these human beings has a very real and helpful effect.

What I understand now, is that what I saw can be considered what would have happened without prayer and meditations for the people and the area – without asking God’s help.   What did happen is *with* our prayers and meditations for the people and the area.

I think this means that the “3rd event” may have been changed somewhat, too. I’m not going to write about this, yet, because it’s several years away and I’ve got studying to do.

BTW, anything I see is available in the Akashic records for anyone to see. We are in the times where each of us may connect to God directly, through prayer, meditation, dreams, and ‘random acts of kindness, etc’ and get information directly. Practicing getting in touch with all these methods is the beginning of the journey of getting better at connecting directly with that Spirit of Infinite Kindness – God.

What I see from here on for the next few weeks in the Caribbean is still some minor earthquake activity. I see *potential* for a volcanic eruption but at much smaller level with A LOT LESS destructive impact than what I was seeing before. I’m going back down to yellow alert. It’s not finished, but it’s not where it was. After October 1, I see it becoming quiet again, until the spring, 2016, when I see one more possible destructive event in that area. I encourage anyone to continue to pray for the people of the area, and expand the prayers into the Pacific Rim. E.J. and others have reported a lot of Pacific Rim prayer targets for potential danger from natural disasters. Or better yet, pray for the entire planet. Where is there not a need for prayers in this Earth?

Finally, for some reason when I look at the center of the Gulf of Mexico, I’m seeing good sword-fishing and sail-fishing. If anyone goes fishing out there, let me know how you do.


“Common Sense is also a spiritual quality just like Mercy and Forgiveness.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

16 thoughts on “Down to Yellow Alert

  1. Just glad it didn’t happen, but you can only warn us of what you see, if it doesn’t happen, it may just be a time difference.

    Don’t let them get you down, you have not charged anyone for info so it’s a choice.

    Stay safe


  2. Thank you for telling us what you ‘see’, Jodie! I have been praying, as have many others, and I think that’s what makes the difference. May God continue to bless you and your talents! Again, thank you for sharing with us!


  3. Thank you for getting me into the habit of praying for all people of the world. I’ll continue to pray, Great is thy faithfulness, for this region and all regions. Thank you for your work and encouragement. We must do the best we can to help each other.


  4. this may be another reason why nothing happened: a matrix of love!
    Gordon Asher Davidson at the Ascension Online Conference talks about his book” The Transfiguration of Our World: How a Light Alliance Is Transforming Darkness and Creating a New Earth” and is a revelatory overview of the causes behind the current world upheaval, and the immediate and long term goals of a well-developed Plan of Light for the transfiguration of our world. This talk will explain how the world is being guided by a co-creative effort of humanity and an interdimensional Light Alliance, who, together are transforming the darkness on our planet, and creating a civilization based on love, aligned with a higher spiritual Plan. I will offer startling new insights into the history and current state of the ancient struggle between the forces of light and darkness on our planet; the Cosmic decree from higher spiritual levels facilitating the inflow of powerful new energies; and the unfolding Plan now being implemented, including financial, political and media reforms; and a renaissance of spiritual cooperation between humanity and the subtle spiritual worlds, including Galactic civilizations.


  5. The reason it did not happen may be cause you have the ability to “see” throughout so called “parallel worlds”. What You saw was correct. It just did not materialized in this (our) model of variations (our world) but rather in one of the parallel worlds. We must know that Space have many variations. Is just like when You have a radio. This radio can play many different stations (programs). You “saw” what program will be played but You just could not tell in which radio station this program will be running. And that does not mean the program did not run. It did. Events You saw did happen for shore. Only did not occurred on the frequency of life which we are currently live in. So our prayers did help to move event on a different level of our reality. We could say it has passed us thank to prayers.

    More about Reality Transurfing in a five books series:

    Many thanks.


    • I really hope your right mary jane and i have faith and believe so as well cuase i truly believe god has helped me out through rough times and perhaps thats why so much bad is happening because the darkness perhaps knows that its time is up and that light is taking over at least thats what i hope. I also truly believe we can bring in more people and more light just by a simple act of kindness say for example holding a door for someone will indeed have them perform and act of kindness for someone else blessings to all you and may we all continue our small circle of prayers for the good of mankind and bring more into the fold.


  6. I have learned that sometimes our Father will let us think something is going to happen so that we connect with Him. If the potential of these events occurring had more people reaching out to seek protection, love and healing over others, then it serves us all well.


  7. The ways in which events were to unfold have changed, for the better it seems.
    This does not mean the psychic or clairvoyant was all wrong, praying helps, puts the Overself into motion, into action. When asked for the love for other people and in all honesty.
    And all in all only God or Creation knows or maybe not, whether events will happen as relayed through human beings/channels. It all depends how human beings will react and act upon the message brought forth.
    It is said that the unwillingness of the Japanese government to apologize for all their doing and undoing in WWII or even the Japanese people to see the wrong doing of their government in those horrible days, will have to work out in the physical eventually.
    It is a matter of insight: “How could we have been so wrong and attack our neighbours.”
    And act upon this new insight.
    If not Universe will not forget the bloodshed caused by the military of the Japanese Empire.
    A very stubborn mind will harden out in the matter and this will mean this land and people will become at one point so heavy they will just sink away (literally) into history or in this case beneath the waves of the Pacific. Edgar Cayce (and others) foretold this would happen. But it does not have to be so dramatically. If the Japanese people will realize, and i think they have done so in the last decades, that their leaders in the 1930’and on told the people a lot of untruths.
    I do not hate the Japanese for what they did to my family in the Dutch Indies. Dutch colonial wars were not exactly top of the bill of civilization either.
    But how do people deal with the matter at hand afterwards is crucial for enlightenment. We are all in it together after all! Or can you cast the first stone?
    So don not blame the messenger if things turn out differently for the better i think.
    Let our prayers go out to the world and lift/make the burden of events bearable for whatever human being and wherever living these days.
    May His Love support you all through these times of change.


    • I agree never blame the messenger for use of his gift with only good intentions to enlighten people if things to turn out the way he says doesn’t mean hes wrong or a fraud with intentions of scaring us it jut means the ones that heed the advice and pray make a difference i am for one grateful and appreciate you sharing your gift with us jodi rather see you wrong due to change in events there terrible news we are all in this together lets keep it that way


  8. Yes, gratefulness is the right answear to Jodies work done here. Is not easy at all …it takes a lot of work and power, I gues. No, I know so.


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