A Clairaudient Message

While I’ve been trying to see if changes are still possible, I received a clairaudient message saying, “The appearance has changed.”

I believe it pertains to the 2nd of the 3 events, and I am trying to see what it’s changed to.

“Appearance” could mean the time it happens (when it shows up) is changed, or “appearance” could mean the actual circumstances or events to manifest (what it looks like) could be changed – or both.  I don’t yet have that information.

I asked, “How can this serve us?” At this, I get a vision of Spirit’s having an overall healing influence on the circumstances which have been seen so far.  This is a message of prayer having an effect on even the most dangerous of situations.   This is also a message of God being present and effective from our prayers and meditation which are said and done.  I’ve seen this effect and change be true for many events set to manifest.

This does not mean that it is finished.  Psychically, I see that physically, some of the physical pressure causing the natural events has been resolved/released/dissolved.  But not all of it.

The future can be changed, and prayer and meditation change the future.  There is a book of the old testament which gives this scenario.  I don’t remember which book it is, though.  In it, God tells a prophet to warn the people.  The prophet warns the people of a disaster, and they heed the warning – praying and seeking atonement.  The event then doesn’t happen.  The prophet gets upset with God and says something to the effect of “Why didn’t you reign destruction down on them?”  God’s answer is to him, “You don’t worry about what I do.  If they offer prayers and atonement, then I can change what happens.”  This is what happened to Edgar Cayce’s world predictions for this period in time – earth changes, and the New York prediction – prayer, meditation, “at-one-ment”.

In past precognitive events and premonitions, I’ve also seen the Light of the World, the Christ Energy, coming in through prayers and meditations, and completely dissolve “storms” (storms being human, natural or event storms.)

Meanwhile, I’ve been seeing this whole 2nd of 3 events spread out over a month’s time frame.  I’ve also been seeing it be completely over by October 1, 2015.

My advice is stay alert.  This time frame has only just started.  But, the hope now, is that at least the amount of events is diminished or the timing is changed – “the appearance has changed.”

As I get more information, I will post it.  I still see it being a most HOT spot, so “appearance” might mean “time”.  I lean towards thinking that “how it looks/manifests” could be the meaning because of the answer to my question above.


PS. After writing this article, I remembered that the message, “the appearance has changed”, first came in a dream several days ago.  In addition, I’ve received a 2nd message, “It is reported missing.”  This second message pertains to Friday’s event not happening as foreseen.   The understanding of the message came with the message.

I’m reminded over and over that a very real purpose of premonitions and precognitive visions is to do something to help change the future from happening as the vision shows.  This change can be brought in many ways, and one of the most effective being – as I’ve already said – prayer and meditation.

It’s like having a car full of people driving down a road.  If the passengers all see a sign that says, “Warning.  Bridge out ahead.  Beware.”  I can bet that all the passengers in the car are going to make the driver turn that vehicle around.

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  1. Thank you for the update Jodie. Whatever the reason, let us all be thankful it has not occurred as you originally saw it. I believe our prayers have helped. God is good!


    • Those who believe in praying, will see much which they pray for come forth. And in seeing their prayers answered, their beliefs in prayer will be strengthened.


    • Ecuador is on the Pacific, within the Ring of Fire. In fact 80-plus percent of recent quake and volcano activity has occurred within the R of F, with nothing unusual in the Caribbean.


  2. How do you know that the earth and her inhabitants are not supposed to go through the dramatic events as you see them? It may be that earth needs to cleanse herself. Why not pray that the highest good is done for the inhabitants and the planet?
    When groups of people change the path of storms etc…. I always wonder to myself. What is best for the earth?

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    • Asking seriously: How do we know that groups of people actually have changed the path of Nature? Was no one praying hard enough before and during Katrina, Sandy or the Haitian earthquake?

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      • You’re also asking, “How do we know if God helps us?” “How do we know if our prayers have a real effect?”

        Sometimes, … many times, there will be no physical way of knowing if one path that was to happen, has been changed to a better path because of prayer.

        When we are involved with spiritual matters, what physical evidence exists anywhere of spirituality? What physical evidence would anyone who doesn’t believe, accept to change their heart (not their mind – their heart)?

        Those whose hearts and minds are open to God and God’s help, are the ones who can **sometimes** feel and see God’s help. Those who, of their own freewill, choose to close their hearts and minds to God and God’s help, well, I don’t know of anything they’d accept that would convince them otherwise. And God will never take away anyone’s freewill – even to choose to close one’s mind and heart to God and God’s help – to not believe.

        This is the very nature of a spiritual path. The challenge will always be in the heart and not in the mind or the beliefs. In the heart, people choose to believe first, then in our minds we figure out how. In the heart, people choose to believe in God and in the mind, second. In the heart, we choose to love, to be kind, to be understanding, merciful, patience and compassionate first, then in the mind, we figure out how.

        So, how do we know if prayers have helped to save people already or changed the path of Nature? like with regards to Katrina, Sandy, or the Haitian earthquake?
        The answer I offer is, of our own freewill, we choose in our hearts first to love God, to love others, to offer kindness, friendship, compassion, forgiveness, mercy and in doing so, choose of our own freewill to believe in the One who gives forth these qualities from within our hearts, so that we can, again of our own freewill, choose to believe in prayer and helping others through prayer.

        Was there no one praying hard enough before? My answer is this – When is there ever enough people praying for the world? There are only those who believe in praying that bring forth prayers. Remember, prayer and meditation are like rowing a boat or a ship or pulling a world through turbulence. If there is only one person, there is less ability/capacity than if there are a million people. How many people called forth for prayers before Katrina, Sandy and the Haitian earthquake? How many people would have answered that call?

        And yet, if you and I join together in prayer in His name, there will be Christ praying with us, also.


        • More than 232,000 people died in Katrina, Sandy and the Haitian quake. They did not die in these natural disasters because of incorrect or inadequate praying.


        • That is correct. Every human being on the planet will die from something and no amount of prayer will stop that. But, prayer can change many things in between when we are born and when we die, including time, and including how we see life, and therefore, how we decide to treat one another during our own life.


    • Any prayer that comes from the heart, is a prayer that begins and ends with God, because God lives in the heart, already, and already knows where a person’s heart is as the prayer is sent out. If the heart is sincere in helping others, God hears the sincerity in helping others before any words are ever formed in the mind.

      The opposite is also true, if the prayer comes more from mental constructs, mental beliefs, and mental judgments, yet is weak in the heart, God is already aware of this, as well. No word or words from the mind, ever carries the strength of a sincere heart. It is also true that when we lift up first our hearts to God in prayer and meditation, we don’t need any more words or thoughts because God already is fully and completely aware of what we hope for and what we’re praying for – even more than we are.

      We can use the words, “highest and best good” because that helps us humans to change how we think – simply because we get confused and don’t know how to pray sometimes. But, God isn’t confused and doesn’t experience not knowing, especially about what is in our hearts and what is highest and best for every single living being. He/She who put the stars in the heavens and made the planets and the rivers, put the mountains in place, and raised everything and everyone up, and also laid them down, is already fully aware and gives us freewill to help or hinder how life will unfold for ourselves and others.


  3. Just an hour ago i was sitting on my couch and i suddenly had to think of the islands in the south and outer region of the Caribbean. And I felt the situation has calmed down.
    Very often i will think of pyramids of light i can place in dangerous areas in the world. Don’t know if this will help either nature or humans, but i like to think so. Not without reason. I live in a country mainly situated below sea level. A sliding off of the Iceland glacier will in my humble opinion cause a tsunami, not only rushing into the North-Atlantic, but also to the south-East and over some islands there and beyond these the North Sea, at which south East corner are the lower lands or Holland. This tsunami must be enormous by the time it reaches Dutch shores.
    So in thought i place pyramids of light that close off the northern portion of the North Sea.
    I can’t help feeling a bit foolish writing this down here, but i know from experience, praying helps, is useful. You all out there, trust Creation. A plea for help will not be left unanswered.
    Only He knows the time.


    • Would that I could give all people the psychic ability to see the answering of all prayers, I would give it.

      And I agree, “Only He knows the time.” That is true in all cases. Even trying to interpret what I see psychically, I know this to be true.


      • I know it must be a difficult choice to make people alert to a vision of the future. Especially since the future for the most part is a blur – that is many parallell roads and outcomes. It has to be that way for our free will to have any meaning at all. Otherwise we would only be pawns on a chessboard with no power to act independently. I would recommend everyone to read Richard Bach’s books (there a many more than just the famous one about Jonathan Livingstone Seagull) for a philosophical view on the matter.

        I do think that you, Jodie, is the real thing and not a fraud. I base that mainly on how you communicate rather than if your predictions will come true or not. You communicate with love and understanding and hope and do not sound like a doomsday prophet at all. The feeling I got from reading your articles tells me that your voice comes from spirit (God, Mother Nature, whatever you choose to call it).

        In my experience the hardest thing is to predict a time for an event. The event itself will happen if it is strong enough or important enough but when it will happen fluctuate very easily because of the small choices we all make along the way. So there will sadly still be time for it to happen if it is one of those things that must happen. All of you that now gloat over the fact that Jodie*s prediction seem to be wrong – beware of what you wish for for it could come back and bite you.

        I pray that the challenges we all will face will come as gently and nicely as can be if they do have to manifest at all. I am grateful for the small evidences I get from time to time that praying does work. Look for those if you want evidence. There are many needing persons suffering in your environment – beggars, poor, elderly and lonely. So many that you can help – praying does not cost anything except some of your time and most importantly – your intention.


        • Maria, I agree with you.

          I think it is very clear that Jodie is legitimate because he encourages people to do good and speaks with sincerity. Sincerity and virtue is the key indicator of authenticity.

          Also, it is true that small decisions and choices can change pending events and karma. For instance, the Jade Record tells of a story where an Arhat foresaw a novice monk’s impending death and decided tell him to go home and die in peace (although he did not tell the monk he was going to die, so as to not give him stress, he simply gave him leave).

          However, the novice monk encountered a small ant nest on his way home that was under threat from accumulating water. He managed to put up a small dirt barrier to keep the water from drowning the ants and flooding the colony.

          It turned out that this small act of compassion changed the novice monk’s karma and his lifespan was extended. A fact the Arhat confirmed on his return.

          Moreover, as I’ve mentioned before, according to the Infinite Life Sutra:

          “In fact, if you practice virtue in this world for ten full days, the merits derived will surpass that of cultivating elsewhere in the Samsara for a whole millennium. The reason is that the other worlds are naturally pleasurable due to the superior virtue and merit of their inhabitants. Thus, there are no grounds for committing evil. Conversely, the world we reside in has little good but plenty of evil. People here are harassed by scarcity and must toil for a living. In addition, the food and drink here are toxic and bitter. The evil habits of this world increases with each passing day.”

          Thus, because there are so many temptations, pressures and provocations in our world, doing good deeds becomes hard, especially when compared to other worlds of the Samsara. Therefore, the merit from the virtues and good deeds done by us are magnified, to the point where 10 days of virtue/good deeds here is equal to a thousand years of virtue elsewhere!

          Namo Amitabha


  4. Does anyone else see thru this… [deleted without further hesitation. Any comments that show disrespect and rudeness will be handled this way.]


    • If God asked you a question, saying, “I can follow through and have the destruction happen as has been predicted, or I can take the prayers you’ve all given, and heal many of the causes of that destruction – saving many lives because of the prayers. If I heal the situation to save many lives, people will ridicule you and criticize you, labeling you a fake and fear monger. If I let the destruction happen, you will be seen as an accurate psychic, and people will praise you. Which way do you ask Me to go?”

      So, snow1965, how should I answer this question?

      If positively, then join me in praying, “Lord, You know what is possible. You know what can be done. We ask you to please, heal all that is possible to be healed. Save all that are possible to be saved. Use all the prayers of those willing to pray for others in order to demonstrate that in answering our prayers, you give your Endless Help and Healing without hesitation and that you hear our prayers and will hear anyone’s sincere prayers, as well.”

      This isn’t about me. This is about all the men, women and children of those areas – the islands, the coastlines and the surrounding areas.


        • Kind words and my gratitude. Of course, it’s more true that all I do is answer questions. God does the saving, doesn’t He.


      • Jodie, I was one who had little belief in God for many years of my life and – long story – eventually came to study psychic phenomena and learn other ways of thinking and tried to compare it to some sort of science chemistry explanation and compare that to a variety of religions and prayer.
        From what I have read and feel is true, please correct me if I am wrong, but would you say that as humans, our emotions have certain “ghost” chemicals that are released into the earth atmosphere, which then affects the weather for the good, bad, or ugly? And by so praying in such a certain manner, those ghost chemicals emitted from the changed emotions change the stormy outcomes or bring needed relief?
        When I think of “God,” my own personal view is it is the “group” “mass” energies of all involved, but I feel majority of others think of God as a supreme being outside of themselves that are making the decisions. So, when I view, for example, this volcanic event as being changed by prayer, I feel that our mass individual selves have agreed that this event was not necessary to experience, even though our unaware emotional states have brought on the possibility of it happening, and then have prayed in such a manner to change the emotional state, and by bringing awareness to it, a good majority of people have chosen it wasn’t necessary to experience this massive release of energy built up. Am I way off or being too simplistic?
        I know everyone has free will, but if you had to explain it to someone that cannot grasp the hows/whys, is that a good analogy?
        By the way, can you please offer an estimated timeline of an approximate year the Outer Banks, NC, coastline is underwater, and an approximate year of when the U.P. of Michigan will be a more habitable place to enjoy living at least 7-8 months out of the year with warm weather as opposed to its current condition of 2-300 inches of snow per very long, long winter? Looking for a place to invest in now to retire to in about 15-20 years that has no drama, is safe, and I’d like it there. I noticed the temperature of the Great Lakes is up 1-2 degrees this year, whereas in the recent past last year it was 5-6 degrees colder than average. That’s a big difference for such a large body of water in such a short time in my opinion.


  5. Well all, I see it this way, travis ,Michelle and Snow65 could all be right in what they say but what these things do for me is that they make me stop and think sometimes, my own house needs to be put in order, i.e how I talk, react and feel towards people and “hey” the world doesn’t always evolve around me. Just my little input but a lot to think about late at night


  6. Ayyy Virgen de la Altagracia ! Yo que me apertreche de concon, mondongo, magu, cadeneta y pico y pala la semana entera pensando que venia el fin del mundo. Ayyyy san Emenegildo !!! yo que gaste to lo cuarto del san y me defleque con el mario de Ramona !!!! Hay mama que no llegue el lune ! Ayyyyyyyyy Ayyyyyyyyy


  7. I believe the Book in the Old Testament you are referring to is the Book Of Jonah. Jonah goes to Nineveh to warn them of impending destruction, but the people of the city offer prayers and fasting to God and thus the event is put off.


  8. Signals are happening to me . My toilet overflowed like a volcano and the tsunami came into the kitchen. My drunk neighbor put the music so loud that the whole house shook and the ashes of his nasty tabaco choked the cat.
    I’m going to spend a month eating canned food and the water tank that i stored i will use it as pool. And don’t forget all the money i spend and now i have to work very hard to pay my bills. But i am alive and Life is Good !!!

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  9. Thank you Jodie, We have a volcano erupting and earth quakes in the same general area you saw.The fact that it is (so far) smaller than you felt. Is a cause for rejoicing not anger. I for one have loved the sense of community prayer we have had here. I will continue praying.


  10. You talk a lot about the bible in your posts. Well here are two bible verses that you seem to have conveniently forgotten.

    Deuteronomy 18:21-22 And if you say in your heart, ‘How may we know the word that the Lord has not spoken?’— when a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word that the Lord has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously. You need not be afraid of him.

    Ezekiel 13:6 They have seen false visions and lying divinations. They say, ‘Declares the Lord,’ when the Lord has not sent them, and yet they expect him to fulfill their word.


    • You or anyone can easily say these things about me, if it brings you joy and peace of mind. If it helps anyone to Love God above all else, and to love our neighbor as our self, then say these things about me. If accusing me in this way and worse, helps anyone to find God’s mercy and forgiveness in your heart for others, and bring understanding to your mind about the plight of others, and patience and brotherhood with your fellow human beings who suffer in pain, then say these things about me and accuse me in any way you want. If all that anyone wants to say to judge me will help bring feelings of compassion in one’s heart for those in need and bring anyone to sit beside Christ and tell Him from the deepest part of a heart filled to overflowing with love for all life, “Here am I, Lord, use me.” then anyone can say anything you want, and accuse me in any way you like. You have my blessing if this will open anyone’s heart and mind to a better awareness of the Infinite Spirit of Love, Kindness and Oneness with all Life, that is God.

      God alone knows what is in people’s hearts when we choose to do the things we do. If judging, condemning, ridiculing or criticizing anyone doesn’t bring you these things that I’ve mentioned above, then please consider trading them for that which does bring them. The Infinite Consciousness and Truth of God opens up to those that release the chains of being judge over others. Who among us can take God’s place in doing that?


  11. I believe that those mocking Jodie or making accusations of fraud are misguided in their anger.

    There is no point in precognition if the karma could not be changed, and I am sure that people have been praying, meditating and doing good deeds ever since Jodie started warning us.

    Bodhisattvas are concerned with the potential of the seeds, but people care only about the result. This is our problem. We are kind of fatalistic and want some ironclad validation in the disaster happening exactly as seen, even though that would mean massive loss of life. However, Sages and good spirits are only concerned about the eradication of pending evil karma and the accumulation of virtue.

    As the Buddha has stated in the Earth Store Sutra:

    “…World Honored One, I see that every single movement or stirring of thought on the part of beings of Jambudvipa is an offense. Beings tend to use up any wholesome benefits they accrue, and many of them end up retreating from their initial resolve. If they encounter evil conditions, they magnify them with every thought. They are like people trying to carry heavy rocks while walking through mud. Each step becomes more difficult and the rocks more cumbersome as their feet sink deeper..”


    Thus, the fact that we are born as people today, in this world, is proof that we all bear heavy past evil karma. This means that disasters, wars, strife and personal misfortunes are literally hanging over us like the Sword of Damocles. There is no security and no room for doubt and complacency. If it’s not this it will be that.

    Thus, if we consider all warning signs to be fraudulent false alarms and decide to become slothful and complacent, we would be throwing away our goodness. Whether the warning happens or not, we should always thank Heaven for reminding us of the Sword of Damocles that hangs above us all so that we will go forth to do more good deeds and become ever more sincere in reforming our faults. Human life is short and we will only get so many mulligans, so accumulation of merit and good deeds (the key to eradicating evil karma and a good future rebirth) is of paramount importance and should be done daily. Every extra moment is more time to make merit, every development is another chance to make merit.

    While it is understandable that those who may have felt fear for the last few months or spent a considerable amount of money stocking up on supplies may feel irritated. The truth is that the world is impermanent and everyone should have supplies on hand. You are only buying what you should have stocked up regularly. The supply situation of this world is intricate, and while convenient, is not something you can rely on always. Don’t be the man who relies solely on credit and neglects to save when he could have.

    Moreover, if you have stockpiled excess food and supplies, you should donate it to the poor or needy to make merit. The Buddha has said that all those who donate food will have health, beauty, intelligence, long lives and happiness as the karmic reward. This is because starvation causes ugliness (emaciated appearance), bad health, death, misery and robs people of their strength to study.

    If anyone wants to know more about fate, karma and how it changes, I recommend that you read the Ming dynasty Sagely book: Liao Fan’s Four Lessons:


    Namo Amitabha.


    • **** “There is no point in precognition if the karma could not be changed,…”**** This is it exactly. Precognition, visions, premonitions, dreams of the future, psychic work – all have a purpose and that is to raise the consciousness and vibrations of all Life. Acting on these precognitive experiences – through prayer and meditation, and by acting in alignment with Oneness is the method by which these vibrations are raised and the Karma is dissolved and healed. To raise the vibration of all life to the level of the vibration of Love which is the highest vibration -the Infinite Consciousness of God – this is the purpose of all things.


  12. I’ve followed the predictions of this site mostly out of curiosity. I’ve read the Edgar Cayce books as well as books about other mediums and psychics such as Douglas Cottrell and Jozef Rulof. Cayce was reported to be able to read the so-called Akashic records, at least to some extent. Many of his predictions did not occur as predicted, but his predictions were decades in the future and things like prayer and free will may have averted the worst outcome. Some claim that the Akashic records contain not only past and future events, but past and future imaginations, fantasies, and thoughts of all humanity. Cottrell is very good and I’ve found many of his deep trance meditations to contain helpful information. However, he has been inaccurate regarding the stock market. Rulof was different in that he was reportedly guided by advanced astral spirits who had lived many times on earth and wanted to help the people of the earth awaken to life after physical death. However, he said that man would never leave the earth via a spaceship (the NASA Apollo missions occurred after this prediction). Based on the information I’ve read, the pitfall of psychic or mediumistic practices is that one can be influenced by the earthly thoughts of others as well as one’s own beliefs or prejudices. While I believe many of the teachings of the three psychics mentioned above, I have learned to never believe any prediction as absolute. Humans are not perfect and everyone, including Cayce, Cottrell and Rulof, makes mistakes and errors. So, what is one to do? Prayer for yourself, your family and loved ones is always a good idea. Prayer for the world in general may help, but many people seem to exist on an animalistic level and I’m not so sure that prayer will help them immediately; they will have to learn their lessons before they can advance. I would suggest that those of you who are interested read different sources on this subject and make your own conclusions while using caution when reading predictions.


  13. Thank You all for the posts! Althou some are not as polite as it proper to be when reffering to others people oppinion. Is a shame ….but never mind. They will learn out of their own mistakes eventualy. God bless You all for the kindness You share.


  14. It is appreciated that Jodie gives his VIEWPOINT. It is appreciated that this site encourages compassion and preparedness and fruits of the spirit.

    If the event is focused on as happened/didn’t happen the point is missed. This is a call to action. This is a call to prayer and love and oneness. Rise above.


    • This wasn’t just a viewpoint. It was months of specific predictions re: a cataclysmic natural event culminating in a very specific location and date for that event. Prediction of and preparation for that specific event *was* the point of those lengthy, detailed, related blog posts.

      It’s a copout to claim otherwise and to effectively blame believers for taking those predictions seriously.


        • Hi T.T , I agree with your comment . If you look up earth quakes central America, you will see a large increase in recent activity. And it’s on the Atlantic side, so there fore not the pacific ring of fire. So not “expected” Thanks Jodie as I have been following this blog for a while. My spiritual teacher always says it’s not the messages that are wrong but the filters us humans can put on the messages.


      • I disagree. It’s not a copout at all. And you are mistaken, Ed. My blog articles are meant to present information that I’ve gotten and understood to the best of my ability, and then am passing on for the purpose of being alert and well prepared in case it happens. In as many articles as I could, I’ve let it be known that I was not the last word on whether these events will happen, but that rather what I was seeing, to the best of my understanding from my years of working with this, was possible and that the events could happen as I’ve seen them.

        I’m going to take this moment to remind you and all other commenters that if anyone decides to become insulting and rude, I will quickly and without remorse delete your comments. I welcome comments that contribute to greater understanding via adding different perspectives, with meaningful points being made. If anyone reaches a point where they feel the need to start showing disrespect and being insulting towards anyone who disagrees, it’s time to move on.


        • @Caz, when did you begin to count earthquakes (what is your historic time baseline and data source)?
          Also, Central America does not *have* an “Atlantic side.”


  15. Well, August 15th is The Feast of the Assumption, and many cultures (Italian/Irish to name a few) participate in the Blessing of the sea ( or Wedding of the Sea). It is believed that after the ceremony that the blessed waters have healing powers. It’s an old custom and I would like to believe that The Blessed Mother on her Feast Day , through the priests blessing of the waters,had some sort of “healing ” effect on the potential of eruption that you were predicting.
    Maybe it did, maybe not, but I place my trust and faith in God😊


  16. Hey Jodie

    Some of us here in the islands are still anxiously looking forward to further updates. The area around Puerto Rico and the Virgin islands have been very active these past few weeks


    • @Caz, I’m very familiar with that site and with USGS. To prove a hypothesis you don’t just “look through … many pages” — you stringently analyze cumulative stats and details over years for variance and cycles. You want to eliminate observer bias.

      Ex: Taken put of context, or in too short a time frame, the seasons themselves can look like aberrations.


    • This is why prayer and meditation are so important. To not engage on a low level but to pray for all and encourage elevated attitudes of love and cooperation in and around us. It is letting go and allowing our higher power to guide us. This helps to disperse events that negative energy may generate. Jodie’s writings consistently prompt us to do just that.

      According to Psychology Today:

      ‘States of anger and resentment feature narrow, rigid thinking that amplify and magnify only the negative aspects of a behavior or situation. The tendency of the angry and resentful to attribute malevolence, incompetence, or inadequacy to those who disagree with them makes negotiation extremely difficult.’

      Psychology Today: Post published by Steven Stosny, Ph.D. on Apr 04, 2009 in Anger in the Age of Entitlement


    • It could very much be. My experience has shown me many times that the “main” event – the most destructive manifestation of the destined energy – once it has been diminished or somewhat healed/dissolved through all means at our disposal – still can have energy yet to be manifested. It becomes much less that originally possible, but still present, nonetheless. With this area, there is still energy related to this area, but I see it at a “normal” or regular type of experience. Hence why hurricanes could be the carrier of the remnant of the energy I had been seeing.
      I won’t say that hurricanes would be what I saw all along, because I looked for the “hurricane signature vibration”, if you understand that phrase. I didn’t see that vibration. A hurricane by itself did not have the high level of destructive energy which I was seeing. But, with the healing of much of this, hurricanes come to being a valid carrier of the energy – (what I’m seeing now) Danny being one carrier of a potential 3 hurricanes total, or with prayers, it being a main one with only one other tropical storm potentially following it.


  17. I’m a bit confused at the moment. I’ve been praying and meditating and feel like my puzzle is a but foggy. I get the feeling I’m in some way…well I guess what I’m asking is. I do a cloak of protection before my meditations but how do we know who we are channeling in exactly? I was feeling really strong things and signs but I got scared so I stopped. Praying yes I do everyday and again I always do a cloak of protection prayer before meditating. These chakra meditations all have beats and tones and I’m just wondering if I’m channeling into something else in a different dimension. Sorry if I sound crazy but I’ve been feeling crazy lately and honestly it’s starting to scare me.


    • If it’s scary for you, then you can stop. God is not in the business of frightening His children. Quite the opposite, in fact. Keep praying and include prayer for guidance as to when you would be ready to pick it back up -if desired. If you feel ready to try again in the future, then find and join a meditation group, because the strength of the energy in meditation groups is greater and very much more balancing, supportive and healthy.
      There are many good books on meditation which can offer you a greater understanding of the experience, also. “The Search For God” has a very good chapter on meditation. You can find it through the Association for Research and Enlightenment.
      In addition, while fogginess can be one of 1000’s of experiences with meditation for everyone, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing it wrong.
      Finally, with extreme experiences, physical conditions can also have an affect on meditation, meaning any illnesses, spinal misalignments, malnutrition, and some other physical problems can affect your meditation and these physical problems need to be dealt with or they can cause negative experiences for the meditator. Psychological issues can also have an effect on the meditation experience. So, like anything in life, common sense and patience are helpful in understanding meditation and your experiences.


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