As We Wait

There are a few days before that which I’ve been seeing is predicted to happen.  At this time, if there is an article which you feel best gives a “heads up” about this, do go ahead and post that article on the Internet wherever you feel it could help.  At this point, the only thing I can suggest is to let people know that this has been foreseen beginning Friday, August 14th and the foreshadowing signs have been happening all summer as predicted – including the quiet time in the 1st half of August.  If you want to do more, ask within what else to do.

Even though I think I see Friday’s part being a large earthquake, with Sunday night bringing the volcanic activity, I also see “rumblings” starting to happen Wednesday.  I think the alert level will go back up to ORANGE on Wednesday, Thursday at the latest.

Anyone who is just now joining reading the articles, go to the “Categories” on the right and select “2nd of 3 Events” to bring up the articles/predictions for the weekend of August 14th on, dealing with the Caribbean / Venezuelan Event which I’ve been psychically seeing for 10 years now.


“Psychic ability is not a power.  It is a tool.  But, used in service to God and others, it can be a power tool.”  (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1995-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

19 thoughts on “As We Wait

  1. Jodie, thank you for sharing your gifts to help save lives and get people to make preparations.

    I hope everyone will take advantage of this last lull of peace to zealously make merit, do good deeds, or recite Buddha names and dedicate the merit towards the lessening of the effects of this upcoming calamity.

    Namo Amitabha


  2. Hi and thanks for predictions,I was wondering is something going to happen in central america? I live in Costa Rica do you see something happening here? Are we in trouble? Should we be prepared for this event?


    • I’m not seeing anything of major danger with this event except some ash in the atmosphere perhaps. What I see for Costa Rica is “insect problems” – almost like “swarms”. (What an odd vision. Keep me informed about that.)


  3. interesting website to check the carabean erthquakes live : and search the carrabean region..

    I think that the big earthquake will come,next friday, from about 35km to 110km (28 to 65miles)from the north of Porto-Rico.Because on the LIVE USGS earthquake map the most seismic activity this morning,wednesday august 12th is situated into this region.


  4. Hi Jodie – Do you think these events and the ones seen by the 300 psychics are connected with the Fatima apparitions and the Third Secret? What is your opinion about Fatima?


    • Yes, I do think these events are connected to Fatima, and the Third Secret. I will reiterate that prayer and meditation, as well as bringing in the higher vibrations of Life through acts centered from the highest vibrations – that being Love, sincere forgiveness, kindness, etc. will help to heal events to whatever degree is their level is capable of healing.
      As for Fatima? Yes. The Mother of this Earth does seek to help in every way possible. Which mother wouldn’t?


  5. swarm of insects? Very odd indeed…I let you know if something happens, please let me know if you see something more for Costa Rica in the future…Thanks for your information.


  6. Incredibly, I think you saw this correctly, because I remember you predicting a specific large event on Aug 13 in a previous post. An enormous explosion just went off in a Chinese warehouse and is being reported on every media outlet.

    I’m impressed and will continue to follow this site.
    Btw do you think more will be happening in the following days? I’m also quite curious what you feel might happen in September?



  7. On the web site: EARTHQUAKETRACK.COM, if we search the CARRABEAN region, 12 earthquakes hits in 10 hours,today,August 13th : from 2 to 3.3 , on the earthquake scale..Not too big,,.not very important…BUT all comes from the same region !!..Porto Rico and the US Virgin Islands…only, ….Stange, It is a sign that the pressure behind the earth crust continue to increase?


    • Yep. The Pacific has been hit by quakes (which isn’t unusual), some volcanic eruptions and a potential one in Japan, but nothing significant happening in the Caribbean.


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