Additional Weather Information

Thank you Jodie for your post, I feel that we will also feel these effects here in Australia, with the El Niño tapping on our door. We have had a cold dry winter and I suspect a long , hot and dry summer to come . C

Yes, there is bad news and good news for Australia.  I see two more years of difficult drought, with the worst year being in two years.  The good news is that in two years, the drought will start diminishing more and more each year after that.  Starting in 2 years, you will see more rain each year compared to the previous year.

What about the mid-atlantic states? what will happen in Virginia, Maryland, etc?  E.G.D.

You can expect to see lower average temperatures in the Atlantic States – lower by 7-12 degrees compared to last year.  This is “in general”.


“Being patient with another person is an act of kindness.  Being impatient with others is the opposite of kindness.”  (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

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