The Summer Months of 2015

As time continues through 2015, I’m seeing energy being worked on in the same way that currents work inside the flow of a river or in the sea.  I see this being from help from higher consciousnesses, so I consider this to be good.

With the earthquake in Alaska several weeks ago (May 29, 2015) and even energy manifesting as flooding in Texas (May 30, 2015), I see this helping to move and change forces which are acting upon the Venezuelan coast.  There is a potential that the event can be stretched out over a longer time, but I’m still seeing the timespan of the event ending by October, 2015.  This means that different aspects of this event could be spread out over more than a month’s time frame.  If this is accurate, the people could face the challenges better with time to recover.

While the potential is there, the probability is higher yet for the parts of the event to still all happen during the middle to end of August time frame.  I use the term ‘probability’ to convey the potential for change yet to occur.

I see a connection between the recent volcanic activity in Mexico and the 2nd Event.  When I looked at the signs, the signs were connected to the 2nd Event.  I interpret the Mexico volcanic connection to mean that Mexico’s volcanic activity is one of the signs.

Let’s keep up the prayers for this region.  They are worthy of our prayers.


“Pray for all those that are judged to be unworthy of prayers.”  (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2014, Jodie Senkyrik)

3 thoughts on “The Summer Months of 2015

  1. hey good night i am from the island of Barbados and yesterday July 23 around 1-30-3 am there was increased seismic activity with Kick em Jenny volcano that is located north of Grenada and as a result Grenada, Barbados and Trinidad were placed on an Orange Level of warning of seismic activity and the possibility of tsunami but the media are saying the volcano is too deep under the ocean and therefore tsunamis are unlikely. But i am a bit concerned as we have been getting quite alot of earthquakes of the northeastern coast of Barbados. I was just wondering the 2nd world event you have been mentioning is it kick em jenny or do you see a bigger volcano eruption some where near Barbados and in terms of the volcano, tsunami etc. how will Barbados be affected in relation to the entire 2nd world event? and do you think this will happen very soon do you have a specific date that keeps coming to mind?
    Thank you. God Bless!


  2. Thank you for sharing your special gifts with us. Please tell me your most recent feelings on how this disaster will affect Florida. It is being said that there will be hardly any impact on this state. However, I have such a feeling of dread as if a mega tsunami will flood the entire state. I wish I could shake this feeling. I have been praying a lot and would like to request others to please send prayers for protection over this state, which is normally at or below sea level. What are your thoughts?


    • Consider that the dread you’re feeling to be an intuitive sense of what is happening – not from the 2nd of 3 events to happen in August, 2015, but from Global Warming. Over the next several hundred years, the toll of Global Warming will be experienced in Florida in a big way. If we were to fast forward take a look at Florida 200 years from now, it would show Florida as if the gradual loss of landmass had been a mega tsunami hit.
      Florida is one of several “ground zeros” in the next 200 years.
      Ironic, too, is that Florida is a Republican state and has many that will never face this, so they cannot see it. There is a difference from viewing life according to the life we’ve already lived vs. the life we have yet to live. One lives in the world of the past. The other lives in the world of the future.
      (Oh, I know I’m going to get ‘letters’ on this one.)


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