2nd of 3 World Events – Possible Changes

I’ve been seeing shifting change with regards to the 2nd of the 3 Events which I’ve been seeing.  As time gets closer, it is necessary to take a fresh look at everything, so that I’m on the current timeline.  (I know it sounds weird.)

The Bible tells us that the prayers of a few will save many.  The Bible also tells us of the mercy of God.  I mention both of these, because I’m seeing some changes to what I’ve been seeing previously.

I’m now seeing the different parts of the 2nd event being spread out over several weeks.  Earlier I mentioned September, 2015 as a possible time for parts of the Event to occur.  I’m now seeing some parts of the Event happening in August, but other parts possibly happening in September.  The different parts of the Event look to be spread out over a longer time period instead of them all happening on top of each other – timewise.

I attribute this change to prayer and forces acting upon the energy which is destined to manifest into the physical world in the forms of which we’ve been discussing here.

From another perspective, we can consider this to be a most “merciful” change.  Think about it, if one part of this event happens and the other parts happen spread out, the time in between gives people and responders time to help – time to arrive – time to prepare.  This also means that some helping organizations will be in place ready to  help during the secondary parts of the Event.

At the same time, I am seeing October, 2015 as being a cutoff time period.  If it doesn’t happen by October, 2015, I see the prediction not coming true as I’ve seen in the past several years.   If it doesn’t happen by October, 2015, I see a few parts of the 2nd event being spread out over a great deal more time – like the next 6-12 months overall, which means the total impact would not all happen at once.   That would be good.

I see the recent natural disasters, – the flooding in Texas, the earthquake in May, in Alaska, as helping to alleviate some of the energy destined to manifest destructively.

I attribute the possible change in the formation of the parts of the event as coming from people praying.  I’m reminded of Abraham and what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah.  Abraham sought mercy from the angels and was shown mercy for the city to the extent that if only 10 good people (down from 50) could be found, the city would be spared.

In the effort put forth by all of us, I believe I’m seeing many more than 10 people praying.  I’m seeing many people praying and the strength of these prayers can indeed help Venezuela and the islands and lands in that region in the ways I believe I’m seeing.

It was the prayers and meditations of many decades that changed Edgar Cayce’s prediction from the entire city of New York being destroyed to just one block – the  twin towers.  It was the prayers of millions that called forth the Christ who protected the entire Gulf Coast from the 2006 and 1/2 the 2007 hurricane season.  While we may not have numbers like those events, I believe I’m seeing our efforts for prayers and meditations for this area having a helpful effect, as well.

It has been quiet in that area, but I don’t think I felt that the “signs” of which I spoke, would happen in the same area as the event – Venezuela.  So far, the “signs” I see – 7.0 earthquake in Alaska in May, 2015. and a 35 ft wall of water flowing down the Blanco River in Central Texas, (as well as Austin, TX and Houston, TX) causing massive flooding and destruction in June, 2015.  I thought of this wall of water as a “River Tsunami”.  Hmm.


“If you’re having trouble praying, just ask God to help you with it.”  (Rainbow Cards, ©, 1995-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

7 thoughts on “2nd of 3 World Events – Possible Changes

  1. Let us pray togheter ….a beautiful sentence from Elvis´ movie song. “Change of habbit” was the last one in a roll of 31 movies he made – from 1969. God bless You whereever You sing now, my friend …and thanks for all the songs.


  2. We are all one in the Wholeness of Mother, Father God. I continue to see the many blessings of their Mercy and Grace flowing out into the world. Any earth changes can and will be made easily , softly . I say thank you. Knowing my word goes out into the world. It is done.


  3. “I attribute the possible change in the formation of the parts of the event as coming from people praying. I’m reminded of Abraham and what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham sought mercy from the angels and was shown mercy for the city to the extent that if only 10 good people (down from 50) could be found, the city would be spared.”

    An excellent and profound post! Thank you very much for writing this.

    What you are saying is also found in Buddhist teachings. According to the Buddha Speaks the Mahayana, Infinite Life, Adornment, Purity, Impartiality, and Enlightenment Sutra:

    “In fact, if you practice virtue in this world for ten full days, the merits derived will surpass that of cultivating elsewhere in the Samsara for a whole millennium. The reason is that the other worlds are naturally pleasurable due to the superior virtue and merit of their inhabitants. Thus, there are no grounds for committing evil. Conversely, the world we reside in has little good but plenty of evil. People here are harassed by scarcity and must toil for a living. In addition, the food and drink here are toxic and bitter. The evil habits of this world increases with each passing day.”

    Thus, good deeds (i.e. meditation, charity, sincere prayers, virtue…) done in this world is particularly strong as it is basically like swimming upstream. Currently, according to the Buddha’s predictions, our world is in the era called the Age Strong in Fighting. A time where conflict (e.g. WWII) and all kinds of severe disasters unseen in the past are possible.

    Thus, being patient, kind and virtuous nowadays with all these temptations and provocations present is hard. However, this is also the reason for the vast rewards of doing so.

    I think this is the same principle behind the sparing of Sodom if only ten good people can be found. If ten people can hold on to virtue and kindness against a sea of evil and temptation, then the good deeds accumulated by them will be far more powerful than the evil being committed by others.

    Moreover. according to the Ven. Master Chin Kung, if we sincerely cultivate virtue and harbor kind thoughts, our good deeds can influence the fortunes of our family, community and city. Karma and how future events will play out are fluid and always subject to change. Thoughts of greed,hatred, pride and so forth will yield only disasters while kind thoughts and the benevolence of the Buddhas, Sages, Bodhisattvas, God and the pious and virtuous will help neutralize disasters.

    Thus, we should consider ourselves fortunate as our world would be experiencing many more severe disasters if not for the blessings of the virtuous,which has altered the common karma for the better.

    On a more individual basis, in the Treatise on Response and Retribution (a text much promoted by the Dharma Master Yin Guang), it is said that if a man does his best to do good deeds, speak kind and honest words, and see only good everyday for three years, Heaven will bestow happiness and fortune on him.

    Thus, this is why I believe all of us must diligently cultivate virtue, meditate, pray and or recite sacred scriptures, sutras or Buddha names on a daily basis.

    This may be difficult concerning that modern life is busy and hectic. However, good deeds and kind thoughts are the root of all happiness and the only thing that can neutralize or lessen calamities and misfortune. So I think praying, meditation, virtue, temperance and charity really is a life and death matter that deserves our full attention.

    Lastly, thanks again for this great post.

    Namo Amitabha


  4. I have been hearing of a possible asteroid or meteor strike on September 24. What do you think of this? Is it connected to what is to come ?


    • I am not seeing a meteorite strike being large enough to be part of the event I’ve been seeing in August (and now possibly also in September.)


  5. Quake reports over 5 come into my mailbox. Today (July 16) the first quake of that magnitude came into my mailbox from the North Atlantic region, north (slightly east) of the coast of Venezuela: 5.3 – Barbados region, Windward Islands. 11:01:47 UTC


  6. Just now a stronger quake in the same area, right on schedule, Jodie, as you predicted there might be some earlier signs of the August events. This area had been very quiet until recently. All the quakes were happening on the western side of South America. Today: 6.4 magnitude – 16 Jul 2015 15:16:31 UTC, Windward Islands. (There is also a cluster of smaller quakes in the same general area.)


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