The Future?

I’ve received information which, on first glance, appears rather foreboding. I live in the Texas Hill Country area where the floods happened, destroying hundreds of families’ homes, causing the deaths of some of the residents and visitors, with the destructive value estimated in the many millions of dollars. I’ve seen the destruction and have had some of it within walking distance from my home. As the recovery progressed with the help of thousands of people over the last many weeks, I’ve written about it, and posted some on Facebook, opening the articles up to be available to the public.

For anyone with a Facebook account, one does not need to be “Friends” to read the articles.

About a week ago, while working outside at a friend’s home, inwardly, I asked the question, “How does the flood serve us?”  The answer I got was, “To help prepare you for things to come.”  While this can be considered dire, indeed, I did not get any direct sense or information that this was referring to more floods.  However, with the climate changing in such drastic ways, that can be one possible understanding.

I also did not get a sense that the statement referred only to more destruction.  However, I’ve written about some destructive events that I’ve been seeing in the future.

I’m going to suggest that one side of the statement can mean that witnessing the coming together of thousands of people to help one another in this great time of need for this area, can be what this message is also trying to convey.  Preparation for things to come can point to opening our minds and hearts in great ways to each other to help one another with whatever needs are present.  The statement can also suggest that what we are called to prepare for is to open ourselves to our communities and societies to help people in whatever way is needed.

For many years of doing readings, I’ve seen challenging times and difficult times ahead for humankind.  At the same time, I’ve been seeing that the way to face these difficult times is to both support and rely upon the local community.  All of us can say that we are a part of our local community, but the uniting of each other mostly comes when we help each other.  It is in this moment of helping others that we become neighbors.  With a strengthening of our connection to each other, we are able to face what may come our way, as individuals and as members of communities. ******

7 thoughts on “The Future?

  1. Thank you, Jodie! I agree with your statement, ‘With a strengthening of our connection to each other, we are able to face what may come our way, as individuals and as members of communities.” A comforting message!


    • On facebook, you should be able to find my “Public” postings at my name “Jodie Senkyrik”. I haven’t opened up my private postings. I don’t write much on facebook, but my private postings are for family.


  2. Dear Jodie,      Thank you so much for making this blog and information available to so many.  I found it about a month ago.  Could you provide a mailing address – Post Office Box, perhaps?  My only computer access is at the public library and those machines are unsafe to use for any personal or financial purpose.  I want to send you a donation for your work, if I may.      My email is and my name is Susan P. Schaetzel.  I live in Denver, Colorado and will be happy to provide phone or snail-mail information if that would be more practical for you.      Once again, I thank you for everything.  I shall be reading for a long, long time just to catch up on all your postings.  Do you have any books available?  Thank you and Bless you. 


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