Attacks and Attackers Part 2: Karma

“If we meet insults, contention or other unpleasant experiences, it is not the fault of the aggressor, but actually our own. The reason is that they are simply a manifestation of our heart. If we have no roots or thoughts of contention or insulting speech in our heart, this would not happen. Thus, by wiping away our greed, hatred or ego with kindness, virtue and forgiveness, we eradicate our past/current evil karma and habits and change the outside for the better.” Bc

What a good opening to present Part 2.

How you’ve written your comment could potentially be confusing, so I want to use this as a way to write about Karma.

To me, it’s not quite as simple as you’re presenting – with respect to responsibility and Karma.  Remember, everyone has freewill to decide their own thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviors, beliefs, etc.  This means that we are not responsible for others’ actions – those others who have freewill.  We are all responsible for our own steps we take on our path.  This means we are all responsible for our own thoughts, our own feelings, our own behaviors and more.

To try to explain Karma would be daunting, but this much I’ll offer.  When we throw a pebble into a lake, the ripples go out in all directions.  As the ripples go out, some ripples then also return back to the thrower of the pebble.  In effect, we have created the ripple that returns back to ourselves.

When we create an experience within life for someone else – for that person to go through – we are also creating the same experience for ourselves – and as hard as this is to fathom – we are creating this experience for all life in all existences – even for God, Himself, to experience.  The same ripple must then also return home.

Part of the experience we have as human beings is that when we receive back the experiences of life, we don’t remember throwing the pebble – creating the experience.  We blame others for what we experience or we (most of the time) erroneously blame the person we are today for what we experience.  As humans, our memories tend not to include soul memories of past lives and past experiences.  Many times this is a merciful thing for us, helping us to start over without remembering the person we were back then.

The soul or the Higher Consciousness of each human being remembers, however.  In time, we will come to understand how each experience we have in life is an experience which we helped to create for ourselves and others.  In addition, what experiences we create in the lives of others now – experiences which even God is touched by – will be what our path will include further down the way.  This includes whether we, of our own freewill, choose to attack with bitterness and vengeance, or to heal with understanding, mercy, and compassion.

What this means of Karma is that there is no judgement with karma.  There is no censure or condemnation.  There is no punishment with Karma.  Karma is simply the pebble’s ripple which has arrived back to where it started.

But, that’s not all.  The healing of “karma”, or rather the healing of experiences can happen by raising the vibrations of the “ripple”, which actually exists in time, space, and consciousness.  Since all things are vibration, the addition of higher vibration actions can affect the lower vibrations actions.  What is it that brings forth higher vibrations? Prayer, meditation, Loving kindness, forgiveness, patience, mercy, understanding, compassion, cooperation, and the like.  Each of these fruits of the spirit when brought forth into the world for another to experience opens the doors for the God Consciousness to be present in the moment.  The God Consciousness is Love and is the Highest of all High vibrations.  This vibration affects all vibrations/events/experiences with which it is present.

So, the bringing forth of God Consciousness through prayer, meditation and demonstrating the fruits of the spirit raises the vibration of the ripple.  This raised combination of vibrations goes out to all existence, and also returns back to us.  While sometimes the ripple vibration that goes out also comes back unchanged, with the presence of God, the presence of Love, kindness, mercy, etc, the ripple vibration is changed and returns in a higher vibration form.

The purpose of Karma is to raise vibrations to the level of God Consciousness – Love.   With this done, Karma is absorbed into the experience of understanding and awareness.  This is why prayer can help change human experiences.  This is also why mercy, kindness, cooperation, etc, can help change human experiences.


“Experiencing bliss is not experiencing God.  Helping someone else experience bliss is experiencing God.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1996-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

3 thoughts on “Attacks and Attackers Part 2: Karma

  1. Dear Jodie,

    I was so happy to see that you took the time to answer my question to a previous post of yours, thank you so much for this kind and heartfelt gesture. I’ve read your posts a couple of times now and I can tell you that your words have resonated a lot of truth with me, even to a point where I felt a small flame was ignited inside me, which I hope will help me to come to a point of forgiveness and more peace of mind.

    Also, you taught me a little lesson about patience, as I checked the website a few times to see if my question was answered and when it wasn’t the last time I checked, I let it go.
    So you can imagine my surprise when I did see such an elaborate reply of yours and with so much insight and understanding!

    I feel grateful and humbled and want to thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights with us, I hope there are more people out there who will find comfort in these words.
    To show my gratitude, I also made a donation to your website.

    Thank you again for all the wonderful work you are doing.
    Many blessings to you and your loved ones. xxx


  2. “The purpose of Karma is to raise vibrations to the level of God Consciousness – Love. With this done, Karma is absorbed into the experience of understanding and awareness. This is why prayer can help change human experiences. This is also why mercy, kindness, cooperation, etc, can help change human experiences.”

    A beautiful statement.

    What you are saying reminds me of this excerpt from Venerable Master Hsuan Hua’s Lotus Sutra:

    “….during the Dharma Image Age there were Bhikshus of overweening pride who assumed great power. At that time there was a Bhikshu-Bodhisattva by the name of Never-Slighting.”

    “Great Strength, for what reason was he called Never-Slighting? Whomever this Bhikshu met, be it a Bhikshu, Bhikshuni, Upasaka, or Upasika, he would bow to them all and praise them, saying, ‘I deeply respect all of you and dare not slight you. Why? You are all practicing the Bodhisattva Path and shall attain Buddhahood.’”

    “This Bhikshu did not read and recite Sutras, but specialized in making obeisance to the point that when he saw the four assemblies from afar, he would approach them, bow, and praise them, saying, ‘I dare not slight you, for you shall all become Buddhas.’”

    “Within the four assemblies, there were some who grew irate, those with impure minds who reviled him with foul mouths, saying, ‘Where did this senseless Bhikshu come from, who says “I dare not slight you” and then gives us predictions, saying we shall become Buddhas? We don’t need such false predictions!’”

    “In this way for many years he was scolded and reviled. But he never got angry. He always said, ‘You shall become Buddhas.’ When he said that, those people would beat him with sticks or throw stones at him. He would run off, stand at a distance, and shout out, ‘I dare not slight you, for you shall all become Buddhas!’ Because he always said that, the Bhikshus, Bhikshunis, Upasakas, and Upasikas of overweening pride gave him the name ‘Never-Slighting.’”

    “When this Bhikshu’s life was coming to an end, in space he heard all of the complete twenty thousand myriad kotis of verses of the Dharma Flower Sutra previously spoken by the Buddha King of Awesome Sound. He was able to receive and uphold them all. He immediately obtained the purity of the eye and the purity of the ear, nose, tongue, body, and mind, as mentioned above. Having obtained the purity of the six senses, his life span was further increased by two million kotis of nayutas of years. He extensively spoke the Dharma Flower Sutra for others.”

    “At that time the four assemblies of Bhikshus, Bhikshunis, Upasakas, and Upasikas of overweening pride who had ridiculed him and named him Never-Slighting saw that he had gained great powers of spiritual penetrations, the power of the eloquence of delight in speech, and the power of great wholesome silence. Hearing what he said, they faithfully submitted to him and followed him.”

    Thus, the Bhikshu, who did not read the sutras but merely exercised unwavering patience, kindness and reverence in the face of arrogance, attained the Buddha’s highest wisdom and changed all those who had been immersed in pride for the better. This is why all of the Mahayana sutras such as the Diamond Sutra and Amitabha Sutra mention that “good men and women” (i.e. people who hold the five precepts and ten virtues) are the ideal candidate to realize the true profound wisdom of the sutras. Enlightenment is built on virtue because virtue raises your vibrations closer to that of the Buddhas and Sages.

    Namo Amitabha

    P.S. if you want to read the rest of the commentary, google Lotus Sutra City of Ten Thousand Buddhas.


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