The Fear of Fear (#2)

Does fear have a place in spiritual circles?  Does it warrant addressing when on a spiritual path?  Yes, it does.  As human beings, we are going to experience fear.  It can be fear of anything and everything.  It even can be fear of being a human being, fear of being a man or a woman, fear of ourselves, fear of being honest, and we can even have a fear of experiencing fear.

Everyone of us faces not being able to protect ourselves in every situation we face during our path from infant to the grave.  There are real dangers living in this Earth.  Not dangers to our spirit, but dangers to the physical body amongst others.  There are also dangers to our desired purpose during this particular life sojourn.  There is no limit to what could trigger any of the fears and bring them to the surface, in turn, which triggers our reaction based on fear.

There is a term that many people on spiritual paths know.  It is “Flight to light.”  It refers to being on a spiritual path based on the fear we have towards aspects of living as a human being.  It is when the fear is so strong that we run for the light to run away from what we are fearing – whether conscious of the fear or unconscious to it.  If we’re lucky, we eventually figure out we can’t run from that which causes us to be afraid.  We can’t “run to the light” to get away from “darkness”.  As children, it is an expected (and sometimes hoped for) reaction, but as we grow to adult spiritual beings, we are called to come face to face with fear.

The journey to dealing with both our fear and being afraid of experiencing fear, is a long one.  We must go back to face all we have within us – all we have in our subconscious.  This takes time, willingness, patience, kindness, mercy, forgiveness, compassion, a sense of humor, faith, trust, letting go, and many other qualities – all directed towards our self.

FDR said, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”  It was helpful at the time, but this isn’t quite true at the soul level.  After we begin our spiritual path and awakening, we must also learn and eventually figure out how to practice – “There is nothing to fear, not even fear itself.”  To be afraid of fear is to perpetuate fear.

When I write about or discuss any of the 3 world events, including the 3rd of the 3 events, (and I will do this,) I won’t be withholding what I see based on a fear of what fear can manifest.  Regardless of what fear can manifest, Love cannot be stopped.  Fear, and a fear of fear must be faced.  The evolution and change that is happening is already in place and on its way.  The fear of fear, is going to be coming to the surface for each of us to address – not to address with others, like in a group – but with ourselves within the solitude of our self where we both hide our fear and hide from our fear.  Within our own solitude is, if we’re willing, where we can be most honest with ourselves, because the only one with us in this solitude is God – along with God’s Infinite Patience, Infinite Understanding, Infinite Mercy, Infinite Acceptance, Infinite Kindness and Infinite Love helping and supporting us, one day at a time.


“Fear is like having a huge pile of dirty dishes.  Of itself, it just sits there, doing nothing but staring at us and waiting until we decide to get our hands wet and wash it clean.”  (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1995-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

“We can hold onto our fears for eternity if we want to.  We can hold onto our judgements for eternity if we want to.
However, if we want to, there are better things to hold onto for eternity- love, kindness, oneness, etc.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1995-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

Fear and Manifesting (#1)

(Referring to “Commenter’s Information about 2017” post.  I would like to use this as an opportunity to add 2 articles about fear.)

I totally don’t understand this post. I know that we MANIFEST everything so why are you putting out such negative posts. I dont get it . I believe that there are only two things love and fear. FEAR is clearly what this post is about . Did you get together with psychics ? I dont care for that type of gathering that is focused on the fear not the love . YOUR posts about the coming events ..seem to come from a space of fear..I do not at all feel this way. I am quite inttiuve and psychic and truly that is not anything I am feeling . I follow astrology and see that most of the extreme transists that we have been under for the last years are slowing down..yes there are changes that are necessary yet these changes are about our evoluation. Why would you particpate in a group like this …and what benefit is this to you others ? I focus on reality and i am awake and aware yet i am involved in numerous healing groups we are working on healing aspects of Mother Earth and others , we do this together as a collective . A summit of the 300 of the best psychics that focused on this ..and who were the 300 ? I am so amazed as this is just like anoymous ..i follow numerous very highly evolved capable and authentic ppl sharing their thoughts or feelings about what is next ,what is going on , NO ONE human knows for sure yet the focus of negative and fear based thoughts and feelings will manfiest that for you..I DO NOT live like this and focus on the good the positive and what is happening on Mother Earth is clearly immense yet it does not present as the world falling apart quite the opposite . I know that manifestation is about each of us manifesting the good within to expand it out …you even said why pressent a post in this manner ..its drama like and holds a very low vibrational energy.  D.

First, I ask that you “hear me out” with what I’ve written.  You make several good points, but what I offer is that you’re not including some information about the relationship of fear to the act of manifesting.  What you mention, about creating that which you fear, is sort of correct from one point of view, but what happens can be easily misunderstood, also.

Fear, like all inner issues, must be faced, resolved, cleaned up, healed or let go in it’s entirety – in time – even if it currently resides in the unconscious.  This process does take willingness, determination, persistence and time.  Healing, cleaning up, and resolving our fears and issues is also an evolutionary process.

All of this hinges on willingness, because willingness to face our issues and our fears means we’re on the spiritual path and working at it – even if we don’t call it a spiritual path.  God has all patience with us when we’re working on our issues and our fears.  As humans, we are full of issues and fears and hence why it takes time, persistence, and determination to stay the course. (We can add patience, too.)

It is when we are not willing to clean up our issues and our fears that we run into trouble. When we are not willing to deal with our inner issues/fears, in essence then we have decided we are unwilling to learn the lessons we are in need of learning.  This creates imbalances, even more issues, and begins the process of higher evolutionary forces starting to add pressure in our lives, because we are bucking against our own spiritual evolution while here on Earth.

Put another way, because we are saying ‘no’ to our spiritual evolution by refusing to deal with inner issues and fears, the flow of evolution starts to become stronger.  It’s as if we try to stop going with the flow of a river.  By staying in one place – refusing to face our fears and issues – the energy that moves and directs our spiritual evolution grows stronger relative to the place we’re at or rather relative to our effort to keep the fears and issues unresolved, repressed and unconscious through not facing our fears and issues.

Basically, the fears and issues get bigger and bigger until they either manifest in the physical world, the psychological world within us, or in some other way which means that we can no longer avoid them.  So, your statement that fear will bring forth that which we fear is partly true, but only if there is no intention of dealing with the fears to begin with.

God allows for a natural flow of healing, a natural evolutionary flow to growing and learning, and is the guiding force for cleaning up our issues when we’re willing.  Again, willingness is the key to all of these acts of movement to a higher understanding of spiritual identity and relationships.  Unwillingness, in effect, blocks the flow of the river of evolution and therefore works against the force of God.  This is why holding onto our fears and issues eventually, after God’s many attempts to help us change our minds, manifests in all the different kinds of troubles that humans experience.

Simply having a fear or talking/sharing about our fears and issues does not cause that which is feared to manifest.  It is the unwillingness to heal and face our fears – unwillingness to clean them up – that eventually sets in motion the forces “of the river”, building up, in time, in such a way as to cause situations and circumstances where facing our issues and fears can no longer be avoided.

So, I share the information on this blog, as a way of bringing fears, issues, and steps to help in facing troubles to the forefront.  This is not an act of manifesting that which we fear, but rather facing that which we fear.  Our intention in these information presentations is to show that facing a fear can come with wisdom and understanding, and the help of God.  Two of the many ways of His help manifesting in practical and pragmatic steps to take are to lessen the trouble physical events can bring and to help people know that He is at work in our lives.

God is a practical God as well, and the common sense we all have inside us, is a quality that comes from spiritual wisdom applied in our everyday physical human lives.  An unwillingness to share what I see because of fear that it would manifest, is, in fact, another way of avoiding facing fear.  The preparation for disasters is a way to acknowledge that we have issues to deal with – some of the issues being physical in nature.

Think about it.  As an example, if we found a dark spot on our skin, and it grew and grew, would not mentioning it to anyone out of fear of it manifesting into cancer be the way to go?  No, when any medical problem comes up, it’s always worthwhile to bring it to the forefront to research, discuss, explore options and work to heal it, so that it doesn’t instead grow into something harmful or that can no longer be avoided.

Thank you for your comment.


The Secret Life of Fear

Once, in giving a presentation about fear, I asked the audience to raise their hands to answer several different questions about who was afraid of what. My last question, of course, was, “Who has a fear of raising their hands to answer questions from a presenter?”

Consider these:

  1. Fear is like a huge pile of dirty dishes. Dirty dishes just sit there in the sink – not moving – not going anywhere – not disappearing – not getting washed – not doing anything. They just sit there staring at you – forever. Until the time comes that we get up and start washing the dishes.
    Fear just sits there, inside us – not moving – not going anywhere – not disappearing – not getting washed – not doing anything – until we get at it and start scrubbing away – cleaning it up – washing it. This is called – “doing the work that needs to be done.”
  2. Sure, it’s possible for us to choose of our own freewill to be afraid for all eternity. Is that how long to hold onto fear – eternity? Who would choose to live in fear for all eternity? Or we can ask God to help us “wash our dishes”.
  3. Fear is not the truth. Caution might be the truth – and is wise to take hold of. Responding might be the truth – and also can be wise to take hold of. But, fear is not the truth.
  4. Fear is the soul’s recognizing a situation where the soul in some form – once before – faced, stumbled, and failed. And as such, God has brought this situation back in that moment, and specifically meant for us to face in that moment under those present circumstances, so that we can find the better response – a response that will also bring God into the moment.
  5. God does not approach us with any criticism, nor judgement in His heart. When calling on Him for help, consider thinking of Him as a best friend, who has no criticism or judgment – only acceptance and loving kindness.
  6. What we fear is more often that which we’ve caused others to fear because of our actions towards them – most often from past lives, but sometimes in the present life. We get to understand the fear we caused, by “walking in their shoes,” and we then get to understand them – and then ourselves and the whys and wherefores of the fear we have.
  7. When we let go of needing others to be afraid of us, we can let go of being afraid of others.


“When we can see a sunset in all its glory, there are no words to tell its story.” (Rainbow Cards, ©, 2003, Jodie Senkyrik)