Commenter’s Information about 2017

There was a summit of 300 plus world´s best psychics ….a gathering ….Something very bad will occur in a year and a half time. A danger to the world in 2017. Evil forces of this world are preparing very bad things to happen. So, best world´s psychics came together to see what could be done about this. Don´t know what will happen ….a very big event in a bad way for this world. Could be this evil forces the IS atempt to throw an atomic bomb? They are capable to do such even if this way destroy themself too. Wish to know more about this Psy [Psi] summit, sadly have no further information on a subject.  M.

Please add a link to information about the Summit if you have or find one.  Meanwhile, you can add my name to the voices mentioning this 2017 Event.  I’ve been seeing it for about 10 years, also.  I will begin writing about it after the event in the Caribbean happens.   I see it having warning signs in 2017, but I see the beginning of it at the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018.  There are steps we can take to prepare for the 2017-2018 event, but I’m not getting into it until after August, 2015.  We have time to prepare for 2017-2018.  It is not a natural disaster like the 1st and 2nd of the 3 disastrous World Events.  It is economic in nature.  I will NOT write about it until the event in the Caribbean is responded to and people are being helped through our prayers and other methods.  This is more important right now.

Don’t guess at what it can be.  Go within, sit in silence and stillness, and ask the question in the stillness of meditation.  Pray for information.  In the quiet moments are when you’ll sense information or be open to a visual image coming to help you understand.

All of us can get information in the quiet of meditation, but it comes as a “whisper” (metaphorical word) in the silence.  Use your intuition to try to tune into the “tapestry” of the whole.  If you “pull on a thread of the tapestry” you can begin to understand and get clear on the  information.

Also, all of us can get helpful information in dreams – about the past, present and future.  But, remember 99% of dreams ARE NOT literal.  They will come in picture messages, like hieroglyphics, and “action” messages, like movies that have a message – not in English speaking sentences.  They must be studied and examined to gain help and guidance.    We do a disservice to and mislead ourselves if we only look at dreams as literal.  I recommend joining dream study groups or reading any of the good books on studying dreams.

Those that sincerely seek guidance from spiritual help – God, Holy Spirit, Christ, our angels, our guides and guardians on the other side, saints – will get guidance from spiritual help – but we have to do our part to learn the language and method in which they convey their help.

This method is more often holistically – meaning multi-level, all together, multi-faceted  – like a very orderly orchestra playing – all coming together.  We have to unravel the tapestry to gain the whole thing.  We have to listen for specific parts which leads to the whole.  Their method of conveyance is through consciousness and not linear language like we speak and write here on Earth.

This is why listening, studying, being open and even writing down what we get is so important.  In the same way that Dumbledore said, “Help will always be available at Hogwarts to those that ask for it,” in the 2nd book/movie, spiritual help will always be available to each and everyone of us who sincerely ask for it in prayer and meditation.


“Do not trust the doubt you have in yourself.  Do not trust the doubt you have in God.  These doubts are not the truth.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2000-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

“Too often we trust self-doubt simply because we know it so well, and it has been with us for so long.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2000-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

7 thoughts on “Commenter’s Information about 2017

  1. I totally don’t understand this post. I know that we MANIFEST everything so why are you putting out such negative posts. I dont get it . I believe that there are only two things love and fear. FEAR is clearly what this post is about . Did you get together with psychics ? I dont care for that type of gathering that is focused on the fear not the love . YOUR posts about the coming events ..seem to come from a space of fear..I do not at all feel this way. I am quite inttiuve and psychic and truly that is not anything I am feeling . I follow astrology and see that most of the extreme transists that we have been under for the last years are slowing down..yes there are changes that are necessary yet these changes are about our evoluation. Why would you particpate in a group like this …and what benefit is this to you others ? I focus on reality and i am awake and aware yet i am involved in numerous healing groups we are working on healing aspects of Mother Earth and others , we do this together as a collective . A summit of the 300 of the best psychics that focused on this ..and who were the 300 ? I am so amazed as this is just like anoymous ..i follow numerous very highly evolved capable and authentic ppl sharing their thoughts or feelings about what is next ,what is going on , NO ONE human knows for sure yet the focus of negative and fear based thoughts and feelings will manfiest that for you..I DO NOT live like this and focus on the good the positive and what is happening on Mother Earth is clearly immense yet it does not present as the world falling apart quite the opposite . I know that manifestation is about each of us manifesting the good within to expand it out …you even said why pressent a post in this manner ..its drama like and holds a very low vibrational energy


  2. Thank You, Jodie. As for the Summit I have already search the web and as I understood details from this event are not ment to be known by public. I have learnd about this summit from TV event ….a Croatian woman Psychic warn about the events to come in a year and a half. She took part of this “secret” summit but obviously was desided there for some reason not let the public to get into deatails of the summit. I second that what Rocksy said totaly. But as I unsderstood this Croatian woman Psychic .. her warnings were not about us to focus on a bad to come and to feel fear but rather opposite: to join all the positive enegies as we could and get stronger against such dark forces. In our minds we always hold the pictures of everything good to happen but still we must not ignore the signs of events that are not a part of such pictures. For they are there to act on them. I gues this what such summit is all about: to prevent our future to be destroyed. I dont´t see my post as negative for we do not get positive by ignoring signs of events to come, and if we recognise the signs of bad things to come yet now we have the chance to manifest positive outcome of such events in our minds.


  3. Hi Jodie, thanks for all the info so far I would really like if you can say if you see anything serious happening in my country Guyana which is in the Caribbean because am really worried for my family and country. Thank you so much for any help of prediction will do.


  4. Regarding deuxnexus wondering what the French foreign minister meant when he said there were 500 days before climate chaos, so much speculation, but the simple truth is Fabius was referring to the next big United Nations climate conference, scheduled to open in Paris, France in November 2015, or in 565 days’ time.

    (There will actually be a U.N. climate conference held before Paris – in Lima, Peru at the end of this year – but the world body views that more as a stepping stone to the 2015 meeting.)
    This falls in line with Obama’s announcement (carbon tax/no more coal producing plants) tomorrow. His legacy I suppose.


  5. hi Jodi nothing happen yesterday night which was Friday where you see the big event happening/starting does this indicate we are safe or should we still be on the alert? P.S Am looking forward for your reply Angel


  6. Thank you for sharing with us, spreading the word of God and helping us to realize the power of prayer. It is almost October now. Please discuss what you see for 2017.


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