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Hey good night i am from the island of Barbados and yesterday July 23 around 1-30-3 am there was increased seismic activity with Kick em Jenny volcano that is located north of Grenada and as a result Grenada, Barbados and Trinidad were placed on an Orange Level of warning of seismic activity and the possibility of tsunami but the media are saying the volcano is too deep under the ocean and therefore tsunamis are unlikely. But i am a bit concerned as we have been getting quite alot of earthquakes of the northeastern coast of Barbados. I was just wondering the 2nd world event you have been mentioning is it kick em jenny or do you see a bigger volcano eruption some where near Barbados and in terms of the volcano, tsunami etc. how will Barbados be affected in relation to the entire 2nd world event? and do you think this will happen very soon do you have a specific date that keeps coming to mind?
Thank you. God Bless!  J.G.

Rather than answer all the questions you have on this blog, again, you’ll get more detailed answers if I refer you to select the category “2015” or “South America” (and a few articles from “2014”) where I already have about 3 dozen articles which go into detail about what I’ve been seeing.  I don’t want to give a short version here now, when details are really what are needed.  You’ll get those details from the articles in the Categories in the right hand column of this page.

FYI, as far as I’m concerned, there is no such thing as “too deep.”

*****As of July 27, 2015:  I’ve added 3 categories referring to the articles on the 1st of 3 world events, 2nd of 3 world events and 3rd of 3 World Events which I’ve been writing about.  Select any of these categories and all the articles tagged will come forward.

Any word on Barbados at this time – they are under orange alert for the next 24 hours
from kick em Jenny  J.M.B.

If what I’ve been seeing is accurate, and these are the signs I’ve been expecting, then the entire area, not just Barbados, but the entire area needs to be on alert.  I strongly suggest you take precautions as you would a major hurricane – store extra food and water, medical supplies, batteries, radio, etc.

Unfortunately, I see it being so much worse than a hurricane.

As for the volcano, I see a volcanic opening on an old volcano but also new area.  Not two separate unconnected areas, but both being connected to each other.

I see many, many people being destructively affected, so prepare.  The dates again as I’ve written in other articles – I see mid-August being the start of many parts of the whole event and mid-September being the last of all the parts that are the whole event.  By October 1st all of it will be completed.  But, the response to help will have already begun and some of the debris will travel the winds across the Atlantic.

Folks, every time I look, I see it happening.  I wish I could say “maybe it won’t” but every time I look, I see it happening.  But, I’m not God, so being human, I can still be wrong.  However, prepare.  Don’t wait and see if I’m wrong.  If you do nothing else, you should start preparing.  Water, food, medical supplies, living supplies, “loss of electricity and water utilities” supplies, and more.  Not just for yourselves, but to share with those who need.  People will die without help.  I see every area around there being affected in some way.  Some more so, some less so.  It’s time to prepare.  It’s already been time to pray and send light.

I am curious to know what do you foresee what will happen to my country Guyana i humbly look forward to your reply. P.J.

Guyana is also in the area and I see it being affected.  Although long ago, I thought the center of the whole event might have been Guyana, I have for a while now seen it happening off the coast of Venezuela.  People of Guyana would do well to prepare, also.  You’re too close to not be affected.

Dear Jodie , signs are already here . Seismic activity in the Caribbean has increased significantly. This has already started , is going like you said. Keep us informed and please pray for us. C.75

I see the “signs” diminishing during the 1st week of August, and being quiet the 2nd week of August.   If they start back up on the 14th or 15th, then the whole thing is starting.  And if that, then the night of the 16th and/or morning of the 17th will be the worst of it, but not all.  The whole of it is now stretched out, so that all of it doesn’t hit at once.  This is good and is part of the help already coming from peoples’ prayers and higher Spirit’s working.

Believe me, I’m praying along with everyone else.  Regardless of our location, we’re in this together.


God is committed to helping us.  We need to be committed to helping each other, as well.

12 thoughts on “Commenters’ Questions

  1. = a seismic monitor,

    which leaves me a bit bedazzled concerning the remarks on your site.
    i am always a bit of a sceptic
    but since i am interested very much in Atlantis, somewhere on the Internet i read a brief mentioning of american (or international) scientists being puzzled that the ocean floor in the Bermuda triangle seems to rise! i have difficulty in finding again this website.

    i passed on your website adress and remarks to Newspapers in the Dutch Antilles and Island Authorities. Don’t know if they catch on.


    • To bring forth peace and happiness, first we must build it within our own selves. Peace and happiness outside ourselves but not within ourselves cannot exist. No one can force peace and happiness onto another who wants war and conflict. But, there is a Peace that passes understanding, and this comes from practicing the teachings of Christ – not just believing the teachings but practicing the teachings – every day, even during our most darkest moments.


  2. There is always space for peace and happiness in our daylifes ….You get nothing but what You are focused on long enough. By the way: on August, 16th Elvis died ….in 1977 it was. I´m saying prayers for those in need. Hope my prayings will do some help for the world. No, I´m shore they do. God bless You all.


  3. I am wondering about the spiritual picture behind transgender identity. This topic has been in the news lately due to Bruce Jenner transiting to Caitlyn. Transgender boys, girls, men and women have a painful life as they struggle for identity. Have they chosen to be born with this gender conflict for some kind of cultural or spiritual reason? What about the surgery some choose to make the transition? Would that be the soul’s choice? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I’m very interested in the psychic viewpoint. Thank you, Jodie.


    • Currently in our time, each soul enters in with potential to bring forth the masculine or the feminine. This is not determined by nor does it determine the gender of the body. As we move into the future, DNA is changing (as it always does) and this will make room even for more souls coming in to find ways to manifest both the masculine and feminine. Our current course to handle this is as you’ve mentioned, and in the public eye. It’s not the best of ways to express both the masculine and feminine, because it comes with social stigmas, but it’s what is available until the DNA changes more to welcome in both masculine and feminine in the same body.

      Yes, there can be Karmic issues related to this, as well. We all have much to learn still and are challenged to learn via struggle – not just those that go through the struggle but also those that witness it.


  4. Thank you for all that you do Jodie! Heading to FL next week to visit family and keeping them informed. Not sure if this will impact FL or not, please advise. Continuing to pray for all…..


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