Prayer, Meditation, Edgar Cayce and Hurricanes

While Edgar Cayce himself participated in drilling for oil in the 1920′s, and the readings tried to help him, he didn’t succeed at that particular time.  The readings considered the venture worth pursuing, though. However, what he did succeed in at that time, and during his life, was help people to learn the power and influence of meditation and prayer.

We can see this now as being a powerful force to help in facing disasters here on Earth.  In my own work, I was able to psychically see that after Hurricane Katrina, the outpouring of prayers for the entire Gulf Region – the outpouring of prayers coming from across the country – brought forth the Christ Spirit to protect the Gulf during the entire 2006 hurricane season and 1/2 of the 2007 hurricane season.  While meteorologists were baffled, expecting a great many hurricanes, it was a quiet season and they didn’t know why.  I did.

Skeptics could have a field day with this vision I describe.  But, it brings us face to face with the challenge.  Do we believe in prayer and meditation or not?  Do we believe prayer can change things in this world?  Do we believe the power of thousands and even millions praying and meditating can change the future, change the Earth, and change situations for the better?

What about the questions, “What are we thinking that will happen that will let us know that our prayers have been answered? How will it appear?  Will there be signs in the sky telling us, ‘Your prayer has been answered from XYZ happening to ABC happening’?”

I don’t think so.  Who else saw or even considered that it was the prayers of the many that resolved the 2006 hurricane season?  But, if we believe that prayer and meditation can change things, then we are going to have to expect things to not happen as they may be expected.  And we may not fully be aware that we did in fact change the future with our prayers and meditations.

Edgar Cayce and the readings spoke often of the power of God.  The readings speak of Christ and His current and continuous involvement in our lives.  Books abound about personal contact with Jesus Christ and other spiritual beings.  All of these describe a very active involvement by the Divine with our personal and collective lives.  And so, we have to decide if we believe in prayer and meditation or not, because prayer and meditation are practices that can make direct contact with the Divine.   Edgar Cayce’s readings are clear about this over and over again.

Many believe it is important to pray and meditate but yet expect nothing to come from it.   That’s like playing the lottery, but throwing  the ticket away in the trash, the same moment we buy it.  Putting effort forth, but expecting nothing from that effort.

I think I remember E.C.’s readings saying, (someone may have to help me with the reading number)  “Expect much, you’ll gain much.  Expect little and you won’t be disappointed.”

I think this is telling us that God is eager to be an active participant in creating this world that we live in, and affecting our lives in a healing and supportive way.  But, God won’t take away our freewill to choose to bolt and lock the door before He enters, when we’ve just finished inviting Him in.

What I tell people is something that I’ve come to realized for myself from reading and studying the Edgar Cayce readings.  I don’t know if it’s specifically in the  readings, but the readings have helped me to be aware of this.

Don’t trust the doubt we have in God.  Don’t trust the doubt we have in ourselves, our prayers, or our meditations.  Doubt is not truth.  We may have it but it’s not true and need not be trusted.  God’s readiness to be active in our lives is the truth.

In praying for any disaster anywhere, right now, let’s not tell God what He is capable of or not capable of.   Let’s ask Him to show us.  Studying the readings have helped me to believe that God rejoices in the opportunities to show us what He can do.  A new paradigm is being created on this planet – by God – through us and with us.  Through our prayers and meditations, we can participate in this new paradigm in ways we could never have come up with by ourselves.  But, God won’t do it without us if we decide to not participate.


“Don’t trust the doubt you have in God or in yourself.  Doubt is not the truth.” (Rainbow Cards, 1995, ©, Jodie Senkyrik)

“Let God decide what is possible.” (Rainbow Cards, 1995, ©, Jodie Senkyrik)

[Written in 2011]

13 thoughts on “Prayer, Meditation, Edgar Cayce and Hurricanes

  1. Hi Jodie,

    But you said that this next one could not be changed since the affected area was the place where Atlantis was. Things must have been really bad in Atlantis to affect events so far into the future!

    I take it that the severity can be changed through prayer, meditation. Is there a specific kind that works best?


    • No. There’s not much to say about this, because it’s literally not accurate. I’d be interested in where you came across this.


    • What I see of the rapture: It is a personal experience that happens in the consciousness of the soul, rather than a physical event.
      What I see of the second coming of Christ: First, Christ has never left us. Of His own words, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” He is here, now, present for all who answer His knock and let Him in to their hearts and minds. Second, the second coming of Christ also points to the coming of Christ within the minds and hearts of individuals. Third, the physical embodiment of Jesus Christ walking in the Earth among us again – Only the Father knows.


    • I suggest first that you define what you believe is meant by “3 days of darkness”. Do you believe this is a literal event and will actually manifest with 3 days of the calender when no light is present anywhere on the planet? Or could 3 days of darkness also pertain to a personal experience on one’s own spiritual growth path that eventually leads one through willingness to open to even greater awareness of Oneness and Presence of Spirit.

      I do not see it as a literal event on the planet Earth. But, I do see it as a personal experience awaiting those who seek to open to greater awareness of one’s relationship to God, oneself and others.


    • Here is my answer. First, I suggest to define what you expect and believe about the Book of Revelations. Are you expecting it to manifest literally as described? Is your understanding the only understanding and interpretation that you’ll accept?

      I offer two perspectives to consider on the Book of Revelations. One is that it is a personal journey for each individual to face all that is within one’s personal consciousness – all the subconscious, all the inner challenges, all the conflicts, and all the ways we’ve fallen short – all the hatred and suffering we’ve brought to other people’s lives – all the pain, criticism, judgement, and condemnation we’ve added to others’ lives. And then the transformation that happens within the individual soul as we choose to walk our path back to the awareness of Oneness with the Infinite Consciousness of God – the healing, the forgiveness, the understanding, the mercy, the growth, the effort, the long-suffering, the patience that we work at bringing into people’s lives instead of what we previously had inflicted on them.

      And the second perspective is that we won’t necessarily recognize and understand what is fully meant by all the symbols and messages within the Book of Revelations.

      I already believe that I see us in the times and half times. And I believe the 1000 years of light are not going to be the common belief of “paradise” except for the success of the Healing Light coming into the Earth and being a healing part of all the life experiences we have as individuals and as communities and nations. What I offer is this: the 1000 years of The Light are years when we learn and grow with effort to try to find ways to solve problems without the usual destructive and violent ways. The 1000 years are years when our efforts to find better ways to live with each other – to get along with one another – individually and as nations – become fruitful. The 1000 years is not – made for any one group or belief system, but rather for those who seek in their hearts to find better ways to live together, rather than the ways we find destroying our lives and lands. It will not be forced on those who don’t want it.

      Well, … you asked.

      “Blessed are the open-minded, for God will fill their open minds with His wonders.” (Rainbow Cards, ©, 2013, Jodie Senkyrik)


  2. Thank you so much for answering these questions, I’ve been wondering for a while about them. I know you said only the father knows when Jesus will come back to earth, but wouldn’t you see it happening if it was in this lifetime, because you are a psychic?


  3. The way I see the book of Revelations is that everything is literal, and that we have to all go through the tribulation, I see it as a time when Christ comes back immediately after like in Matt 24. What do you think of the tribulation that happens in revelations?


  4. What do you mean by this? “I do not see it as a literal event on the planet Earth. But, I do see it as a personal experience awaiting those who seek to open to greater awareness of one’s relationship to God, oneself and others.”


    • Every individual can allow Christ to come back at any moment, within their own heart, mind, and soul. It is said that He knocks and awaits to be let in. This is true for any person at any time.

      The question is never “what are our beliefs?” but rather what are we doing with our beliefs”. How do we relate to other people based on our beliefs? How do we treat others based on our beliefs? What is our agenda with respect to our beliefs? Is it to support cooperation or to cause separation?

      We enact our beliefs every day. Our behavior towards others shows our beliefs to all other people around us. We can say one thing, but live and act out another. Which of these two shows our real beliefs?

      The question will always be how do we relate to others, and in this case, how do we relate to those who believe differently? Are we kind to them? Are we respectful? Do we show patience and tolerance? Or do we criticize, ostracize and ridicule? Or do we place ourselves above others, and look with derision on anyone who believes differently?

      In general, everyone comes to develop our own beliefs in basically the same way – through our own mind and heart, through our own life and people in our life, through our own learning and observing, and sometimes from a still, small voice that speaks within our soul.

      Then we give back to our world what we put together as our beliefs. We give back in the form of our behavior and how we relate to others.

      And yes, it is very true, that sometimes we can profess a set of beliefs, and yet our opposing behavior becomes so “loud” that no one can “hear” our words that we profess. It is true of all of us.

      I agree with that which the Edgar Cayce Readings say about John, the Beloved’s vision that is the Book of Revelations. For followup research along this particular path, I offer a suggestion of a book called “Revelation”, as well as other books on this topic that are based on the Edgar Cayce Readings.


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