World Disaster Event 2 of 3: #2

July 10, 2014

It is a time to be alert to potential problems even though the beginning signs are 11 months away – June, 2015.  With regards to the Islands of the NE coast of South America, specifically off the coast of Venezuela – what I see right now, I’m calling it “potential”.  I’m not going to scream out warnings unless the time approaches, and I still then see what I have been.  I want to take into account the possibility that I could be off, in what I see.

Never-the-less, I’m currently seeing these islands being in the direct path of that collection of events which all together will be considered a major destructive event.  I see a potential of it being worse than the Japanese Tsunami/Nuclear plant disaster in its totality, albeit not in it’s initial impact.  It’s the cumulative effect that makes it a major destructive event.

I will add information as I continue to gain it.  Again, if all things stay the same, signs will begin to come forward in June, 2015, increasing in July, 2015. If it were up to me, I’d send as many research vessels into that area as possible to gain whatever information can be measured during the months of June and July of 2015, and into August of 2015.  However, if it were up to me, I would also tell all vessels to be clear of that area or at least be at a safe distance pending the potential for what could be coming.

FYI, I’m looking for ways in which I could be “off” in my accuracy, because of the difficulties of seeing this.  But, I’m not seeing information related to me being off in accuracy.

“God is the author of all good sense including all common sense, caution, and open mindedness.  We commonly call this ‘wisdom’ .”  (Rainbow Cards, 2014, ©, Jodie Senkyrik)

12 thoughts on “World Disaster Event 2 of 3: #2

  1. The probability increases when there is no relief in the North American fault lines. The earthquakes seem to be working their way north form Chile to Mexico – of late – so the North American shelf should be next.


    • In general, I am seeing relief on the N. American fault lines. The relief comes in the form of a number of smaller earthquakes, rather than there being one large one.


  2. Look up Efrain Rodriguez it says that an will hit creating a tsunami in Puerto Rico and travel up the East Coast causing 3 days of darkness where the earth will stop spinning. What do you see of this?


  3. I meant to say that an asteriod would hit the ocean creating a tsunami that will cover Puerto Rico and the whole east coast. The earth would stop spinning and there would be 3 days of Darkness.


    • I have looked psychically and I do not see an asteroid hitting the ocean and creating a tsunami affecting the region as described. However, the Earth is hit by meteorites regularly. Still, I don’t see one being large enough to cause damage as you mention. The one that hit in Russia a year ago was significantly big enough to cause damage, but even one that size would not create a tsunami of the size you mention. I mention in other posts when I see meteorites of sufficient size to affect the Earth, but not causing that type of damage. To stay open, though, I will state that I don’t see everything nor do I look for everything.


  4. Hi Jodie! I stumbled across this video and it made me think of your vision about June 2015.. Could it have something to do with the poles shifting or from a chamber of toxic gas from when the oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico..??


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