Atlantis, Atlantean Technology, and the Middle East

Question #1:

But you said that this next one could not be changed since the affected area was the place where Atlantis was. Things must have been really bad in Atlantis to affect events so far into the future!

I take it that the severity can be changed through prayer, meditation. Is there a specific kind that works best?

Atlantis existed for around 180,000 years in various forms and levels of development.  I kid you not.  But, the population level on Earth was not as high as it is today.  In addition, the life forms during this time period, for the most part, were not exactly like the life forms on Earth today. There were  souls existing in physical form and souls existing in non-physical forms.  [Case in point – there was a great deal of mixing of different species to create blended creatures.]  Evolution as we know today was occurring, but much more was happening on this planet than has been discovered or understood.

In addition, at many points during this time, the Atlanteans were an imperialistic nation – with military conquests a regular happening.  With all this, Atlanteans  impact on the rest of the world was more as a conqueror, not a friend, creating destructive experiences, suffering and pain in many forms for peoples around the world – to whomever would try to oppose the Atlantean government.

During this time, also, there were factions of souls that sought to bring light to the world – through spiritual development and healing.  Their efforts were also effective, but not to the extent of transforming the Atlantean nation.  Their efforts eventually culminated in the emigrating into other continents, including Africa, North and South America, Europe and Asia.  It is this group that created the Records of the Atlantean History in the form of what is known as “The Hall of Records”.  Two of the three locations of the Hall of Records will be unearthed in this century.  (Learning and deciphering the records will take centuries.)

The amount of prayer and meditation for avoiding the August, 2015 event altogether would have to number in the multi-billions of people to counteract the amount of energy in the energy patterns that are set to manifest as this event.  The prayers and meditation energy that we participate in, will help in the personal and local settings.  Make no mistake about this – prayers and meditation will change the environment of those praying and meditating.  It would take 7 billion people praying to change the entire Earth environment, which is the event level that this event is at (even though it’s only a part of the Earth affected during this one event.)

As to what kind of prayer is best – sincere and unselfish prayer.


Question #2

When you say ‘technologically advanced’ in regard to Atlantis what do you mean? Can you elaborate about their technologies and what those technologies did?

The technologies of Atlantis were both similar to ours, today, as well as beyond ours, today.  For example, they had plenty of kitchen utensils, both similar and different ways of preparing foods, more advanced agricultural methods, more advanced medical healing methods and the like.

They did use petroleum, but the major source of energy was the sun’s rays.  Crystaline/solar energy (different than what we have today,) was in great use.  They had flying machines, submarine machines, healing tools, etc.  They had war machines, weapons of many kinds, and some weapons worse than our own.

A small example of the machines were stored in hidden places and will be found one day.  Some of the Atlantian technology has been found, but not recognized as such.  Items are found that were used in Atlantis, but because Atlantis is not considered a real place from history, the items are hypothesized to be other things from other times.  In addition, very few items are found, because wood rots and iron rusts away.  No one has ever done a sustained archeological dig at the deepest areas of the Atlantic Ocean – on the Ocean bottom’s surface with cameras, yes, but not hundreds of feet below the Ocean bottom’s surface with shovels and brushes.  There are still real stone columns several miles down from the surface of the Atlantic.  There are evidential remains of the Atlantean nation under the silt of ages at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.  It is there.  Maybe it will be found in another 5000 years.

Finally, if we had all the Atlantean technologies today, we would be in big trouble.  The technologies of war could potentially awaken the same consciousness of abuse, control and power-hunger that existed in Atlantis.  As we are today, we have enough of that around the globe and don’t need more awakened via memories of the Atlantean weapons.

Eventually much will be found, but only after it becomes safe for humanity to have them again, without awakening long dormant destructive behaviors and consciousness.

Question #3

Why is so much happening in Gaza. Three major invasions and air raids within a seven year period. Is it karma? You have said that about some events that the wheels are in motion and nothing can stop it. Will Palestinians get their own state (I believe they will but…)? Will Israel ever drop its bias against all non-Jews and be one equal society?

You’re not actually asking the right questions to get the real answer that you seek.

Try these questions – Why is so much happening in different parts around the entire globe?  Will humans ever drop their bias against one another and be one equal world?  Why do we as individuals have conflict within our own selves with our own selves?

7 years? look what happened in Europe in a 7 year time period: 1938 to 1945.  There have been wars that have lasted generations.  There is nothing unique or special about Gaza, Israel or the Palestinians and all the struggles they have.  The exact same struggles, beliefs, emotions and prejudices have been inside all humans for many millenniums.

The real question is “When will conflicts end?”

The real answer is “When the conflicts end inside you and I, and all the other humans – and not one minute before.”  We cannot tell others to stop their conflict, if we still have our conflict within ourselves as individuals whether it is with ourselves or with others – and make no mistakes, if we have conflict with others, it’s because we have conflict within ourselves – with ourselves.

I think many people believe that all humans alive on the planet don’t want war.  But, that’s not really true.  We have wars because many people want to war.  As the human race, we rationalize what we consider legitimate reasons to have a war, if what we want within ourselves is to war with others and/or if we believe we get benefits from going to war or warring with others.  While there are many causes people are willing to die for, there are also some causes/reasons that people are willing to fight and kill for.  The key phrase to look at within ourselves as individuals is “if we believe we get benefits from going to war”, and I’ll add “if we believe we get benefits from killing others”.

Specifically Gaza?  Because it is fertile land – not just for agriculture, but for a great many things.  It is even fertile for humans to have conflict over.  Believe me, if two conflicting sides were removed from one area and placed in another, totally different, the two conflicting sides, would still have conflict.  War exists within the human heart and mind, and from there, spills into the manifested world.

When we have no more conflict within ourselves, we will have a greater peace beyond current understanding.

Another reason why we have conflict in Gaza and around the globe:

because we have not prayed enough for conflicts and wars to end.


“Those who sincerely pray for peace, don’t want war.  Those who want war, don’t sincerely pray for peace.” (Rainbow Cards, ©, 1997, Jodie Senkyrik)

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