Food and Eating

Here are 10 psychically viewed tips on eating and food.

1. Don’t eat onions and lettuce in the same meal. The stomach enzymes for digesting each counteract each other. It can cause slight indigestion. Although most people do such a small amount that they never notice the indigestion or that the onions haven’t digested fully… until gas forms.
2. Soda is no one’s friend. Science tells us it’s the corn syrup, but what I see is that the Carbon Dioxide weakens kidneys and kidney function. It takes time for the kidneys to recover from the slight damage. Drinking it every day over long periods of time can also lead to difficulties with kidneys over time. In general, the body needs to expel Carbon Dioxide, not take in more. The cells and tissues need oxygen and less Carbon Dioxide.
3. Garlic really is a fantastic food – antibiotic, plus offers many healing factors. Chopped up, and raw. I suggest 1 clove a day, in general, chopped, raw and added to a meal will help a lot of people to feel a lot better over time. You’ll hear this from so many sources. You’d be surprised how many people have infections in their body without even knowing it or getting treated. Garlic is effective with these ‘under the radar’ infections.
4. Intestinal gas also comes from undigested food. Investigate what foods you’ve eaten that are the culprit. Your body is not digesting those foods.
5. Some cravings come from a lack of enough vitamins in the food. Craving more food after a meal can point to not getting any vitamins and minerals to satisfy the body’s needs, so the body still craves.
6. Foods grown locally have the energy vibration of the area, and therefore match up with the vibration of the physical body. This means that locally produced food works better with our bodies. Food that has traveled great distances has a vibration which is more in discord with our bodies. We can eat it, but the energy is off.
7. Science may mention this also. If you feel druggy or drowsy and sluggish 30-60 minutes after a meal, it could be a food allergy. The food can cause inflamation, because the body is trying to protect itself. This inflamation can include inflamation around the brain, which puts slight pressure on the brain causing drowsiness and sluggishness.
8. Psychically, I’m seeing that the precursers to what we now call “GMO’s” began being in the food system in the US since the 1960’s – in small trace amounts. As the technology developed, even more “GMO’s” entered into the food system. The 1970’s and 1980’s saw the amount of GMO’s and that kind of “food” have a steady increase into the food system in the US. Most people think it’s only a few products today, but if labels were put on containers, people would find GMO’s in 80% of all of the packaged food on the shelves in some form or fashion – hence why there’s such a great effort against labeling by those that do it. Today’s versions of “GMO’s” are not like the last few decades versions, but it’s only because they are just different parts and factors modified. The phrase “Better eating through chemistry.” has been successful for chemical companies in the last 4 1/2 decades.
9. About 70% of all women in the US, do need to monitor their iron-rich food intake and increase it as they get older. About 40% of men do, too. 30% of women already have an iron-rich food intake, and about 60% of men do, too. These women watch what they eat, and these men tend to eat lots of red meat.
10. Drinking grape juice can help to curb cravings for pastries. Science also tells us it’s also an antioxidant.

Yepp. This is all visible to the psychic and some of it will come forth through scientific means one day, also.

I will always, always, always encourage people to have home gardens in any way they can.  I see the food being way healthier.


“The way to be closer to another person is to invest yourself in the other person – not invest yourself in what they do, but invest yourself in them.  There is a difference.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2015, Jodie Senkyrik)


The Future?

I’ve received information which, on first glance, appears rather foreboding. I live in the Texas Hill Country area where the floods happened, destroying hundreds of families’ homes, causing the deaths of some of the residents and visitors, with the destructive value estimated in the many millions of dollars. I’ve seen the destruction and have had some of it within walking distance from my home. As the recovery progressed with the help of thousands of people over the last many weeks, I’ve written about it, and posted some on Facebook, opening the articles up to be available to the public.

For anyone with a Facebook account, one does not need to be “Friends” to read the articles.

About a week ago, while working outside at a friend’s home, inwardly, I asked the question, “How does the flood serve us?”  The answer I got was, “To help prepare you for things to come.”  While this can be considered dire, indeed, I did not get any direct sense or information that this was referring to more floods.  However, with the climate changing in such drastic ways, that can be one possible understanding.

I also did not get a sense that the statement referred only to more destruction.  However, I’ve written about some destructive events that I’ve been seeing in the future.

I’m going to suggest that one side of the statement can mean that witnessing the coming together of thousands of people to help one another in this great time of need for this area, can be what this message is also trying to convey.  Preparation for things to come can point to opening our minds and hearts in great ways to each other to help one another with whatever needs are present.  The statement can also suggest that what we are called to prepare for is to open ourselves to our communities and societies to help people in whatever way is needed.

For many years of doing readings, I’ve seen challenging times and difficult times ahead for humankind.  At the same time, I’ve been seeing that the way to face these difficult times is to both support and rely upon the local community.  All of us can say that we are a part of our local community, but the uniting of each other mostly comes when we help each other.  It is in this moment of helping others that we become neighbors.  With a strengthening of our connection to each other, we are able to face what may come our way, as individuals and as members of communities. ******

Airplane Disaster question

“What do you make of all the plane crashes and disappearances that have been happening since earlier in 2014? It’s seeming to be more and more common for planes to be crashing than it ever has. Thoughts? Insights?” R.

The focus is not about “events”, but about life.  These things and things like these remind us that life is fleeting and can change in one second.  Someone can be in our life one MOMENT sharing their life with us, and us sharing our life with them, yet in the next MOMENT, gone instantly, neither of us, ever again able to share our lives.

Take the MOMENT to show someone your love, so that if that MOMENT comes when they are gone, at least, in that MOMENT they’ll know they are loved.


“There’s nothing wrong with choosing to love more. The problems arise when we choose to love less.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2011-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

“For some, Love is what they talk. For others, Love is what they walk.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2011-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)


There is a spiritual aspect to Alzheimer’s that has rarely, if ever, been mentioned.  While it’s true that Alzheimer’s is a physical deterioration of the brain, there is an underlying spiritual aspect occurring, as well.

The physical brain deterioration occurs slowly over time – mostly years.  This disease is being used by the spirit entity/person/soul to give the spirit entity “time.”  The individual many times has been someone who takes care of others or who has lived a life of being responsible and feeling responsible for the well-being of others.   This “time of the disease’s course” is the soul’s time to continue to fulfill their desire and their “responsibilities” of taking care of others.

However, in the physical world, the reverse “caring” is true, the individual is no longer able to physically take care of themselves and others.  Still, in the spirit world, Alzheimer’s allows the soul to periodically return to the physical world and check up on the other person or persons.

In effect, the soul/entity/spirit/individual comes and goes – both leaving the body and then returning to the body.  This is demonstrated in the physical world by others physically observing that “sometimes they are there and sometimes they aren’t.”  Sometimes, they are lucid or present and in their body, and sometimes they’re not lucid – not present – not in their body.  This is the coming and going of the soul.

When the individual/entity/spirit/soul is “gone” during a particular time frame, there is a wholly less developed cellular consciousness that still exists, because the body still is alive and still has cellular functioning.  Because the brain continues to break down, as the disease progresses, it becomes more and more difficult for the soul entity to return to full presence in the body.

You see, as the brain breaks down, the brain’s capacity to hold electrical energy of the soul diminishes, as well.  This means the soul must leave for greater amounts of time in order to keep the brain from breaking down faster.  The energy of the soul causes wear and tear on the nervous system of the body and the body’s nervous system must recuperate to avoid “burning up.”  This has been the function of sleep (See Sleep, the Body, and Recovery from Illness) allowing the body to recuperate from the higher level energy of the soul.

So, Alzheimer’s is currently being used by souls moving on to the spirit side – the higher vibration levels, but then still returning to the Earth inside the physical body to check up on those they took care of while fully in the Earth.

The question can come up:  Why don’t they just let go and move to the other side?

The answer:  “We can only be the person that we are.” If we held inside ourselves that it was our responsibility to take care of any others, this way of thinking stays with us.  In the time frame that Alzheimer’s manifests, the person is still holding within themselves that they must check in and make sure the others are okay.  For many, it takes some time to let go.

Edgar Cayce also adds that we are called to “Have faith in ourselves.  Have faith in others.  Have faith in God.”  Ultimately, it is God that takes care of all of us, if we can get out of His way and have faith in all.


“God’s will for Himself is to love us, to heal us, to nurture us, to be patient with us, to show us mercy, to give to us, to support us, to teach us, to guide us, to listen to us, to accept us, to comfort us, to welcome us, to forgive us, etc., etc.
God fulfills His own will.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1991-2014, Jodie Senkyrik)

The Conflict between Science and Religion and Religion and Religion

America is very big on religions. In fact, sometimes it’s as if we turn everything into a religion when the opportunity arises. Instead of saying “I don’t understand how it could be true, but I’m open to it being possible” so many of us say, “It’s not part of my beliefs – what I’ve gotten from sources (including religions), therefore it’s not true.” What religions am I referring to? I’m referring to everything that enters the mind of Man -including the religion of politics, the religion of science, the religion of medicine, the religion of technology, psychology, philosophy, and even mathematics!  (Yes, I’m even including Atheism – but that’s easy to see.)

Have you heard someone say either of these – the equivalent of words that mean “It’s not part of the science that I know of, therefore I don’t believe it.” or “It’s not part of the medical knowledge that I know of, therefore there’s no way it can be possible.”  I have.  Then, all we have to do is exchange the words ‘science’ for ‘religion’ and vice versa, and we recognize the comment.

In fact, at times we’ve even heard the equivalent of “You believing differently than this is you being gullible, misguided, delusional, or outright fraudulent.”

This is widespread, and it shows that the person saying something to this effect has turned their beliefs and knowledge into a religion.

We’ve heard so often when people have said the equivalent to “It’s not part of my religious beliefs, therefore I don’t believe it-therefore you shouldn’t either, because only my beliefs are the truth.” We see examples of this in the U.S. and all around the world.

We also have people who have turned science, medicine and all the rest into religions, as well. Yet, it’s not just a current happening. This very process has been part of mankind for millennium.

Instead of considering that it’s our own knowledge and understanding that falls short, we tend to carry out the religious ritual of pointing to others saying the equivalent to “You’re wrong to believe differently than me. My knowledge may as well be sacred.”

Since this is very easy to see when looking at history, we don’t think of it as being a current process in our society. But, it’s happening now just as often as it ever has been. It’s just that we don’t think to put it in the context of science, medicine, technology or the rest, during today’s time. Too bad, because these have been religions for a long time. It always been the heretics of these “religions” that put forth the idea that “there is something beyond what we believe is true.”  (Heretics like the Wright Brothers and Albert Einstein who pursued what others believed wasn’t true, and oh, yeah – Jesus Christ.)

Yet, bridging what we know and what we don’t know has been a tremendously difficult bridge to build. Why? Because both sides of the bridge have held strongly to that which we know or believe to be possible only, and fought hard against that which we don’t know and don’t believe being possible.

It is rare that people speaking for religions ever make the comment “My beliefs are beliefs, not necessarily proven facts.” It is rare that science or medicine or even technology ever make the comment, “We’ve found this small part to be true, but we don’t know if it could also be false or if anything else in opposition to this or outside this paradigm that we’ve never conceptualized is true or not.”

It is rare that people entrenched in their beliefs say, “I don’t know how my beliefs can mesh with opposing beliefs, opposing knowledge, factual science, but I’m open to both being true somehow.” It’s rare when people representing science and medicine say, “I don’t know how things we haven’t proven may possibly be true, but I’m open to they being possible.”

Instead, we get, people saying “Science is the truth and anything else is a delusion.” We get, people saying “This medical information is true and anything else is fraud.” We get people saying, “My religious beliefs are true, and I won’t consider anything else possible.”

The Saving Grace

The world doesn’t revolve around any persons or groups who may be stuck in their own religion whether it’s traditional religions, Scientific, Medical, Technological or any other belief or knowledge system. The Earth is inhabited by more heretics than fanatics – more open minded people than close-minded people.  These heretics are saying, “There’s more than what you espouse to be true.  You have no belief or knowledge that is omniscient and complete. ”  Thank God.

PS.  Can you see how Politics has become a religion?  How about how “beliefs about money” has become a Religion?


“Whoever believes the world will be saved by technology, doesn’t remember Atlantis.” (The Rainbow Cards, 2014, ©, Jodie Senkyrik)

“With God, all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

Marijuana and the Soul

The controversy continues and I’m going to add what I see psychically.  I don’t read all the research or comments about marijuana use.  But, I do look at it psychically.  This is the work I do, so this is what I present.

***      The use of drugs to expand the mind:  Many may support this, because it can bring about an experience for the person something beyond the current day-to-day consciousness.  However, there is an imbalance that occurs within the psyche from the experiencing of altered states without true spiritual growth while not in altered states.  Opening the mind can be truly fraught with serious minefields that were put there by the person, them-self.   The subconscious is full of behaviors, thoughts and memories, etc. which are still unresolved and unbalanced. Entering into altered states without also being willing to resolve and balance what is within the psyche while not in altered states leads to potentially serious mental problems and even death, as so many of us have witnessed.

The balanced growth into altered states can only move forward or grow greater with a foundation of character changes towards others and happening within the heart.  Balanced changes are the increased reliance in relationships on forgiveness, understanding, faith, cooperation, loving kindness, mercy unselfishness and the like.  These changes are also the facing of one’s own subconscious patterns in a way that brings insight into one’s own motivating reasons for these behavioral and psychological patterns.  The use of drugs to have an altered state experience does nothing for developing the foundation for better relationships with the people in one’s own life, or expanding the heart or strengthening the personal will towards fulfilling our soul purpose or soul evolution.   Likewise, they do not give one the will to explore the inner person’s own personal issues.  The use of these drugs for the expansion experience will create a greater imbalance and eventually this greater imbalance is witnessed as the drugs begin to damage the person and their psyche.

*      Each person is a spirit inhabiting a physical body using the brain and nervous systems to activate the body and thus live in this physical world.  Marijuana blocks the individual spirit’s ability to use the brain as its channel for being actively engaged through the body.  Yes, it can be used as a medicine to relieve pain.  But, its pain relief ability happens because of the spirit consciousness no longer consciously being in touch with the pain in the damaged body – which is the normal function of pain killers.

Some report they experience heightened physical sensations.  The sometimes heightened physical sensations that are perceived to happen, come from a now concentrated focus on that remaining physical stimulus, but without the previous total physical stimulus being part of the conscious awareness anymore.  Anyone who is psychic, and happens to be in the company of someone who is smoking marijuana will find that there is a very marked and noticeable difference inside the body of the person who has smoked, during the time of marijuana’s influence.  The spirit of the person is blocked by the chemicals from being fully in the body.  So, in essence, there is almost no one there, and the psychic is seemingly alone even though there is another physical  “body” in the room.

*      The principle of marijuana’s effects can be compared to the use of alcohol to warm the body when cold.  Alcohol doesn’t warm the body; it brings the body’s temperature down closer to the cold outer temperature.  Because the difference in temperatures between the body and the air surrounding them becomes less, this “feels” like the body just got warmer, when in fact, the body’s actual temperature got colder.

Drugs inhibit the “volume” of spirit consciousness able to access this physical world through the physical brain.  The normal expansive consciousness capable of addressing many aspects of the physical world at one time (via the consciousness, the subconscious and the superconscious,) is no longer able to access and assimilate these many aspects of the physical world through the brain at the previous level it had been assimilating.  The remaining spirit consciousness awareness that is able to get through the brain, is noticed more strongly as being “the conscious mind”.  However, there is actual less “whole consciousness” coming through the brain.  This contributes to the perception and labeling of the “noticed consciousness” as being heightened in the senses.  But, in reality, there is less consciousness of all parts of consciousness manifesting in the physical realm, rather than “more” consciousness of the daily conscious.

To try to understand this better, consider this metaphor.  If we had 10 water sources coming into our city (our normal full multi-level conscious intake of activity in the world, including the daily consciousness, the subconscious and the superconscious), but then shut off 9 of them, we would then experience a more focused attention and heightened awareness of the 1 left available.

Another metaphor – if we had 10 highways to serve rush hour traffic throughout the city, but then closed 9 of them, all focus and attention by drivers would go to the 1 left open – thus “a heightened sense of awareness” of the one that is left available.


While many consider the marijuana disconnect to the world we live in to be harmless, it does not bring with it greater understanding of our own self, our own subconscious, or our own psyche.  Nor does it enhance the spirit individual being fully in their physical body – a normally recognized grounded state.  The Marijuana state of mind – not being fully in the body- is definitely not the same as the “grounded state” – being fully in the body.

Nor does it open the heart chakra to have any greater care, concern, love or compassion for the other people in one’s life in order to help develop our relationships with others, our self and with God.   Many times it’s exactly the opposite.  The sometimes perceived expansion of consciousness which seems to be gained is imbalanced.  The soul cannot move forward when in an unbalanced state otherwise even greater damage/imbalance occurs.  Therefore, the soul must at some point, eventually return to begin again at the same starting place in order to find a balanced path to walk.

Still, I am a supporter of medical uses of drugs for helping the sick, including marijuana as medicine, and will continue to support the medical use of drugs.


“Try as we might, sometimes, we still judge others, sometimes, we still condemn others, and sometimes, we still harden our hearts.  Sometimes, we all have a rock instead of a heart.  Not some of us, but all of us. But, God can make this rock into good soil.  He wears down rocks with many, many drops of water.  These drops of water – some call them rain, some call them tears.”
(The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2003-2013, Jodie Senkyrik)

“The next time you wonder how to deal with certain people, don’t ask, ‘How would Jesus deal with them?’.  Ask, ‘How does Jesus deal with me, when I’m like that?’.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2003-2013, Jodie Senkyrik)

“Our differences only mean that we must build our own relationship with God – through our own thoughts, our own feelings, & our own beliefs. We cannot build our own relationship with God, through someone else’s beliefs, someone else’s mind, & someone else’s heart.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2003-2013, Jodie Senkyrik)

Radiation from Japan

Many are talking about future disasters, including radioactive fallout from Japan.  I’m not seeing radioactive fallout from Japan being the bear others are saying it is or will be.  If you look back, though, on my blogs, I do see radiation high in the atmosphere.  However, I don’t see the amount in the atmosphere causing widespread harm to people in the US.  Those few at very high sea levels – above 9000 ft, will get some of the radiation, but again, the amount is not at a level that would cause widespread harm.  In the US, I see more fear than reality regarding people who will come into harm from radiation, and then it’s exacerbated – the people made vulnerable – from the high altitude and the sun’s effects.  The amounts will be measurable, but the harm to U.S. citizens will be negligible.

I see some of the western Pacific waters around Japan being harmed by the radioactivity, but I also see this being dissipated by the wide oceanic expanse eventually.  Will this harm the waters off Japan?  Yes, and it already has.  But, this part of the mess does have the ocean’s size helping it dissipate.  It will eventually be resolved.

Still, I will also admit that it’s prudent to stay alert to potential harm.