Q and A – Shut downs of April-May, 2020

Are you seeing another shut down like we just experienced? Thank you, in advance!  M.

Yes and No.  M, for the area you’re in, even though you don’t say what area you’re in, I see a continued need to follow all protocols in your area.  I see a continuation of high numbers of infections in the August-Sept months.  I don’t see an official shutdown, but rather many officials strongly considering it, AND rightly so, IMHO, BUT – the step I see them choosing is to strenuously enforce the guidelines.  There is a real possibility that high numbers can go into October if guidelines are not followed strenuously.

Remember, unemployment and financial difficulties will be temporary.  There is some financial help, but it will be difficult for so many people.  For other, many people, the alternative to temporary difficulties is permanent death.  If anyone feels that some deaths are okay to sacrifice for a better economy, then pick which family members you’re okay with dying of Covid-19.  Everyone who dies is a family member to many people.  It is equally likely that it will be in your family.  God help us all.

In Other Areas

In other areas of the US, and the world.  Yes, there will be some re-shutting down.  There will be conflict around shutting down.  There are many who like the adrenaline rush of gambling, and this is what the conflict is about – adrenaline.  Adrenaline is connected to fear, to aggression, to conflict, and to the “fight or flight” feeling with which we are all so familiar.

Put another way, … Adrenaline is related to living from the 3rd Chakra.  However, it is living from the 4th Chakra into which humanity is working to be lifted.  Many choose to live from the 3rd Chakra and don’t want to live from the 4th Chakra.  It is their right.

The different areas will all have a different  consciousness of people and this is what will eventually determine how the virus progresses.  The elected officials have the monumental charge of deciding what to support – opening up which will be a gamble with family members’ lives or shut down and have many unhappy, but alive, people most likely voting them out in November.

Make no mistake about this – do not ever think that things will ever be like they were before this began.  In the totality of the world, this virus has changed and will continue to change how we live our daily lives.  In the same way that 9-11 changed the whole world, the Covid-19 virus is the next thing to change the world.  It won’t be the last thing.

I advise everyone to expand one’s options and possibilities.  We tend to close our minds to new possibilities, because we mostly DON’T want to start anything new – including thinking of new ways.  We tend to like what’s worked in the past regardless of whether it has become harmful or not.  If any of us have trouble with pursuing expanding choices, then approach God to decide what is possible for Him and one’s self, and go from there.  Imagine different ways of making an income or making one’s life work out.  The old ways of the past are in the process of slowly dying out.  We are called to create new ways of living for the future.

Word of caution:  Throwing a tantrum doesn’t phase God, when it comes to whether we cooperate with God in the ongoing changes, or whether we fight it kicking and screaming – through violence, rage, judgement, criticism, insults or the like.  We’ve seen examples of the ‘kicking and screaming’ on TV and in the news.   We are called to be examples of how to cooperate with God’s efforts to help us.


Obviously, every location will have some differences all around in facing the virus and it’s path.  But, the imagination, ingenuity and creativity of the people of each area will determine a great deal about how to go about reopening.  The old ways have become harmful and now, just how fatal they can be is “in our face.”


I see the 2nd – 3rd week of June being the best time for most places to open up.  And I see, in general, in many specific locations. the 2nd wave happening late July to a possible 2nd week of October.


6 thoughts on “Q and A – Shut downs of April-May, 2020

  1. Thank you for this information. Considering everything you said do you feel the government will send a second round of stimulus checks to the citizens?


    • I am not currently seeing any more assistance for individual citizens before the November election. I do see the Senate only wanting to assist businesses more. The House of Reps. will hold to “all or none. Either business and individuals, both, or we won’t support it.” After the election, the Republican Senate will work to block everything.


  2. Thank you for this information! I worry Ohio is opening up too fast. I’ma teacher and worry about going back to school and bringing this virus home to my family.


    • You are correct to be alert to this problem. Common sense tells us that what we are seeing is that of which we can expect more. Ohio is no exception. So, I continue to support prayer, masks, cleaning, and all CDC recommendations. Prayer without practical steps will not save people. Prayer with practical steps will save more. In this case, I rely on the old saying that has been overused to the point of it being ignored – God helps those who help themselves. Unfortunately, this is being ignored. But, individually, we don’t have to ignore it.


  3. Hello, what did you mean pick a family member to sacrifice for a better economy? How do people dying make for a better economy? Thank you for your answer.


    • You’re exactly correct. Yet, there are people saying “A strong economy is worth people dying.” with the expectation of “let someone else’s family members die for this”. But, the deaths are never “someone else’s family member”. For too many regular, ordinary, average families, it has been and is “OUR family member who has died from Covid-19”.
      Those saying a better economy is more important that people’s lives are saying “money is worth more to me than people.” We have seen, and still see, many people in the world, and in our own country who feel this way, right now. They don’t mind “other” people dying so their own pockets can be filled. It is absolutely true. We have seen this throughout history, where some people see human life only in terms of money.
      The fact is, those who feel this way, and say these things think they’re own family members are safe because, “this only happens to other people.” Everyone who has this kind of thinking is horribly wrong, fatally wrong, and deadly wrong. These people show their own ignorance and self-centered callousness towards other human being’s lives. Yet, this kind of thinking is everywhere and in the hearts and minds of millions of people, and not just those who ignore the warnings of Covid-19. Warnings of many deadly problems are being ignored everywhere because of – Money vs. Human Life.


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