Tweets for April 1- May 9, 2020

Joe Biden won’t be a “fast, hit the ground running” president, (except with a very few things). He will be slow, but his slowness has a spiritual purpose: “When hiking, always go the speed of the slowest member, so no one is left behind.” Do you understand? Sprt’ly, it’s “ALL”.

Remember, the place to look for help & to offer help is local communities. We connect w/ neighbors, friends, family to offer and receive real help. Don’t look to the government to “save” us from this. In the arena of our local community, we will thrive, help and benefit.
We are the water in the flasks. Our responding to the circumstances of life is the need. We pour ourselves forth responding with heart and consciousness to the need. We become then, the better wine stepping into the transformed life of loving kindness and compassion to others.
Spiritual evolution, social evolution doesn’t come from the events happening. They come from our responding to events happening. The evolution is within us. We can respond to the event “pouring ourselves forth” through change or we can “dinosaur” ourselves with no changing.

 April 1

“Sometimes a persons actions ARE SO LOUD, that one can no longer hear what their saying.”

3 thoughts on “Tweets for April 1- May 9, 2020

  1. Thank you so very much, Jodie, for doing this for us! What you post and your insights are so valuable to me and my family! <3


  2. Re: Apr 6: Sooooo True…worldwide pandemic and lockdown is such a gentle way to shock us into remembering what matters while offering us All the opportunity to rediscover ourselves and each other. As you forsaw, Jodie, “every one will be affected.” “…we shall not all sleep, but we shall be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye,,,


    • Exactly. God is in the people responding to help/serve. The energy coming through the manifestation of this pandemic, has been destined to come forth, but in what form? is the question until now unanswered. There is more yet to manifest in the coming months and years. What form? will be determined by how many pray and meditate to help heal it before it manifests.


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