Las Vegas Horror

Spiritual law exists and is fulfilled. This is immutable, but it can vary as to the many methods it can be fulfilled. The spiritual law I’m referring to here in this example is – “The experiences we give others are the experiences we give ourselves.” This means that those experiences we put others through will be the experiences we put ourselves through (not always by choice). This is law, commonly called karma, but can also be known as the law of creation.

The vast majority of fulfilling events for this law are not manifested all in one particular lifetime, but rather in other lives we’ve lived or will live. In fact, looking only at one lifetime very few spiritual laws and principles appear to be true. Looking at the same laws and principles in the context of each soul living many lives, things start to make sense.

With the horror that happened in Las Vegas, we can see great suffering happen to many people. Even more people suffer from learning about this event afar – via TV or the News and the like. As sorrowful as it is to say this, these events too are fulfillment of law.

No, the people as they lived their lives this time around did not deserve this. No one ever deserves this. But, these things are bound by law to happen. And the soul from whom these things come – great woe, suffering and pain is theirs and sometimes for thousands of years both in physical form and outside of physical form.

The Bible tells us through various wordings, roughly, “everything we’ve ever done to harm or cause suffering, we must clean up.” Every i must be dotted and every t must be crossed. This means that every experience we’ve ever created for someone else to experience, either we will experience or we must heal and dissolve. Every ripple in time we create, will return to us. This is the fulfillment of the creation of experiences which exist within an Infinite Consciousness – of which all of us are a part.

Yet, this law is not in place to punish. This law has no judgement of any soul, even though we may project judgment into it. This law exists to help us raise our vibrations to the vibration of Infinite Love.

You see, these events like the killings in Las Vegas, can be healed, resolved, dissolved, and dismissed long before they ever happen. The purpose of all things is to raise our vibration to the level of Infinite Love. The simple truth is that we can raise our vibration to the levels at which these horrific events can be removed from having to manifest.

The how is as we’ve mentioned many times before – through those acts that raise the vibrations in the Earth – prayer, meditation, forgiveness, mercy, compassion, long-suffering, patience, charity, kindness, Love, and the other fruits of the spirit.

Any event, both horrific or wonderful, has its own vibration. The vibrations of prayer and meditation, love, kindness, forgiveness, mercy, patience, etc., are a higher vibration than these destructive and harmful events. Higher vibrations have a greater power than lower vibrations and can greatly impact energy that otherwise is destined to manifest as suffering – like the event in Las Vegas.

Our prayers, our meditations, our efforts to bring forth the fruits of the spirit from within our own hearts and onward into the Earth, are the ways to heal souls and heal the energy of our past created experiences which are still waiting to find the appropriate channel to manifest.

These acts can be healed through prayer and meditation – for humankind. But, without prayer and meditation, these acts will manifest. As I’ve said before, the more prayer, the more healing. The more meditation, kindness, forgiveness, mercy, compassion, understanding, patience, support, charity, long-suffering, cooperation, tolerance and love – the more healing.

If we look for proof that this law is possible and in effect, we will find none that is suitable. No physical proof exists of a non-physical reality. The physical reality is the reflection of the non-physical reality. No reflection ever offers any substance of that which it reflects. No part of a reflection in any mirror has physical substance of that which is reflected.

Yet, we live each day with the choice to pray, to love, to show mercy and compassion towards others for their own sake, knowing inside our very soul that these things are worthwhile, and are needed in a weary, weary world in order to bring that world out of the manifestation of those destructive acts which we created lifetimes ago, yet haven’t yet healed.

We can heal events like the one in Las Vegas, before it happens.  We have already done so much healing.  Events destined to manifest, have been dissolved and healed.  We need only keep on keeping on with this work.



6 thoughts on “Las Vegas Horror

    • Your feelings are real. They come from your and our suffering and pain of seeing people like you and I, people who are family members, people who are friends, husbands and wives, children and parents, killed from the insanity that lives inside the mind and heart of another person. In turn, suffering and pain can turn us into people who seek vengeance and retribution.
      It is times like these that it can truly help to pray, “God help us! Help us in our time of need! Help us in our suffering. Help us with this horror.”
      It is said, “These things are bound [by spiritual law] to happen, but woe [great suffering and sorrow] unto those from whom they come.” (Luke 17:1, Matthew 18:7) The spiritual law that must be fulfilled is the law we are currently calling “karma”. As we create experiences for others, so are we creating these same experiences for ourselves. This spiritual law may not fulfill itself in one particular human life or the same life in which the experience is created, but through any of our past or future lives whereby the circumstance “DNA” manifests the original created experience.
      As we create experiences that are heavenly or hellish, we are creating that same experience for ourselves. This is the spirit and law of creation – that contains within it, consciousness that comes from within our own internal, individual universal consciousness.
      But, take heart. These experiences and the fulfillment of karmic law are not punishments in any way, even though human perspective can view them as such. These experiences are for the soul’s learning, and for helping to further raise the vibrations of souls and the Earth eventually to the level of the Infinite Love Consciousness Vibration. Whole libraries can be written about this topic, but not here at this time.
      One thing is certain – no person ever deserves this – based on their existence as a soul. No soul is an evil soul that deserves evil to happen to it. God does not create evil, but from our freewill to choose our own paths and experiences to create, we can manifest either horrors or blessings onto others.


  1. This is a little off the subject but in reguards to karma we having coming into each incarnation, I have always wondered what happens when a child is adopted? My understanding is that the soul picks its situation based on the parents/?


    • Of course, there is a tremendous amount of variety with the soul’s process of coming in. Specifically with adoption experiences, one of the many ‘scenes’ being played out is of the “mother” soul giving life to the “child” soul. This could be a karmic healing occurring because the mother soul in a past life could have taken the life in a previous incarnation. See how this is an opportunity?


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