Predictions for Health Care: 2017 – 2018

It is a time for calling for meditation and calling for prayer.  I’ve seen this future for quite some time and I see it still in place. I’ve not shared it, because I hoped and prayed for something better.  I still do.

The elected officials feel they were given the mandate to make policy to change what their voters were angry about. But, not to help all the people of the country – only certain people. So, policy is made to ensure that certain things would happen to some people. Quite literally, some people would not be able to continue living.  Many people – adults and children will struggle to stay alive.

What I see if all things stay as they are today:  With the Republican’s efforts to be successful at ending the Affordable Health Care Act, very little to nothing will replace it.  With this change, some people are going to die – some will die a very slow death. Their deaths won’t be in worldly dramatic ways. Their deaths won’t be in the media – although the numbers will be reported. It is the future in place.

Many will go into great debt having to pay huge medical bills until unable to pay any more. Many will have medical bills that drain their savings and funds until they run out. The economy will suffer greatly, because the money will dwindle that would have stimulated growth. Citizens will slow down on spending to try to save for when medical bills hit them.  All finances of many people will be going to pay medical bills and medicines.

This is the beginning.  This is the beginning of the 3rd of the 3 World Events.  It starts small, insignificantly and will grow “seemingly” slowly through several years.  But, remember, the future can be changed through prayer and meditation.

2017 and 2018 are the years that the officials and their staff are helping ensure that this policy becomes law.

I hoped and prayed for something better to happen, but I see this future remaining in place over and over, every time I look. I am not seeing the public stopping this from happening.

It’s like being in a very skimpy tiny flotation device in the middle of nowhere and seeing a very large alligator eying you and approaching closer and closer. The danger is real. Not enough people are acting and praying to stop this.

There are 300 million souls living in the U.S.  This means there are 300 million hands on the steering wheel selecting the direction this country goes.  Those who put forth effort to turn the wheel a certain direction are the ones who influence the direction the country goes.  Prayer and meditation adds strength to the hands of each one that seeks to turn the steering wheel.  Our efforts to strengthen God’s presence with this can help.  “With God, all things are possible.”


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12 thoughts on “Predictions for Health Care: 2017 – 2018

    • I only see many people’s desire for it, not the fulfillment of it. In the past, I have seen his continuing his presidency for all 4 years. Currently, I still see that. Remember, impeachment does not mean removal from office.


  1. We are One In The Wholeness OF All That Is. In the name of that Wholeness. May I open to my Divine Nature and Source Stability, Peace, Truth, Love, Compassion and Wholeness for myself and all sentient beings. I see in the seeming instability if the outer world, a great outpouring of the HolySpirit, Our Buddha Nature. It in turn creates the energy of that supports our return to God. All is well. And So it is.


  2. I would like to pray for God’s will to be done. There are, sometimes, things that happen that we don’t wish to see happen, but they provide an opportunity for souls to do what they need to do. This is our Father’s world and his plan. I do not wish to direct it, but I do ask that if any can be spared, if this cup can pass from us, that this be in accordance with His will. Amen.


    • Amen. From our prayers, meditations, and spiritual efforts, a worse cup has already been removed/healed/resolved. The cup we now have is the cup of that which remained unhealed and unresolved from our efforts and from which we now drink. Looking back, the saying in the Bible was pertinent: “The harvest was ready, but the workers were few.” Still, the prayers of a few have indeed saved many. Now we have another harvest that is ready. Who will come to be a worker?


    • In the months since the Nov., 2016 election, we have seen many things that are highly unusual, haven’t we. That which is highly unusual is not over with. This issue will begin and end a few careers. I don’t see Jared Kushner continuing for all 4 years. I think he’ll step back mid-way.


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