August, 2015: 2nd of 3 events – Is This For Real?

With looking at the event of August, 2015 coming, and believing that it is real, then it doesn’t take any time at all to start praying.  If I’m the only one speaking about this, then very few if any will move out of harms way.  If I’m the only one praying and meditating to help, (which I know I’m not) then very few would be helped.  When the scientific community begins to contribute information, the questions will still be, “what does the data mean?”, “Can a disaster be predicted?” and “Is a disaster really possible and going to happen?”

Today, what can we do?  Pray, ask for guidance, meditate, send energy, be alert, prepare if we’re near, and more.

To those who are willing to do what needs to be done, that which can be done – can be started now.  Any of us that are reading this, are we any of those who are willing to do what needs to be done?  Good.  Then, let’s proceed.

The issue will never been, “How many can “I” save by making this public?”.  The issue will always be, “How many of all of us are willing to pray and meditate?”  It is this that will save people.  Remember, “The prayers of a few will save many.” Imagine what the prayers of many can do.

I will open the password protected “August, 2015” blog article to the public on Dec. 25, 2014.

I act according to what I feel within myself, and what I think I’ve come to understand and learn of life – the same way as every other human being that has existed and will exist.

Still, that doesn’t mean I’m right in what I write or how I handle this.  However, when anyone judges or criticizes me (or anyone in general), it doesn’t in any way mean they’re right, it only means they’re judging and criticizing me (or anyone in general.)  Anyone who judges and criticizes is no more right (or wrong) than anyone else with their thoughts and feelings on a subject.

I don’t make the information public, yet, because there is still a possibility that I’m seeing everything inaccurately.  It could be quiet in the Caribbean in August, 2015. I will go forth with my information on Dec. 25, 2014 and continue to work at identifying accurately what I see from then on, also.  If nothing comes forth in August, 2015, I will then investigate why I psychically saw what I saw, and how it came to NOT happen.

However, I believe what I see coming, is coming.

20 thoughts on “August, 2015: 2nd of 3 events – Is This For Real?

  1. Jodi, Efrin Rodriguez predicted that an asteroid will hit Caribbean west of Puerto Rico this summer. This came out in 2010. You are not wrong. I wish you were. David Icke says this is not a natural event, but is being created by the Archions. Would speak to that, please? Thank you.


    • I don’t see an asteroid, but we mostly have the same location. I see natural forces at work deep within the Earth. In fact, I see a connection deep within the Earth that shows a connection to the earthquakes that have already been happening in Chile.


      • I live in Ft Worth Texas. What night I plan or prepare for here? can you see? I feel I am against a time clock here in my prepping. what kinds of prepping would we need in your estimations. I have no money for bunkers no real money for structures of any kind and very limited access to money


        • The issue has never been to know what to prep. The issue has always been to listen within our hearts for the highest and best guidance in how to relate to others. The creator of Love is Himself, Love, and asks that of us, first. Then, continue to pray for that which God decides that we need – not just for ourselves, but whatever God knows that others need, as well. (Notice I didn’t say, “Pray for what we think others need.”) Let God do God’s job.


  2. Hello, and thank you for your work. I had a series of dreams involving ocean changes. In one dream, the ocean turned into large green rocks. In another, large lobster like creatures awoke and came up from under the ocean and caused tsunamis. I was told that Australia was a safe zone. Anyways, I hope you give me password access, and God bless you. We are all praying for mother earth. I’m not afraid of dying, but I feel I’m here for a reason, and it could be a positive outcome if we are willing to receive it.


  3. Thank you Jodie. As I have mentioned before on your blog. I left the Florida coast this past summer and sold my condo on the beach as I was guided by spirit that something was coming. Only knew that I had to be out by 2014. I have been praying and informing my family and friends there. Thank you for all you do and will continue to pray for all and may God Bless you and your work!


  4. For several years I have been given insight to outcome of some political turmoil as well as major storms during that occur during the North Atlantic hurricane season. Spirit gives these insights to chosen people so that they can be messengers to others and warn or prepare the public ahead of time. I pray that if there is something major happening next year that all who are willing to be messengers will have the resources to reach out and inform the public so that lives can be saved and preparations be made if necessary. God bless all who are working for the good and well being of not just the human race but for Mother Earth.


  5. I had a very vivid precognitive morning dream early the day of 9/11 complete with blocks of concrete, massive death and people covered with concrete dust and burka clad women trilling and levitating. It was the most horrid morning ever. My husband was witness to my awakening from that dream and all that it involved. My dis-ease mounted as I put my kids on the schoolbus. I turned off my usual news radio to listen to music on the way to work. All of my fears were played out in front of me. despite the fact that my husbands family lives in NYC & several family members saw the whole horror play out, our family was spared. Since that time I pray daily and see this world in a terrible state. All of my sisters live on the Atlantic coast of Florida. I am not getting the same vibe as you , Jodi, althought I agree something very big and
    very bad is coming. I see more civilizational breakdown and war, not natural disasters. I have upmost respect for you, as you are like Isiah calling out to your fellowman. God Bless us and out children.


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