The Universe and Here

The Hubble Telescope and all the future telescopes will indeed show us the scope of the universe and so much of what is in the Universe.

We may find that we share knowing that which all the life in the Universe may know, also.  We may find that there is one thing that we share with the life in all the super clusters of galaxies, local clusters of galaxies, all the stars and planets in all the billions of galaxies – and that is what is in front of our nose that we keep dismissing or forgetting –

and this is that the very best thing in all the Universe and all the galaxies and all the solar systems and all the planets –

and that so many of the different life forms on these other worlds might know also –

and this thing that we find and that we know and that they may find or they may know –

and which we have here on Earth and that exists in all the Universe and all other possible universes –

the very best thing of all life – in all locations – on all planets – in all galaxies – and in all universes –

that which has no equal and all other things are pale when compared to –

the single best thing of all universes –

is Love.

Here, there, and everywhere.


“The universe deals with numbers like “billions”.  Hopefully, it won’t take billions of years to learn that Love is the best that all Universes have to offer.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2014, Jodie Senkyrik)

“All art is inspired by something.  All of creation is God’s artwork, and all of God’s artwork is inspired by God’s Love.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1996-2014, Jodie Senkyrik)

5 thoughts on “The Universe and Here

  1. Many out there may have by now heard of the Higgs Boson particle or the ‘God Particle’ so named because it found to be everywhere, even in dark space, and without it nothing can exist. Well the ‘real’ God particle is what Jodie just spoke about, Love. Love is the one element that is to be found in of God’s creations.


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