“Astral City: A Spiritual Journey”

I’ve had requests for the title of the movie, “Astral City”, which I mentioned during a recent retreat/conference at which I attended and spoke.  It chronicles the experiences of Andre Luiz, after his death, and also parallels Echo Bodine’s Out-of-Body experience which she writes of in her book, “Echoes of the Soul”.

The movie is taken from the book of the same name written in 1944 by Francisco Cândido Xavier.  The Wikipedia link:  Astral_City:_A_Spiritual_Journey.  The Youtube preview: Astral City: A Spiritual Journey.

I do recommend watching it.

PS. and thanks to Wagner Godoy (in the comments) for the link to the English translation that is free of charge to download: http://www.spiritist.com/arquivo/books/eng/AstralCity.pdf

9 thoughts on ““Astral City: A Spiritual Journey”

  1. Hey Jodie! I heard that we are current going through the Photon Belt. What is this Photon Belt? What does it mean for us? What is your opininon on this?


    • My take on the Photon Belt: In the physical world, the Photon Belt is not currently a significant phenomenon. In the Spiritual world, the Photon Belt is a name for a state of transformation in which the individual experiences. It describes energy of the Higher Self or One Consciousness coming into the individual awareness of the individual self in order to help the individual self integrate and develop greater awareness of the higher vibratory spiritual realms and aspects of the One Self. The Photon Belt label can be used to describe this phenomenal experience. Others still define it in other ways. Wikipedia has a page on it at this location.


    • Since there is so much written on this already, I won’t reinvent the wheel. There is a lot written on it and has been written – decades worth. Start with “A World Beyond” by Ruth Montgomery, then check books on Near Death Experiences, then you can see the movie, “The Astral City” and read the book which I’ve linked to in another article, then, …. There’s a huge amount of information out there, already. I won’t repeat what others have already talked about.


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