There is a spiritual aspect to Alzheimer’s that has rarely, if ever, been mentioned.  While it’s true that Alzheimer’s is a physical deterioration of the brain, there is an underlying spiritual aspect occurring, as well.

The physical brain deterioration occurs slowly over time – mostly years.  This disease is being used by the spirit entity/person/soul to give the spirit entity “time.”  The individual many times has been someone who takes care of others or who has lived a life of being responsible and feeling responsible for the well-being of others.   This “time of the disease’s course” is the soul’s time to continue to fulfill their desire and their “responsibilities” of taking care of others.

However, in the physical world, the reverse “caring” is true, the individual is no longer able to physically take care of themselves and others.  Still, in the spirit world, Alzheimer’s allows the soul to periodically return to the physical world and check up on the other person or persons.

In effect, the soul/entity/spirit/individual comes and goes – both leaving the body and then returning to the body.  This is demonstrated in the physical world by others physically observing that “sometimes they are there and sometimes they aren’t.”  Sometimes, they are lucid or present and in their body, and sometimes they’re not lucid – not present – not in their body.  This is the coming and going of the soul.

When the individual/entity/spirit/soul is “gone” during a particular time frame, there is a wholly less developed cellular consciousness that still exists, because the body still is alive and still has cellular functioning.  Because the brain continues to break down, as the disease progresses, it becomes more and more difficult for the soul entity to return to full presence in the body.

You see, as the brain breaks down, the brain’s capacity to hold electrical energy of the soul diminishes, as well.  This means the soul must leave for greater amounts of time in order to keep the brain from breaking down faster.  The energy of the soul causes wear and tear on the nervous system of the body and the body’s nervous system must recuperate to avoid “burning up.”  This has been the function of sleep (See Sleep, the Body, and Recovery from Illness) allowing the body to recuperate from the higher level energy of the soul.

So, Alzheimer’s is currently being used by souls moving on to the spirit side – the higher vibration levels, but then still returning to the Earth inside the physical body to check up on those they took care of while fully in the Earth.

The question can come up:  Why don’t they just let go and move to the other side?

The answer:  “We can only be the person that we are.” If we held inside ourselves that it was our responsibility to take care of any others, this way of thinking stays with us.  In the time frame that Alzheimer’s manifests, the person is still holding within themselves that they must check in and make sure the others are okay.  For many, it takes some time to let go.

Edgar Cayce also adds that we are called to “Have faith in ourselves.  Have faith in others.  Have faith in God.”  Ultimately, it is God that takes care of all of us, if we can get out of His way and have faith in all.


“God’s will for Himself is to love us, to heal us, to nurture us, to be patient with us, to show us mercy, to give to us, to support us, to teach us, to guide us, to listen to us, to accept us, to comfort us, to welcome us, to forgive us, etc., etc.
God fulfills His own will.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1991-2014, Jodie Senkyrik)

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