Right or Wrong?

There is only one life we live on this Earth, God gave us one life to live for his Glory. Heaven and Hell are real places and the place one goes to depends weather the choice is made to accept Jesus Christ as a Savior for the sins we made..This is the truth and whoever reads this, please, invite Jesus into your hearts, repent from your sins, this is the only way to go to heaven. It is heartbreaking to see how many people are confused and lied to by Satan that there are many lives to live..nowhere in a Bible does it state that and there are few clear statements that we live ONLY ONE life. Please Jodie, I am praying for you and all people out there in the name of Jesus Christ to flee from these “many lives we live” deceiving theories. In Jesus Almighty name! A

Christ never condemned anyone for having different beliefs – not the Samaritans, not the Gentiles, and not the Romans, and they all had different beliefs. He condemned those who are hypocritical – acting differently than the beliefs they espouse.  This is what we need to watch for within ourselves and our actions.

Christ’s message was to all people and His commandments were – Love God above all else, and Love your neighbor as yourself.

With 7 billion going on 8 billion people on the planet, there are also 7 billion going on 8 billion unique and different belief systems. No two of us believe exactly 100% alike. Everyone of us has our own spin on our beliefs and rightly so – because there are no two of us exactly 100% alike, no matter how close we are.

For me, having studied the Bible, also, including the Gospels, I find Christ’s message not the message of separation based on different beliefs. I find Christ’s message of Love to include this: The most important part of beliefs is not what we believe, but what our beliefs motivate us to do in how we relate to other people. Do our beliefs move us to criticize and condemn others, or do our beliefs create room in this world for differences of all kinds? Do our beliefs motivate us to bring people together on common ground, or do our beliefs move us to separate out those who are different and judge them for their differences? Do our beliefs move us to strike out at others out of judgement of these differences or do our beliefs help us to embrace even others who are completely different? Do our beliefs move us to tell others “I’m right and your wrong,” or do they move us to look for the unique aspects that everyone has within them, in order to contribute to the whole of mankind?

All religions have followers who use their religious beliefs to justify prejudice, fear, condemnation, criticism, hatred, killing, war and the like. But, all religions also have followers who use their religious beliefs to strengthen their love for one another, their effort at cooperation, their striving to be kind, compassionate and understanding, and their desire to have love be at the center of their relationships and connections with every other soul.

In our world today, we see so many espouse togetherness, but with the caveat that the togetherness has to be according to “how I, and not you, see the world” rather than “let’s find common ground and work from there.” We see many people all over the globe that are ready for any others to convert and be like them. But, what Christ lived and demonstrated was that God’s Infinite Mind and Heart has room (many mansions) for all souls who seek to love. Christ teaches even today that with God, all things are possible, including all the different ways of believing.  Yet, with God and Love being One, this possibility of all things – the inclusion of the different ways of believing – can only be done when Love is present. With God/Love, all things, including living and cooperating in a world holding different beliefs, are possible.

Christ teaches that if we ask for the Truth, God will answer our request without tricks or deception. Christ also teaches that we can have a direct connection to God, and do not need to take on any other person’s beliefs through another person’s mind and understanding – we can build our own beliefs.

Finally, many of us have studied and read the Bible and have found reincarnation all over the place in it. However, it is absolutely and equally true that one does not need to believe in reincarnation to follow Christ, especially when Christ main message is “Love God above all else, and Love your neighbor as yourself.” To follow Christ one needs to live this love, practicing it even with those that believe differently.

There can be room for differences of beliefs, but only when one is willing to allow room for differences.  The more open and willing we are, the more God can come in.  This is what I believe and this is what I will work at living at, in order to make this alive inside of me, and to make it real in the world, one day at a time, with God’s help.

God Bless Us,


“Christ is the teacher, and He teaches from within our own hearts and minds.  If we’re willing to open our hearts and minds, He will come forth and teach.”  (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2014, Jodie Senkyrik)

Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”  Revelations 3:20.

PS.  None of us can say we know all there is to know about God, Christ, Life and Death, Heaven and Hell.  None of us can say we know all there is to know about the Truth.  Not if we’re being truthful.  We do the best we can at understanding all the above and determine our beliefs from what we can understand.  This is why so many of us have different beliefs, because we have different experiences, levels, and ways of understanding.

When we say “Only this is true or only that is true” then we have stopped our learning and closed ourselves down to more of what God would teach us.  When we allow ourselves to entertain different ideas and different ways of thinking, considering how they could fit with our current understanding, then God will find a way to help us learn more about all the above, which includes our relationship to Christ, our relationship to God, and our relationships with each other.

“None of us understands God as much as God understands God.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2014, Jodie Senkyrik)


The Illuminati

What is the Illuminati and will they end up actually taking over the world? G.

God laughs patiently at all the self-importance we heap upon ourselves.  All of what we base ‘thinking ourselves better or worse than others” is gone in a whisper and a blink.  What we base it on – the circumstances of this life – are gone our next life, and change again our next life, and our next life, and on and on.

If you so choose, you can believe that the Illuminati will take over the world, if it is what you want to believe.  “But as for me and my house, we will [believe in and] serve the Living God.” Joshua 24:15

I will reiterate what Christ said to Peter, “Don’t worry about the others.  I’ll worry about the others.  You follow me.”

In other words, those that call people ‘Illuminati’ are talking about people.  These people have a life and make choices like everyone else.  They’re given a chance to live life and make decisions for their lives like everyone else is given the chance.  Their circumstances of life, like yours and mine, are here today, gone tomorrow.

As an example, in my last life, like millions of others, I died in a concentration camp in Nazi Germany.  But, those aren’t even close to being what my circumstances of life are now.  See?  They are here one life, but not the next.  Suppose your next life has the circumstances that “these Illuminati” have now.  You can say to others, “I would act differently if I were in their shoes.” but haven’t you also acted selfishly at times in your life, seeking to make your own life better rather than others’ lives?  Haven’t we all?  Maybe the people in the “Illuminati”  have no humility.  Have you been working on developing humility?  I’m still working on mine.

You’re asking the wrong question for you.  The right question for you to ask is “Who am I and what will I choose today for my life?  Selfishness or unselfishness?  Light or darkness?  Life or death?  These are the questions for all of us truly to be asking.

“As for me and my house, I will serve the Living God.” Joshua 24:15

Lifetimes Before

Remember, no outside-of-us person or group affects our life in any amount even close to the level that our own choices have affected and do affect our lives.  We’ve made choices thousands of years ago and many lifetimes ago that are affecting our life this very day.  The decisions and choices we make this very day do affect and will affect our lives thousands of years in the future.

You see, lives and choices of which we have no memory, bring us to whom we are and our life, now.  How is it possible that something so long ago can affect us now?

Those experiences we have decided to create for other people to experience – both joyful and painful, we have created for all, including our self.  The heaven or hell that we create for others is the exact same heaven and hell we are choosing for our self.  The experiences we create for one, we create for all, including our self.  And as the ripple goes out across the lake, so does the same ripple eventually return to the point from which it started.

So, in some past life, if any of us chose to be a part of some clandestine group and manipulate peoples lives for our own benefit, then yes, indeed, we will fear the impact of a clandestine group manipulating our life today.

How do we move past this fear and experience?  How do we let go of this?

Forgiveness, mercy and letting go of judgment – of our self, and of others who do the same thing.  When we release all from the chains of guilt and shame, we release our self, as well.

Now, I’ll add, if we help to create a Heaven on Earth – a place of love – a place of forgiveness – a place of understanding and patience – a place of humor and kindness – a place of encouragement and support – a place of appreciation, a place of cooperation, a place of comfort and compassion, then we are creating this for all, including our self.


“The heaven or hell that we choose and create for others is the exact same heaven and hell that we are choosing and creating for ourselves.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2001-2014, Jodie Senkyrik)