Humans, Chakras, and more

Here’s an interesting little thing to think about.  The beings that came into this world before and at the beginning of Atlantis didn’t manifest in the 1st and 2nd chakras.  They only presented in the 3rd-7th chakras – hence not in physical form.  Many of the life forms on the earth for millions of years, though – spirits that have been trapped in physical forms, manifested greatly the  1st and 2nd chakras and hardly anything much at all above that for a long time.

That is why there has been a need for the descending into flesh by Amelius (Adam/Jesus) and His followers, all the way into the 1st and 2nd chakras, to begin at the bottom with the subsequent journeying on the path back up to full awareness and balancing of all 7 human chakras.

For the 3rd wave of souls to help spirits get out of the entrapment of the physical plane – the belief in consciousness that the physical manifestation is reality – souls must enter into the lowest vibration levels (i.e. chakras) that these beings are active at in order to walk the path back up to the higher vibration levels learning to balance all chakras as they go.

Mammals today are for the most part in the process of balancing or are balanced in the 1st through 4th chakras – with many having gone through their own evolution to this point.  While all life have 12 chakras, albeit unmanifested yet, the manifestation of each of these chakras is based on the evolution of the particular consciousness – or rather the development of the expression of each chakra to its greatest balancing with the other chakras.

Having a chakra that is out of balance means there’s still work to be done in the consciousness of the being.  And as we all know, imbalances come from the expression of “Me, first” rather than “One for All”.

As our own spiritual/social/human/soul evolution continues, the manifestation of the eighth chakra will begin.  FYI, the manifestation of the 9th on up, for the most part do not require being in physical form and so most will evolve this aspect in other realms, with a few continuing to connect with the Earth level in order to fulfill the completion of the evolutionary process which is going on here for life forms.

And why not with all this?  All life forms are worth the effort.  All life forms are worthy of being helped.  All life forms will be given all opportunities given to all others.  Remember, the key word is “All”.  Why?  Because All is One – in the greatest sense of the words.

Put another way – God, who is infinite Consciousness, who is infinite Love has willed that no being or soul that He Loves will be left behind or abandoned or left to perish.

Would you let those you love perish?

The Spring of 2050: UFO’s and Edgar Cayce

While so many of us already are aware that we have visitors from other places in space, others are not – for countless reasons.  Why, then, would there be no public announcement or public presentation?  The answer is – there will be – in the spring of 2050.  Precisely, I’m seeing it in April and May of 2050, then stretching out in other ways through the summer.

From my research, Edgar Cayce didn’t say much specific about UFO’s, Extraterrestrials and the like happening in the future, except to say that there was regular contact and relationships with them during the Atlantean days and there would be again.  During the Atlantean days, there existed a very high level of technology – some of which has been discovered but not recognized and not identified correctly.  This level of technology plays a role in contact and normal relations with Extraterrestrials.

There are good reasons why there has not been a public presentation with developing regular and normal open  relations.  It is because we are not at their level of the technology, yet.  Especially with regards to energy.  Literally, there would be wars over their technology.  If full openness were to happen now, it would create extreme tensions in the world over who gets their technology.

The best way to avoid this conflict is to not be fully open with the existence of UFO’s.  Otherwise, the conflicts would be serious and even destructive indeed.  The few sightings and rumors help to put this topic into peoples’ minds and that is a necessary first step that must happen over time.

The Descent of Technology

When humans descended into lower technological times after Atlantean times, those from other locations in space who witnessed the process, also recognized the need to withdraw from regular public human interaction.  Through the thousands of years since Atlantis, there has been contact but only the most limited and only on the outskirts of experiences.

With the return and growing of the technological levels we have now, there has been more contact, entering back into the subconsciousnesses and consciousnesses of the human race, waiting until mankind once again is able to meet them without being overwhelmed and without causing chaos in our planet.

The New Energy Source

With the development of the new energy source that I’ve mentioned before, mankind will have the energy technology that will avoid the need to war over their technology.  Our technology will be sufficient to provide for our planet.

So, beginning in 2045, non-public discussions and processes will begin for development of the procedures and preparations, of the following 4 years leading up to the public pronouncements  and the official “Welcoming” events – all around the world (and over many months time.)  As I said above, April & May, 2050, then stretching out through the summer around the planet, then winding down in the fall of 2050.

It will be both an exciting time and anxious time.  There will be many who are welcoming and many that are afraid.  There will be many areas of cooperation and many areas of conflict to be worked out.  They will present themselves to the whole world – to all the more than 8.7 billion people on the planet at that time.

And they will be a part of our consciousnesses and paradigms from then on.

Space Travel

One result of this new relationship is that tens of thousands will want to go into space to visit the other “few” planets that these visitors will represent.  While I currently count about 16 – 19 different species that are “touching” Earth in some form or fashion, only about 3 will open up their societies to be visited in cooperative ways.  Eventually millions of humans will travel to other non-Earth places.

Not all 16-19 are above board and open.  That is why the message deciphered in 2008 mentioned that humans need to be aware that not all species  in space are truthful.  Some hide behind fake smiles.  Sound familiar?  They have traits just like humans – who would have thought it.  Always remember actions and behaviors represent what is within someone – whether human or not.

This year, 2012 is only 33 years away from the beginning of the process which I would equate to preparing for the Olympics in a new city – years of preparation.  And only 38 years until 2050.  If we compare that time range to waiting for the year 2000, it would be like if it were 1962.  How many of you remember the time from 1962 to 2000?  It seems like a long time to a few, but not to the rest of us.  And we’ve been through a lot during those times.

I hope you can be around, but be aware that what we will be going through before 2045 and 2050 will test us in so many ways.

May 24, 2012

Send me your questions about this topic and I’ll share more.

Hall of Records – Yucatan 1

The Atlantean Hall of Records in the Yucatan (Guatemala) will be blocked from being revealed until after 2017.  It could be found, by some, if they were to willingly let it remain hidden to all until after 2017 and not reveal any information or it’s whereabouts to ANYONE.  But, the forces keeping it hidden will continue to block its being revealed until 2017 has passed.  2017 is the earliest it can be revealed.  Its being revealed before then would not be helpful to the collective consciousness of mankind, at all!

Can Predictions Change?

Can I be wrong?

Sure, sometimes a psychic can misread, but other times that which was predicted can be changed.

When a prediction is accurately made, it is made from psychically seeing the greatest possible outcome of all outcomes  of current circumstances if all things stay the same and if people’s patterns of choosing continues as it has in the past.  Rarely is the outcome 100% set in rock, though.  Things staying the same or things changing is based on freewill.  When Edgar Cayce made predictions, he mentioned that the future can change based on freewill of the people involved.  In other words, our future doesn’t happen regardless of our choices.  Our future happens because of our choices.  We choose what future enfolds.  Our actions have either benefits or consequences.  The actions we choose determine which happens – the benefits or the consequences.

This is true of all predictions, for the most part.  The mechanism of prediction is like a radio announcer who announces that a certain freeway is jammed with traffic at rush hour and will remain jammed throughout the afternoon, if current conditions continue.  If EVERYONE or a great majority who hears this does something to change their usual pattern of driving then the traffic jam won’t happen as predicted.  Someone then driving down that freeway later, could say “The radio announcer was wrong”, but was the announcer wrong or did the outcome change based on freewill of the people involved?

Predictions of weather are similar.  If nothing is done to change things, the prediction will happen.  That “nothing being done” being Prayer.  If people take no steps to change things, then things won’t change. But, with Weather?!?!?!?!

Yes, prayer can change many, many things, even the weather.  How many Texans do you think prayed for rain or for better weather for the Texas region.  How many people are praying for the midwest and central states?  It was the prayers for the Gulf Coast and it’s states coming from people all over the nation after hurricanes Rita and Katrina that healed the energy poised to send more hurricanes into the region through 2006 and into 2007.  The Gulf Coast had a mild 2006 season and 1st half of the 2007 hurricane season and all the meteorologists were stymied by this.

Looking at the mechanism of prayer helps us to understand why anything can change from prayer.  Prayer is the sending of energy into a certain situation or set of circumstances involving people or things.  This energy helps to raise the vibrations related to the events manifesting.  Many times destructive, unbalanced, and unhealthy events are the result of low energy/vibration actions or non-action by people.  War, hatred, vengeance, bitterness, selfishness of many kinds, are events of distorted and unbalanced energy.

When we pray, we help to realign, rebalance and raise the vibrations and energy of a situation.  By our consciously connecting to God, we are sending forth the highest of vibrations and energy into a situation.  The greater the number of people praying, the more power this prayer effort has to it.  In turn, then, the more people praying, the more power available to realign energies and the greater the change that can be brought about.

Realigning the energy of regions, i.e. praying for healthier weather, can help to rebalance all those factors which served to bring about the destructive weather in the first place.  For example, in the Central U.S., this region was the area of many great wars during the Atlantean militaristic times.  These conflicts happened many times in these regions and created a low energy region that is now becoming manifest according to karmic fulfillment.  The rest of the nation is affected by this manifestation now, in the same way that they were affected by the wars back in Atlantean days.

Areas and the peoples of those area that took no action to help or stop the conflicts during the Atlantean days then had the karma of not getting that which the area needs.  This can also manifest in the form of unbalanced weather.  This can be seen in Texas.  Texas’ future was to be no rain, and it has been dealing with very low amounts of water being replenished.  It still has this slated for the state in years to come.  In Texas, because no action was taken to help or stop the Atlantean wars then, no rain came to Texas in our time – that which was needed for life was not given then – that which IS needed now for life – water, does not come.

Except when prayer occurs.  Prayer is an action that we can now take to change some of what is happening as a result of our mistaken past actions and non-actions.  Prayer would have helped then, too.  Prayer is a real mechanism of connecting to God and God’s energy, then putting forth effort to send that greater, higher energy into the situation which needs it.

We can apply this to any part of life and do.  Who among us asks people outright when someone is in the hospital for something very serious “Please don’t pray.”  No.  We ask the opposite – “Please pray.”  because we innately hold inside ourselves the deeper awareness that there is something about prayer that helps.  And that something is the God connection that we make, which we then put forth into the dynamics of the certain circumstances for which we’re praying.

If you believe in a God who doesn’t answer prays, then change your beliefs.  When God seems to fall short in answering prayers, it’s not God that’s falling short – it’s our praying.  Prayers are answered according to the energy and effort put into them.  This includes the power coming from the numbers of people praying.

But, prayers that directly go against another person’s freewill, or prayers that try to take away a person’s freewill are another issue. As we pray for others, so are we praying for ourselves.  If we pray that God change someone else (against their freewill choosing), then ask yourself if you’re willing to give up your freewill to the will of another person’s decisions regarding who they want you to be.


“We have war because we have not yet prayed enough for it to end.” (The Rainbow Cards, 2008-2019, ©, Jodie Senkyrik)

“We have war, because some desire it.  Those who sincerely pray for peace, don’t want war.  Those who want war, don’t sincerely pray for peace.”  (The Rainbow Cards, 2008-2019, ©, Jodie Senkyrik)

2012- physical meaning

The 2012 mark is the physical manifestation of the beginning of a new cycle of 52,000 years. This cycle is really two 26,000 cycles. The beginning of our current 52,000 year cycle saw Atlantis as a world dominating militaristic government, so self-aggrandizing and self-centered that it was brought down through it’s own self-destruction to the point that little is even left to prove it existed.  (This nation raised itself above other nations from it’s own self-glorification,  but is now brought down so low that it’s not even considered to have ever existed.)

The 2012 mark is also the beginning of the change-over, the beginning of a wave of consciousness coming through the earth, but taking many, many decades to fully wash through humanity and it’s generations – the generations being those in physical bodies now, and those not in physical bodies now.

2012 marks the time in astronomy whereby the Solar System passes across the galactic center.  The electromagnetic pull upon our own Earth has been occurring for several decades as witnessed by some of the weather changes (and enhanced by global warming),  and will culminate with electromagnetic problems which will periodically occur in 2012, affecting our own planetary electronic systems as well as any other natural or manmade aspect in our world which relies on magnetic fields for functioning or survival.