Humans, Chakras, and more

Here’s an interesting little thing to think about.  The beings that came into this world before and at the beginning of Atlantis didn’t manifest in the 1st and 2nd chakras.  They only presented in the 3rd-7th chakras – hence not in physical form.  Many of the life forms on the earth for millions of years, though – spirits that have been trapped in physical forms, manifested greatly the  1st and 2nd chakras and hardly anything much at all above that for a long time.

That is why there has been a need for the descending into flesh by Amelius (Adam/Jesus) and His followers, all the way into the 1st and 2nd chakras, to begin at the bottom with the subsequent journeying on the path back up to full awareness and balancing of all 7 human chakras.

For the 3rd wave of souls to help spirits get out of the entrapment of the physical plane – the belief in consciousness that the physical manifestation is reality – souls must enter into the lowest vibration levels (i.e. chakras) that these beings are active at in order to walk the path back up to the higher vibration levels learning to balance all chakras as they go.

Mammals today are for the most part in the process of balancing or are balanced in the 1st through 4th chakras – with many having gone through their own evolution to this point.  While all life have 12 chakras, albeit unmanifested yet, the manifestation of each of these chakras is based on the evolution of the particular consciousness – or rather the development of the expression of each chakra to its greatest balancing with the other chakras.

Having a chakra that is out of balance means there’s still work to be done in the consciousness of the being.  And as we all know, imbalances come from the expression of “Me, first” rather than “One for All”.

As our own spiritual/social/human/soul evolution continues, the manifestation of the eighth chakra will begin.  FYI, the manifestation of the 9th on up, for the most part do not require being in physical form and so most will evolve this aspect in other realms, with a few continuing to connect with the Earth level in order to fulfill the completion of the evolutionary process which is going on here for life forms.

And why not with all this?  All life forms are worth the effort.  All life forms are worthy of being helped.  All life forms will be given all opportunities given to all others.  Remember, the key word is “All”.  Why?  Because All is One – in the greatest sense of the words.

Put another way – God, who is infinite Consciousness, who is infinite Love has willed that no being or soul that He Loves will be left behind or abandoned or left to perish.

Would you let those you love perish?

2 thoughts on “Humans, Chakras, and more

  1. The manifestation of the ninth chakra, really won’t manifest physically in the Earth. Humanity will develop to leave the physical plane before that evolutionary step would take place. However, there could be a few souls that do manifest with the 9th chakra in humanity’s future, but they will not serve to provide vehicles for all. By few I mean less than 5. No one has ever manifested a full 8 or 9 chakras, in the physical plane, in our history. Jesus manifested 7 physically.

    The manifestation of the eighth chakra, though will develop in the second half of this 52,000 year cycle. We began this 52,000 year cycle (not 52,000 exactly but in the neighborhood) on Dec. 21, 2012.

    This evolutionary step will be a natural step in the evolution of the physical body and the spiritual being. It will not happen before peoples of the Earth are ready.

    Manifesting the 8th chakra while in the Earth, will not be required for souls to move beyond the Earth and Solar System plane. There are so many other levels of consciousness for souls to move on to.

    I’m ready for questions.


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