Mid-2017 Psychic Predictions

  1. Weather:  With the hurricane season upon us, I see several storms coming onto the name list.  I see 4 Atlantic storms growing that will go up the East Coast.  Only 2 of them will impact the East Coast making landfall.  The other 2 will stay  further out, barely impacting the East coast.  Of these 2 going in affecting the land, I don’t see them being major storms equally.  1 larger going into Georgia, South Carolina and inland and north.  1 smaller going into South Carolina and North Carolina and north of there.  The larger could grow to a Category 2, but could stay a Cat. 1.  The 2nd will make a Cat. 1 but won’t last long.  A 3rd will come close enough to cause storm problems to the same area as #2, but will not go inland as a full hurricane.  This 3rd one could go up the coast without landing, but will still have indirect impact on the coastline with a little more than average impact in Maine.
  2. First, I see 2 major storms going into the Gulf of Mexico.  1 going southward into Mexico, possibly the Yucatan or south of the Yucatan.  A 2nd major storm going into Texas around Corpus Christi or slightly eastward, possibly in August.  This one could become strong enough to be a Tropical Storm or Cat. 1.  It could make landfall as a Cat 1, but it could grow at the last minute and make landfall as a Cat 2 with it quickly dying down.   I see several other storms, but not reaching Cat. status.  They would remain Tropical Depressions.  One of these could go into the Brownsville, Tx area.
  3. I do see storms going into Mississippi and western Florida, but not as major hurricanes.  These areas will get lots of rain and wind, though.
  4. While I’m seeing these storms as major storms, my use of the term “major” is still subjective.  This means that I could be off about the degree of seriousness that I’m speaking of.  If they are less than what I see, they would all be less than what I see as a whole.  They would not be greater than what I see.  The damage can still be significant, though.
  5. The drought happening in Texas and other areas will continue until October, 2017, which will be a month of much rain.
  6. Politics:  I’m still seeing a great desire to end Obamacare in Congress and by the President.  As of today, I still see a higher chance of them succeeding at ending it, than it staying in place.  The possibility of it staying as is, in place, is extremely low.  Again, this will happen in 2018.  There is very little interest by those who will decide this to leave it in place.  There is every intent on ending it.
    1. As sad as it is for me to say this, I see millions of people losing their health care and having nothing.
    2. There is great determination and intention by those pursuing this to make this happen.
    3. If it hasn’t ended before 2018 ends, those in power will end it without anything to replace it.
  7. I still see the 2018 elections to be a turning point.  If things continue as they are now, I see the House of Reps. switching to a Democrat majority.  I’ve mentioned this before in some other readings, and I still see it happening.
  8. I do see Jared Kushner stepping back as a presidential adviser half way through the 4 year term.
  9. I do see President Trump being open to working with the Democrats in the 2nd half of his term.
  10. President Trump will only have 1 term as president.  I’ve mentioned this before.  I’ll also say that had Hillary Clinton won the presidency, she also would only have had 1 term.
  11. I see 2020-2026 being 6 years of great conflict between the Republicans and Democrats.
  12. The Voter Fraud investigation won’t turn up anything more than a few instances in Arkansas.
  13. Natural Disasters:  In 2017, I’m seeing 1 major earthquake in southern California westward of the Fresno area.  As high as a 5.6.  Late October
  14. Weather related disasters – heat related – will impact the Midwestern states.  This will greatly impact food production.  Then in Jan – Feb, 2018, the same region will be hit with a cold winter.
  15. No, the dormant volcano in Yellowstone won’t erupt this decade or the next one, either.
  16. I see more earthquake activity happening in South America – Peru and western Brazil.
  17. Economy: I see gasoline prices at the pump staying relatively at the rate they are now through to the end of 2017.  Before the end of the year, prices at the pump could raise, some, but only by about 10%+ or so.
  18. I see the 2017 economy staying stable and optimistic.  Wall Street’s numbers will go upward slowly and slightly to the end of the year.
  19. Throughout the year 2018, the US will experience some economic setbacks.  It can be described as “it will be a rocky road – some bumps.”
  20. Several months back I saw a major event happening in May, 2018.  At that time, I saw it being a major event which would significantly impact the nation.  President Trump will not be able to do anything to stop it.  I don’t have more information right now.
  21. California’s economy will stay strong through 2017, but will be affected in 2018 by the economic directions in which the nation is going.
  22. Medical:  If or perhaps ‘when’ the end of Obamacare happens, this will create upheavals in the medical fields and industries, especially with MD’s.
    1. Every time I look at this, I see millions of Americans left with no health care coverage, as if “standing out in the cold” with no relief in sight.
  23. 2018-2020 will be very good years for medical research progress in several different areas related to major diseases.  I see this as a generality and not identifying specific diseases or maladies.
  24. World:  We won’t see much change happening for Europe in 2017.  As a whole, it is a time for the governments of Europe and the European Union to study and plan where to go from here.
    1. As the years progress into the next decade, Europe’s economy as a whole will struggle and seem to be slowly slipping.  However, around 2022 (5 years from now), specific steps taken will strengthen the economies of the European nations and Europe will take its place as an economic world leader.
    2. Europe will continue to be a prime tourist destination.
  25. Asia’s combined economy is stable for the rest of this year.  The policies in place will help their respective countries continue without any major problems through 2018.

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24 thoughts on “Mid-2017 Psychic Predictions

  1. You mentioned a cold winter for the Midwestern states, but what about western part of Tennessee or the rest of the United states? I was wondering if we was going to see the polar vortex this year that dipped down into the southern states back in 2013 going inro 2014 winter.


    • Tennessee and other states in the region are close enough to also share in the winter weather that I see for the Midwest. Rarely is any region so isolated that there is a drastic difference in weather patterns with nearby areas. We will see the polar vortex dip down and into southern states, but I am not seeing it be as drastic as the 2013/2014 winter. However, it still will be a winter to “reckon with”.


      • Do you think we’ll see ice storms or get some snow in the western part of Tennessee? The people around here in Tennessee say were due for a bad winter.


        • I agree with what they’re saying. I see ice storms in late December, 2017, but not staying on the ground long – melting within a few days. Then comes January, 2018, where the ice storms will stay on the ground in some ares for 4-5 days. And finally, February, 2018, where the ice storms will stay on the ground for up to 7 days. This is not for the entire state – just some areas, so driving will be hindered in some areas. Like usual, February will have the worst of the cold, icy weather for you this year, also.
          The good news for Tennessee is that next year’s (2018-2019) weather will be slightly not as bad as this year’s weather.


        • I wasn’t looking at the issues you mentioned, and wasn’t trying to make anyone read between the lines. I can share what I see now if you have questions. I see impeachment being unlikely. Plus, impeachment itself, doesn’t mean removal from office, but is more a statement of indictment. However, the Russian Investigation will get worse for all involved before it gets better. As you know, public opinion, of itself, will not be enough to convict or bring retribution, nor should conviction or retribution be based on public opinion which is always diverse and vast. I don’t need to remind anyone that the legal process must find hard evidence to follow through on any legal matters. Some will be found and some charges will be made to the appropriate people.
          But, I will add that no person escapes the responsibility to heal the wounds and undo the debts we have incurred towards others. If it takes a seeming eternity, and a seeming infinite number of lifetimes, God will help us on the path to heal all wounds we create and to pay all debts that we owe. It is true for yesterday, today and tomorrow – and for you, me and all souls. Even when we are not aware that we are involved in this process.
          As we do unto others, so are we doing to ourselves in that same act. The experiences we create for others are the experiences we’re creating for ourselves. In God’s own time, we will all learn this and heal that to which it refers. “All things are possible with God.”

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  2. A few questions:

    What do you see happening with student loans? Is there any relief planned for people like bankruptcy protections?
    Will the pension crisis spread to other states such as California? What will happen to Illinois? Will it be allowed to go bankrupt or will there be something else done?
    Will California be as wet as it was last year?


    • For student loans and loan relief, I don’t see much more than what is in place. Through the rest of the decade, there will be some legislation which will help bring some reform, but I don’t see sweeping reform happening.
      The pension “crisis” of which you’re referring, is based on many economic factors. Some will be in place longer than others. Current policy is being made to allow pensions to dwindle rather than strengthen their foundation. There are economic decisions in all the steps associated with this. The bottom line is that some of the pension crisis will spread and some will not. In the long run, I do see decisions being made to let pensions slowly become a thing of the past.
      With Illinois, I do see potential for the state getting some temporary federal help, but this won’t solve the problem – only stretch the problem out for efforts to find ways to solve the problem.
      In 2018, California will have less overall rain as it did in 2016.

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      • Do you ever see a future where all this nonsense will end? Do you see a time when we wouldn’t have to go through metal detectors or be spied upon or have some semblance of privacy again? Do you see a period when the wars will stop?


        • Yes, I do see a time when this ends. The end will arrive when enough prayers have been prayed. With few people praying, it will be later. With more people praying, it will be sooner. ***
          The Bible tells us that the day will come when the Son of God will return and there will be 1000 years of peace. This day will come when the way is made open for His return. It is up to each soul to decide if they’ll help make the way open for His return. The more people helping, the sooner it will be. ***
          Remember, some want this “nonsense” because of the perceived benefits they receive from having the “nonsense”. There were many Nazis who did not hold to Hitler’s policies, but they got to have a life full of riches and wealth because of his policies, so they went along with it. There are some people who want pain and suffering for others, because of the perceived benefits to themselves. ***
          We still have all the “nonsense,” because people have not prayed enough for it to end. Yet, one day our prayers will help us reach the shore we are rowing towards and the day will arrive that He returns in the same way that He left. Let all pray that we can each be present when the sun begins to rise bringing forth that long awaited day. ***
          PS. I’ll add that our own individual 1000 years of peace can begin the day that we begin actively building 1000 years of forgiveness, compassion, and mercy within our own hearts and lives.


      • I think what the student loan crisis brings is the realization of students being more prudent in their choices of where they go to school and using unconventional methods of schooling. With such a high demand for tech, healthcare workers there are diverse tracks in those fields due to the high demand for those career tracks. I know of Programming boot camps that will guarantee you a job – Education will be more experiential


        • I agree. Where traditional paths are not available, new non-traditional paths are being created. “Necessity is the mother of invention.”
          PS. I worked for a time to help potential students find grants and scholarships in special books in libraries. I still recommend going to the libraries, asking for the reference desk, and finding out if they have the books which list hundreds of grants and scholarships of many kinds. These books and the sources still exist. It just takes some time in the libraries.


    • Prayers heal all things. The more prayers, the more healing. As such, if all things stay the same, the tensions between India and China will continue for several decades. However, as this century progresses, I see positive changes happening in both China and India. These changes will help to bring about a cessation of tensions, and a more cooperative relationship. Currently, commerce can help to bring about a desire to have better relations. But, that alone won’t bring peace. Today’s generation will continue to see tensions between the two, but tomorrow’s generation will see things get much better.
      Again, prayer changes the future.


    • As long as freewill exists for every human soul, there will be the opportunity to choose to act to harm others. As long as we have a world where some want war because of those perceived benefits which war gives them, we will have people who pursue war. As long as people choose vengeance instead of forgiveness, we will have souls who seek perceived vengeance/justice. As long as human beings blame others for their own lives, all of these scenarios will continue.
      There is no difference in the eyes of God between terrorism and any other violence acted out upon someone. As long as human beings choose violence, there will be many names for it. As long as human beings justify killing for any socially acceptable reason, human beings will kill for individually acceptable reasons, also.
      So, yes, it will continue in some form or another perpetrated by any number of people.
      There is one thing to remember, both God and the soul choosing one’s own path – determine the experiences of one’s own life. Even though we may not consciously be aware of the choices we’ve made in past lives, deep within our soul, we’re still aware that the choices were made. Even though we may struggle with the experiences we go through in this life, we are still actively working to heal and reverse any destructive choices we’ve made. Our current acts of love, kindness, patience, mercy, forgiveness and the like, are the medicines that heal the choices we make and have made that cause(d) injury and harm.


  3. Thank you for your hard work Jodie, it’s very much appreciated! I have been told there are currently changes going on in various elements that are changing our cell structures, that what has been taking place spiritually is now beginning to take place physically. Do you see how this may affect human behavior? I know prayer and meditation is always an answer for achieving these things on an individual basis, but these molecular changes are beginning to affect atmosphere, grass and trees, soil, lightning in storms, etc., and I’m hoping these will begin having a wider impact soon. Thanks!


    • All things vibrate. As we raise the vibrations within, this vibration reverberates out into the world. Like millions of tuning forks, the effect takes hold. This affects the atoms of the environment as well as the atoms within our own cell structures, impacting our DNA, bringing change, evolution and greater capacity for being aware of things beyond current days’ awareness. It starts at the higher spiritual level within us, and then brings transformation and change in the physical world.
      And why does it happen this way? So that all who are in the darkness can be helped back into the light.


  4. Do you have any perspective a rapid acceleration of the Greenland ice shelf melt, and catastrophic changes to the Earth as a result of it, like the release of methane gas from the Siberian permafrost and an unanticipated ice age in the northern hemisphere?


  5. Jodie, would you please elaborate more on the future economy of the U.S. I have followed you for several years and I recall that you mentioned we should be prepared for what was coming a little beyond 2018 . I took your comments to mean food shortages and difficult times ahead.. Do you still see this happening?


  6. I think this is the first time I have been to this psychic website. Predictions vary on different psychic websites. Some psychics think Trump will not complete his first term because of scandals involving him and others that work closely with him. According to some websites this will not necessarily result in Pence becoming president because he may also get implicated along with several Trump family members and White House staff or Trump campaign personnel.
    The actions recently taken by Robert Mueller III suggest that indictments against one or more individuals associated with Donald Trump is likely. The FBI may well have knowledge of certain things that the general public knows only partially or not at all about.


  7. Jodie, first I want to say again I thank you for your predictions. You called it on Harvey although it was stronger than you thought. But you did say if a major one was stronger or weaker than you expected then they all would be stronger or weaker. I just wanted to ask you about Irma. We live in Orlando and I from your predictions it didn’t sound like we would take a direct hit this season but the future does change. I was wondering if you see Irma coming up the peninsula of Florida that a lot of models are predicting. We personally had a rough year financially due to a job loss and our home owners lapsed. So we are praying that this will pass us as well as prayers for those recently devastated by Harvey.


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