A Drop of Ocean

Every experience that a human being goes through belongs to every human being. Every experience that any living organism has belongs to every living organism.

Every experience that is part of any galaxy or the entire physical universe belongs to the whole galaxy or whole physical universe.

Everything in the ocean belongs to every drop of the ocean. Everything within the Infinite Consciousness of God belongs to every part of the Infinite Consciousness of God.

All of Infinity belongs to every part of Infinity. All experiences belong to all that can experience.

By the term “belongs to” I mean ‘is inherent to,’ ‘imbibed to’, ‘innate to,’ ‘part of,’ and therefore, ‘no separation from.’

The experience of taking the first step on the moon, belongs to every human being. The experience of turning the gas knob to ‘on’, at the gas chambers of Auschwitz belongs to every human being. Every experience of breaking every athletic record or murdering another person, every act of good and every act of evil belongs to every living organism that has the capacity to experience – from the largest of all things to the smallest of all things.

Every organism or consciousness part of the Infinite by the nature of having no separation, no dis-union, by the nature of being one with Infinite things, … owns all experiences that are experienced.

The Infinite Consciousness of God owns all experiences that are experienced, because no experience happens separate from the Infinite Consciousness of God. All beings and things that have some level of consciousness – which are all things that exist – are part of the Infinite Consciousness of God, and therefore connected to all things that exist.

As we do unto others, therefore, we do unto all Infinity, of which we, ourselves, are included.  This means that both dying on the Cross and knowing the full Glory of God belongs to all of us.


(©, 2017, Jodie Senkyrik)

3 thoughts on “A Drop of Ocean

  1. shalom Jodie, thank you for your insightful comments. I would like to add a few comments from my Jewish tradition. Yes we are all connected, if you murder one person, you murder a thousand, if you save one life you save a thousand, not only in this generation but for generations to come. My paternal grandparents were gassed in Auschwitz, as well as many aunts uncles and cousins on both maternal and paternal sides. My late father was one of only 4 survivors of a large exteded family of 250 members. It has not been the only “Holocaust” nor is it the last. When people place material “things” and power and greed as their “G-d” the end result is usualy genocide or slavery. As a first born American, I can testify that the anguish, pain of the Shoah did not stop in my parents generation or the shores of this country. Psychologists have deduced that it takes five generations to diminish the symptoms of trauma rendred by genorcide. That is all groups of people. Just to place this in perspective. Today there are 13 million Jews left in the entire world. In the over 70 years after Auschwitz was liberated – (one of many camps) pre- Holocaust numbers have not nor will not be reached. Krakow, where my paternal grandfather was born had over 100,000 Jews prior to 1939, The entire Jewish population was decimated and their Synagogues were turned into Churches, the same thing happend in Spain and other countries to it’s Jewish populations. My question to you is, why are there so many white supremicists here in the USA, who profess to be “good” Christians, who continue to hate Jews and accuse us of conspiricy and part of a Synagogue of Satan? Like my parents before me, I am concerned for my children and grandchildren.


    • Thank you so much for sharing your words. Your sharing represents so many voices, through the ages, who are unable to share. Thank you, again, and God bless you.


  2. Hi Jodie,

    This is a powerful and flowing protestation of the infinite connectedness of All…….

    Certainly you have deeply experienced such interconnectedness in many dimensions to write so passionately….

    Wow!!! May you have many who appreciate your psychic’s view…

    May we all sense and know such passions, then we could never knowingly harm one another..,,

    So be it 🙏🏻💗🙏🏻 Roberta


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