Sadness and grief permeate all facets of suicide. The human experiences of those who commit suicide and the human experiences of those who are left behind contain all manners of sorrow and pain before, during and after it is done. From the spiritual side of life, there is another consideration – an  opportunity to grow as a soul is lost.

Many humans will discuss the subject of suicide and condemn the act. Many say it’s not a problem at all.  Many say that it is an unforgivable sin. Many say that the person goes to hell for committing suicide. Many people say many things about what others do.

But, God does not take instruction from mankind. Like so many other things, our experience on the other side is very much based on our beliefs on this side. The standards we set for others are the standards we must be judged by – to some degree.  The point being that God determines what God’s perspective and stance on something is.

In the process of soul growth – the expansion and evolution of the consciousness of an individual spirit inhabiting or not inhabiting a body – we are afforded many opportunities to learn of our relationships to God, to each other and to ourselves. Suicide, like many other things of this type in life, (murder, drug addiction, etc) prevents or stops particular opportunities for the soul to face certain necessary challenges.  But in the eternity of Infinite time, something else is the case.

First, suicide, like so many other experiences, is a personal choice. How we treat others is a choice. How we treat God is a choice. How we treat ourselves is a choice.

When suicide is chosen and acted out, very little of their personal pain, challenges and lessons change for the soul. Their challenges don’t go away. Their suffering doesn’t go away. However, their connection to others on Earth who may have been helpful does go away for a while. Their opportunity to continue learning of the issues at hand does go away for a while.

Still, learning as a whole, does not go away. Starting over at some point in the future and facing the same challenges, doesn’t go away. While we will one day be required to clean up our exact same messes with regards to the people who had been in our physical life, the fact that “God loves a soul who is willing to start over” (Edgar Cayce) means that we are not abandoned in our soul growth after an act of suicide. It will just take longer.  It also means we don’t get to escape from learning a “particular lesson”.

As souls, we have much to learn. As human beings, we have much to learn in the extreme. One of those things to learn is that while many want it to be, suicide isn’t the escape people think it is. There is no escape from the soul work we have to do or the issues, circumstances, and challenges that we must eventually and one day will face.

As human beings we have many experiences that can lead us to think that suicide is the only door open to us. So many of us, if not all of us, must face this perspective that we have potentially within us. One thing to remember, (when the time comes for each of us to answer this question for ourselves,) is that we are not designed to go through life alone. We are designed to need one another.  The need for one another can be said to have been built into our “spiritual DNA” – the very energy/essence of our existence.  It is truth that we are all in this boat together. We are teammates. We can make it through these experiences by connecting to our teammates, relying on others to help us, and one day in turn, maybe us helping some other teammate.

Another thing to remember, is that Christ can truly be thought of as one of our best friends. (We will always have this one best friend.)  When we face the challenges that we will face, we can reach out to our best friends – the friend who is most able to understand and have room for us in their heart.  We can also reach out to any teammates who are “in the boat rowing along side of us (any human whom we find to reach out to.)

While we may argue this point, it really is true – God designed us to need one another. Problems arise when we try to ignore this need.  Problems can be healed and resolved when we understand and act on this need.


“We aren’t meant to go it alone.  God designed us to need one another.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1996 – 2017, Jodie Senkyrik)

7 thoughts on “Suicide

  1. Over 30 years ago my friend committed suicide, and my heart still hurts when I think of her leaving. I have gone over our last phone conversation many times trying to figure out what I could have said to make a difference. At that time we lived about 150 miles apart. I think of the song “If I needed You Would You Come to Me?” If I had known how serious it was I would have gone. She took on too many things to work on during this lifetime I think. Thank you for writing your helpful insights, Jodie! I agree with what you write.


  2. Hi Jodie,

    Thank you for this beautiful article; you articulated what I have felt true. There were several times in my life when I contemplated suicide; I am now very grateful for the learning and growth those difficult times offered.

    Love, Stephanie


    • Truly, there are so many people who could say the exact same thing. Sometimes, within our soul’s different lifetimes, we’ve gained the wisdom of facing our challenges from the hard lessons we learned when experiencing times in which we did not face those challenges.


  3. My personal belief is that the mind and love of the Creator is beyond our comprehension. Whatever transpires between the soul (ending his/her life by suicide) and their God is not known by us. I do not condone suicide, but can see that many people take that path because of extreme suffering; many are mentally ill. By saying that one thing or another is so is limiting our desire to understand our Creators love. Do I believe that suicide stops our soul growth? No. The creation is infinite…there are many ways to grow. Do I believe that the act of suicide has to be accounted for? Depends-that’s between God and that particular soul. We have laws of all kinds to live by in this life…..and we all do our best to abide by these rules, spiritually and otherwise. But again, we can as human beings can only comprehend just so much-we don’t have the big picture, only the Creator does. Our part is to send love, compassion and prayers to these souls-and no judgement..


    • Thank you for your contribution to the blog.
      With regards to whether God’s consciousness and Love is beyond us, I would only offer this: …
      Consider the relationship which loving parents have with their children. Does their deep love cause the mother or father to hide who they are from their children? to not reveal themselves to their children? to not reveal their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, …
      or does this love move them to demonstrate over and over who the parent is within themselves – revealing themselves in whatever way possible, so the child knows the love and the sincerity of the love, in all forms which the love can manifest, with the parents in turn offering themselves as examples of how to have loving relationships with others?
      If it is so with human parents, how could it not be with the one parent who’s consciousness is Infinite Love? I suggest the Infinite Consciousness of God does seek to reveal Him/Herself to us in whatever manner which God sees that would help us learn. But, He/She won’t force it on us, if we say, “No” to Him/Her. “I stand at the door and knock.” It will always be up to us, of our own freewill choosing, whether to decide to open the door letting Him/Her in to our hearts, minds and souls.


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