Winter Weather Still

For those in the northern Midwest as well as the North Eastern states, the winter weather won’t leave completely until around the 1st week in May (depending on location) to the 2nd week in May.  This kind of winter experience will be duplicated many times in the years ahead.  For example, the bad news: 5 of the next 10 years will be worse than this year, 1-2 years of the next 10 years will be similar, but for the good news – 3 to 4 of the next 10 years will be better (warmer weather).

The discrepancy (looseness of the prediction for the last 2 categories) is based on human choice.  Human consciousness affects the weather.  No amount of arguing against this will change it.  In fact, just the opposite will occur.


4 thoughts on “Winter Weather Still

    • “Lord, Creator, let these prayers help to bring forth your healing energy for the weather patterns, and the people on Earth. Let your healing energy come into the Earth for all life in all ways that are needed, for your purpose and your sake.” Amen


  1. Does human consciousness affect hurricanes as well? And, now that I think about it does the counsciousness of cities such as San Diego, known for their mild temperate climate, mean that the consciousness in that location is perhaps more mild or general or am I over simplifying it?


    • Human Consciousness does indeed affect hurricanes in both the creation of them as well as the dissolving of them. The processes are way beyond our current human understanding if we only look at scientific understanding. But, from the Spiritual perspective, in short, the hatred, anger, rage and aggression of human consciousness of many ages of mankind, reflects into the physical Earth realm and manifests into, among other things, hurricanes. The opposite is also true. One example is as follows: I gave a reading in 2002 and saw 2006 as a busy hurricane season. It was very clear. I held to that vision when 2006 arrived. Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, and millions of prayers were given for the people of the Gulf Coast as a result. These prayers called forth the Christ’s energy to such a great level that the Christ energy/healing healed the 2006 and a big part of the 2007 hurricane season. The weather forecasters were baffled why the busy 2006 hurricane season never happened. Why does it not happen this way always? Because people don’t pray always.
      With the consciousness of cities – the weather patterns come into existence over hundreds and thousands of years usually. Karma also has an influence on weather patterns – the experience we create for others is the experience we create for ourselves. The current mildness or horror of the weather is built by forces of a longer time range than just what happens in the moment, today.


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