Psychic Predictions for 2017

Predictions for the United States

In the days immediately after the swearing in ceremony, I see a stepping up of assaults against the North Dakota Standing Rock protesters.  It will last for at least 3 weeks, possibly 5 or more, before those in authority step back to examine other strategies.  Many will seek ways to circumvent the decision by the Corp of Engineers and go ahead with completion of the pipeline.

For the year of 2017, I see the US economy starting off well in the winter and spring months with only a few “not too worrisome” economic ups and downs happening until the summer of 2017.  The general public will not be aware of much of this.  As the US exits summer, greater economic ups and downs will happen.  The economic road in the last few months of 2017 will become rocky indeed.  By the end of 2017, many will be worried because of economic instability starting to be clear and visible to more than just a few.  The year will end with a general feeling of “getting a little beat up.”

Gasoline prices at the pump will slowly begin to climb at the beginning of the year, but will level off through the spring.  By mid-Summer, I see a slight drop before the beginning of Fall when I see gas prices begin to rise again.   I’m seeing a range from $2.40-$2.80/gallon coming back in 2017, although it’s fluctuation could still be all over the place.  What I definitely see is it not staying at the level it is now.  Gasoline prices are going up.

Alternative energies in the US, will not get a lot of government support, and so these companies will call on the people of the US to help the industries grow.  This call from those people in the industry will help generate some popular support, but the general population are also going to be dealing with the beginning of having less spending power.  Those industry leaders who call for finding ways to streamline or lower the costs for people will keep a steady business pace.  Some areas of R&D will slow down because of budget cuts.

2017 will see a continuing growth of personal involvement in grass-roots efforts and activism.  More people will seek ways to become more active in influencing directions the country goes.

For the US, during 2017, I see the potential for some mostly small earthquake activity in Arkansas, related to the fracking in Oklahoma.

The topic of extraterrestrial activity will get attention in the central to Midwest states.

A town in western Florida will have a wonderful event happen.  Somewhere around Quincy, FL area.  I don’t see what it is, but it will make them delighted and happy.

2017 is not the year that affordable health care coverage in the US will be made unavailable for many people.  That’s 2018.

In general, in the US, we will see more extreme weather events in 2017.  Most of it will be during January thru May.

The World

The Pope will travel more in Europe in 2017.  I also see him making a trip to South America and a potential trip into central Africa.  His message will be consistent with his overall message so far.  He is seeking to give hope to people.

In 2017, there will be little progress for peace in the Middle East.  Some cease fire agreements will happen, but eventually they will be broken.

In general, India’s economy will stay at the level it is now.   I don’t see much growth, if at all.  It won’t get worse, though.  India will be waiting to see how other countries go with regards to the new presidency in the US, so they won’t be taking risks in their economic progress.  Ideally, India would do better not waiting to see how the US goes, but step forward to take a lead in economic directions.  This next 50 years is India’s half-century and India has the potential to become a stronger leader than it currently is in the world’s economy.  However, the poverty in India will continue to be a very big problem for people for decades to come.  I’m not seeing progress for the general health care conditions.  But, I do see progress in the decades ahead in the area of education – especially in the 2020’s.

Minor progress will be made in the field of archaeology around the world.  I don’t see any significant discoveries in 2017.  However, there will be further understanding and expansion of those discoveries already made.  Archaeological discoveries in Egypt will not progress that much, or as much as many want.

China’s economy will continue to grow through the 1st half of the year.  It will become rocky during the 2nd half of the year making Chinese government officials nervous.  The Chinese economy in the 2nd half won’t be bad, but it won’t perform as many hoped it would.

In 2017, Japan’s economy will continue to be stable and a good place to invest.

2017 is not the year of direct dangerous activity from Russia.

Canada will be a productive nation in 2017.  I see much good energy and good progress for Canada in 2017.

2017 will be another difficult year for Great Britain.  There will be more governmental upheaval (around April-July) which will cause the country to “stumble” some.  In time, it will stand back up, but it will take more than just 2017.

Australia will have fires to deal with in 2017, with at least one that is massive in size.  The economy in Australia will be strong and stable throughout the year, but I don’t see much growth.  However, I don’t see it going down unless its a very small amount – still strong though.


More to come

11 thoughts on “Psychic Predictions for 2017

    • You’re not going to like my answer at all.

      The reason we have war in the Earth is because we have not prayed enough for peace. We have freewill. God would never force war onto people who choose and then act for peace. We can choose to go to war if we want war, or we can choose to pray and work for peace if we want peace. All of us, including you, get to be a part of choosing for the whole – chosen by the acts we carry out. So, choose and carry out the acts which align with your choice. No future is set in rock. We can change all futures – for the better or for the worse. This is and always has been the truth. That’s what freewill is all about.

      If you choose to believe instead that it is your and India’s destiny to go to war, and you carry out acts that lead to war, then you have made your choice. If you choose to believe that it is your destiny to have peace, but do not carry out any acts that would bring peace, you have also made a choice. If you choose to believe that it is your destiny to have peace and then pray with all courage and strength, carrying out acts that would lead to peace, then you have also made a choice.

      If the people and government officials choose to go to war with Pakistan and China, then that is your answer. If the people and government officals choose peace, then that is your answer.

      It is not set in rock. Humanity does not have an independent non-freewill future.

      So, my answer is this: psychically, I see the people and the government officials having a choice.


  1. I understand that future depends on peoples choice, and depending on freewill future can change. 2017-2020 period is significant for india, lots of difficulties and 2020 poses a threat of war. My question was, in that case what will be the outcome? However, I think I found the answar. If we practice restraint despite provocation, we will come out victorious despite having no war taking place.


    • Yes, patience, prayer, and more patience and prayer. Now is the time for a call for prayers for India and Pakistan and the people of each. The more prayer, the more hope. The more prayer, the greater the healing. The more prayer, the better will be the futures of both. Pray, pray, pray, for India and its neighbors.
      “God’s presence is strengthened in the lives of those prayed for.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1998-2017, Jodie Senkyrik)
      “God does more good, than any politician ever could.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1998-2017, Jodie Senkyrik)
      “We give God to others, when we give forgiveness to others.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2017, Jodie Senkyrik)
      “The more prayer and meditation, the more God. The more God, the less war.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1998-2017, Jodie Senkyrik)


  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and visions of the challenging times that lie ahead. After listening to your two hour audio and realizing what I have felt intuitively for many years, I am trying to prepare myself as best I can. I live in Reno, NV and work in the mortgage industry. We have been recovering from the real estate crash and I have been thinking about whether investing in another rental house would provide more income as I am turning 70 this year. (Although during the last crisis, tenant checks bounced, they lost their jobs, etc and it was no picnic). With gas prices and interest rates rising, and the buying power of all us shrinking, that implies inflation. But with the economy taking a serious downturn, I would think home prices would drop severely so maybe I should sell my homes so I can have money to live on. Could you please share what you see the economic picture looks like in my area in 5, 10 years from now? Will the value of our money be worth less, so that having cash will not help either? I want to be able to take care of myself and help my children in the coming years. I feel we can survive if we have a sense of what is coming. Thank you again


  3. “For the year of 2017, I see the US economy starting off well in the winter and spring months with only a few “not too worrisome” economic ups and downs happening until the summer of 2017.” You are right about this.


  4. ok this year is another big but rocky road for marijuana legalization?….trump said to sessions “leave legal weed up to the states”….an he hired him not to come in an take out billion dollar industry….

    im a fellow psychic (thanks to my grandma an my moms souix cinnabion blood line….i can do tarot,palm readings,i can communicate with my sister an brother telepathically an get th to do things by sending direct messages to there minds(i have demonstrated this to my self but kept lowkey on my abilities cuz my mom warned me to the more i tap into the stronger they will be…

    an in highschool i made one prediction…cigrettes will be slowly outlawed an medical an recreational marijuana would be legalized….i alao predicted it would be because former FDA/Big Pharma would see former employees turn on them exposing its health relieving purposes (with help of drs Biologist etc) an that tax payers were enforced into paying taxes that went for fake research to hide an cover up the truth on the cannabis plants 700 relief potential for medical conditions medical and now 35 (was 34) for cancers am tumors an over 60 industrail uses (replace harmful plastics today,cotton,biofuel etc…

    the US took a gamble thanks to obama the states economies that legalized it were slowly bouncing back….

    the result medical an rec use legal for medical patients 21 an up…an as
    of 2017…wash,ore,colo,cali,Alaska….the states total revenue from legal weed total 5.8 billion an colorado for 8 months straight has made a steady 100+ million (predicted 1 billion+ made by the years end tax money made from it)….

    an now by years end sessions will not hold office an will forced out becuase he was recruited by trump to help with the immagration issues an raids an trump said flat out “leave the cannabis legalizing issues to states” signaling a favoring of state rights….

    psychic chapkera says “trumps anti cannabis views are evaporating because he sees legal weed has a hit to the cartels an immagrations as another damaging blow to illegals an illegal cartel immagrants who are being weeded out”….

    so its apparent Mr.Sessions is lying an hoping his lies are gonna revive a trillion dollar anti cannabis war that was lost over a 40 yr time frame….an the facts are out……

    so do u think federal cannabis prohibtion will end an the feds will give up the fight an declare it lost…

    an trump will hang the noose on seasions anti cannabis revival?…i was in the hospital thr day he was sworn in an saw him signing exec orders an i had close caption on which put words on the TV an i could see what he was saying an hear it an

    one of the exec orders he signed “i saw an heard the words as he signed the 3rd-4th one “Smoking is now legal”….my psychic alarm went off an said “he did it”…but sessions wasnt aware of this yet an will get a nasty surprise wake up call when trump reveals at a point he signed a execuative order ending fed prohibtion on cannabis under the noses of the DEA,FBI,FDA,Big Pharma etc over night but set the line more clear as far as rules an regulations go…an also see this will enforce the DEA to reschedule it with no federal prohibtion against it im seeing many good things come of this jobs,medical breakthroughs,cures (finally coming to light)….an the industrail market even seeing a bigger money gain….

    an the police forces were its legal (seeing the biggest getting fed up with the AG calling for his removal do to his hard headed one sided views (using info that was proven by whistleblowers to be a load of bs)..

    an that trumps thought regaurding sessions being a good sider on the ICE an immagration wave length was wrong an hes seeing sessions deliberatly try an gut a fast paced new billion dollar industry for no reasons an the job 250-750,000 jobs its gonna create go for no reason…an him attempt gut thus industry when trump told him “immgration is our issue not crackin down on legal weed”….

    do u think trump will hang up sessions on the crackdown an appoint a new AG who is pro cannabis an on the level hes on regaurding immagration raids?…

    with an expected 8 more legalizing 21 an us use an 30 now for medical…thats gonna bring in another 5-10 billion expected and once all 50 states legalize for rec use ….the DEA literally will be strained bad enough that that states will pass laws that out right ban state an local police an other state agencys from doing raids on legal markets an will prohibit the any federal bribes or fed funding trying to crack down or slow the growing multi billion $ market….

    abc trans?…u think the white house will fold on sessions crackdown an go head with making money off it like they are seeing?….whats ur psychic call an vision for this economy saving market?…im asking cuz i see legalization, an new strains coming out oils …as well as cotton fading an hemp string being used as a main source for clothing designers…an the world taking notice an the fact many countrys legalizing it to….an when voices are heard the guys behind the scenes forced to give up on there bull headed anti cannabis agenda for good? but i like i mentioned ending fed prohibtion saw in a dream happend in a secret meeting with a final bill ending prohibtion so fast that the FBI,DEA,Big pharma,FDA making up to it an by time they all saw the bill federally legalizing it they didnt have time to react……

    whats ur take? am im on to a major prediction an my highschool prediction finally coming to light?


    • Marijuana could be made legal, but that doesn’t mean it does not cause consequences to the human body. It blocks the spirit’s ability to fully enter and activate the human body. It’s spiritual effects are similar to alcohol. One can be in a room with another who is UTI, and feel completely alone in the room. The spirit of the person UTI is no longer present due to being blocked through the brain from being fully present in the body.
      Remember, it does not bring any person closer to being someone who forgives or someone who has compassion or someone who practices patience with others who they previously resented. It does nothing to increase a person’s feelings of mercy and compassion towards someone they previously disdained. It merely disconnects the user from being fully in the world to face the challenges we’re meant to face. It does nothing to help us to love God above all else, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

      Psychic ability ultimately doesn’t have the purpose of seeing the future or not seeing the future- and potentially serving our own ego. It’s greater purpose is whether it can help us to know ourselves and our relationship to God and each other. If we don’t use it for this, then why bother having it at all.

      A master had a young student who told the master that he wanted to go off and learn how to walk on water. So, the student left for 20 years and came back – saying to the master, “Look, I can now walk on water.” The master told him, “You have just wasted 20 years.”
      There are many drugs that will affect the mind and consciousness. There are no drugs that will open our heart to love, to forgive those we place guilt on, to heal our relationships, to offer hope to the oppressed, to give kindness to our enemies, to be patient with those that condemn others, or to sit in stillness and wait upon the Lord.


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