More of the 2nd of 3 events – A Call to Prayer

December 25.2014

(This is the previously password protected article and no one needs the password from here on.  This is written in reverse chronological order with the earliest parts at the bottom of the article.   I always added at the top of the article.)

The closer the time comes to the August, 2015, event timeline, the stronger I see it, but I also see that prayers will help.  I’m currently seeing it happening during the 2nd week of August with the earliest start time being August 7, the earliest visibility time being around August 9, the earliest reporting time being the first week of August, and the event day being between August 11-15, with the highest possible day being August 13th and 14th, 2015 both.

November 17, 2014

Here’s an odd piece of information that came forward in discussing predictions – around 58,000,000 years ago, processes in the Earth started that set up the foundation that is contributing to this event.  Then, 16 million years ago another contributing process happened within the Earth, then more as time gets closer to now.   (Yes, even this information is available in the Akashic Records to be gathered.)

As time continues, I’m seeing the event happen, and I’m NOT seeing it NOT happen.  Both of these are important.  What this means is that I’m seeing the processes that will lead to it and I’m seeing that with these processes in the Earth happening, and having happened, it can’t not happen.

I see a volcano, but more than a volcano.  It’s almost like the volcano or volcanoes that is/are currently there will be made larger.   The potential earthquake and tsunami will come as a result of the volcano/s.

After the new year, I’m going to make this a public article.  Some preparations can be made.  Greater benefits would be to not be in the area from the 2nd week of August until after the 2nd week of September.  I see it happen in August, but the devastation could be harmful to life until after mid-September.

November 2, 2014

I haven’t mentioned much lately, but as time progresses I still see additional aspects of the event.

I’m seeing June and July, 2015 being very prominent and if these two months have some serious activity, (I think – geological activity) then the 2 months will precede the month of August bringing much worse.

The 2nd to 3rd weeks in June is what I see, and then the 1st to 2nd week in July.  Then I see a lull until the 2nd week in August.  I see the beginnings of the August event being deep in the Earth.  Now, in August, I think I see earthquakes over about 7-8 or so days, causing a fissure deep in the Earth’s crust that will trigger volcanic activity off the coast of Venezuela.

If there is no activity in June and July, 2015, then the event in August will be much, much less.

October 10, 2014

I continue to test the vibrations that I believe I see, in the hopes of finding that which is accurate understanding of what is vibrationally visible.  With this, I believe I’m not seeing a meteorite effects and result, but the combination of an earthquake and with it – a volcano spurred by the earthquake.

While I’ve seen what looked like the results of a meteorite, I’ve never seen a meteorite, itself causing the “results”.  This doesn’t mean there is none, but I still don’t see it.

Meanwhile, we’re reaching a time that we now must wait and see, spending the time praying, meditating to bring forth and send energy/light.

October 2, 2014

“So, the second event you see happening is between July and Dec 2015 with a two month pre-warning…..then the 3rd (economic) event will happen within the following 4 years ? 2016-2020……how on earth could we possibly prepare for any of this?”

As time goes on, we’ll have more exacting information.  But, meanwhile…

We prepare the same way we prepared for Japan’s event and the Indonesian Tsunami.  We live our life.  Be aware.  Pray.  Meditate.  Learn.  Love.  Live.  Laugh.  We do the best we can.  Obviously these events are serious, but living our lives is more important than having perfect preparation for any of these or like events.  If special preparations are in order, then common sense and wise decisions are what are called for.  I’ll share what I suggest and see is helpful as time continues.

We will face all kinds of situations all of our lives.  We will face pain and joy, agony and ecstasy.  No event of any level or magnitude calls for us to live a life in fear.  Live wisely – yes.  Be cautious – yes.  Take appropriate action and response – yes.  But, live in fear of life – no.

Always and forever, the issue isn’t whether we’re prepared or not prepared for the future Earth disasters.  We can take wise steps to some extent, but remember death happens every day.  The real issue is whether we’re preparing for helping and healing our relationships with those in our lives today.  What steps have we taken to love, to forgive, to show mercy and understanding?  Relationships are what we live with every day.  This is where we need our real effort.

The important relationships I refer to also includes relationships with our communities.  What steps do we take to strengthen our communities,  or support those members who may not have what they need?  How do we contribute to the lives of those around us?  This is where we start.  If we can unify and help solidify the lives of those we’re connected to, we can survive any disaster.  If we strengthen the brotherhood/sisterhood of humankind, we can face all of life’s challenges.

If we’ve done this work, then even if we should die in an event, we would have succeeded in preparing for the most important parts of life – and leave the legacy of Love and service from which others may learn and follow.


“The next time you wonder how to deal with certain people, don’t ask, ‘How would Jesus deal with them?’.  Ask, ‘How does Jesus deal with me, when I’m like that?’ ” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1999-2014, Jodie Senkyrik)

September 10, 2014

One of the things I saw during the 2006 hurricane season which never manifested – was the Christ Spirit and Energy covering and protecting the entire Gulf of Mexico all the way into the hurricane mid-season of 2007.  This presence came because of millions of prayers from across the nation for the Gulf Coast as a result of Hurricane Rita, and had the affect of balancing all the energy that would otherwise have manifested as hurricanes during 2006.  Remember, Christ said to the storm, “Peace, be still.” and the storm quieted.  As 2000 years ago, so also in our days.

I now do see the beginning of a start of the presence of Christ Energy and Spirit.  This Spirit and Energy comes as a call from prayers and meditations.  Christ knocks at the door and can only enter through the door if welcomed.  We do welcome Him.


“The fall of the asteroid is the first phase of this judgment, the second will be the shock-wave on these places, immediately the earthquake of 12 degrees, the tsunami, the three days of darkness and the sixth will be the outbreak of a great pestilence. This will be the worst of the six events. It will be a result of the decomposition of bodies floating on the water and left unburied. (The 3 days of darkness and the flooding of oceans and rivers will make it very difficult to get rid of the bodies). Everybody will be affected in different days and times.
No matter how many medications are stored, Jehovah God will bring this nation back to His feet, through this punishment. God will move the entire continent in a way that has never been seen.”  G.

Your views and beliefs are common in our world.  But, let’s examine this.  Believing in a judgmental, vengeful God has contributed to millions and millions of people believing that natural occurrences are the manifestations of that vengeance, and millions have gone on to believe that they must carry out the vengeance of the God who they believe exists.  At the same time, then, millions and millions through the ages have suffered and do suffer at the hands of and at the perceptions of those who believe in – and justify their own actions based on – a vengeful God – a God who brings condemnation, punishment and death as His gift to humans.

Isn’t that why we’re in such a mess on this planet?  All along, we’ve used and still use bitter, rage-filled anger, our own desire for vengeance and our own condemning of ourselves and others as the fuel for the fire.  Then we justify our own hate-filled actions adding pain and suffering to people’s lives by calling it either an act of God or our own “acting on God’s behalf.”   I suggest that what we pursue in our own life to further and develop within ourselves, is the kind of God we’ll decide to further and believe in – including vengeance within ourselves and therefore within the God that we choose of our own freewill to believe in.

Even the Bible is filled with vengeance attributed to God.  Look how easy it has been to further that belief and teach that in our world.  Yet, when Jesus came and told us, “He that has seen me, has seen the Father,” (John 14:9) Jesus carried out absolutely no vengeance, whatsoever.  None.  In fact, what He gave us and demonstrated to us was the exact opposite of vengeance, the opposite of hatred and the opposite of condemning each other.  What He gave us was the chance to witness a Father/Mother God of Loving kindness, of mercy and of forgiveness.  He demonstrated compassion, tolerance, understanding, helping service, support, patience, and goodwill to everyone and everything. “He that has seen me, has seen the Father,” (John 14:9) is what He said.  Yet, many of us still choose to believe the opposite of what He said.

Your views and beliefs are common in our world, and of your own freewill, you can continue to believe as you decide for yourself.  I would suggest that the kind of God we decide to believe in, is what we will seek to become like.

I don’t choose the views and beliefs that you state here.  I believe in a God whose gifts to us are Tolerance, Understanding, Life, Love, Service, Mercy, Goodwill and never-ending Presence, Patience and Help in our lives regardless of what we believe.  Perhaps you might agree with some of this.

I think we benefit from striving to believe in the very best God that we believe could exist.  We then may strive to be the very best children of that Father/Mother God.

There are over 7 billion people on the planet.  No two people believe exactly and perfectly the same.  That means there are over 7 billions different belief systems on the planet.  That’s not a bad thing.  Imagine if everyone believed exactly the same thing in every way.  No belief would ever be challenged.

September 9, 2014

I”m now convinced the timing is about right.  With signs beginning in June, 2015 through July, 2015 and the event happening in August, 2015.  Why am I convinced? Because I realize now that I’ve also been looking for ways for it to NOT happen and I can find none.  By “ways” I mean ‘timelines” or event lines or some way that I can be off or completely backwards or not see correctly to give some hope or chance that we can avoid it as a planet.  But, I’ve found none.

The world will experience this – not all in the same way – but like the Indonesian event and the Japanese event, the whole world will watch.

Since there were two tsunamis for the Indonesian and Japanese events, it’s also possible that a tsunami will occur in this one.  Whether caused by an earthquake or meteorite, I’m seeing a giant wave moving southward into Venezuela.

September 5, 2014

I believe I’m coming to a point to make this public.  Each time I look, I see energy playing out in the form of a unique event that will come forth physically as a catastrophic event.  I use this wording because this is the process that I am aware of.

I present the information not as a means to frighten, but a call for prayers for any and all ways that may help in some beneficial way for those involved.  This is the time to respond now – with a call for prayers to help in whatever way God knows will truly help, and I say to all that God does indeed know very real ways that will truly help – more-so than we do.

God does NOT reveal Himself through disasters and horrors. God reveals Himself through the hearts of those that respond to help during disasters and horrors.  God does  not inflict punishment in the form of earthquakes and natural disasters.  God is in the people’s hearts that rush in to help those who are hurt or suffering because of the earthquake.  These events are natural events and truly if no human existed on this planet, any “disaster” would go unnamed as such, because no human would be harmed.  These “natural” events have happened before mankind came onto this planet and will happen after mankind moves on from this planet.  Even the sun’s eventual expansion and engulfment of the planets of this solar system is a natural event.  Yes, God’s hand is in the creation of all things, but believing God to be infinite Love and infinite Mercy, then we can look to how we respond during events like these in order to “see” Him.  Hence, why it is God in the responding to help those who are hurt, injured, homeless, etc. and not in the cause.

While I’m not seeing a clear cause, yet.  I’m seeing the result of the cause – this being a “tsunami-like” event heading south towards the northern part of Venezuela.  The direction is southward from it’s causal point.  However, the reverse of the force will then be felt throughout the islands in the Caribbean.

While I’ve tried to identify the cause, I am having difficulty with either seeing it or believing what I’m seeing.  It may be possible that the cause is a large meteorite that hits in the waters off the coast of Venezuela and lands at such an angle that the water is “pushed” onto the coast of Venezuela.

And, again, a natural disaster but one where God comes forth through the work, the hearts and the willingness of those that help others who are in dire situations.

If it is a large meteorite, then the “signs” in June and July, might be precursor meteors and/or meteorites in those months.

I think the “explosion” I was seeing may be the result of a large superheated meteorite hitting a body of water.  This easily can be many!!! times larger than a WW2 size atomic bomb.

Could I be wrong?  Absolutely.

August, 26, 2014

The prayers of a few will save many.

I’m not seeing a direct connection with any events happening at this day and date – 2014.  What I’m seeing is in the neighborhood of the same levels of destruction as the Japanese devastation of 2011.  They had a 9.0 earthquake, a massively high Tsunami and a radioactive disaster/meltdown.  19,000 people died. In 2013, there were still 300,000 living in temporary shelter.

In 2010, Haiti was devastated by a 7.0 earthquake that killed over 200,000 people.  While I haven’t considered this before, this event might be part of the 2nd of 3 events with the 2nd half happening in August, 2015.  But, I don’t think so.  Because this happened to an isolated area.  I think the 2nd of the 3 events is more than a 1 country event.  Japan’s events affected many other countries.

I think the event off the coast of northern South AMerica will be a multiple country event.  I believe those other countries will be the many islands in the area, on both sides of Venezuela, some of the Gulf Coast, and then on through the Atlantic.  I believe we’ll see the death toll go up to hundreds of thousands, if not more than a million.  It is conceivable that some of the smallest of the islands may disappear – islands that are sparcely populated.

I think the region it will hit most will be the Venezuelan coast, with Guyana and Columbia getting hit sideways.  I think it will happen close to the coast line of Venezuela and the devastation will go southward mostly.  In looking at maps of the region in the water, there is deeper water northward and this could help the islands north of there – Puerto Rico and such.  The islands east of there will be affected, of course.  But, I see the major force moved southward with an epicenter of some type being NNE of Caracas.  I’m seeing the darkest energy and most destruction from Curacao to Port of Spain.

Then many diseases will spread like wildfire.  This will affect the same areas and the diseases will escape the efforts to contain them completely for quite a while.  There will be little to no SAFE drinking water for so many areas, which will help the diseases spread.

The islands east of there.  I’m not sure, but I may be seeing them almost being wiped off the map.  It’s hard to see this because of my own difficulties with what I see.  I try to see accurately and yet I see such disaster that I hope isn’t what will really happen.

“The prayers of a few will save many.”  This is the time to start praying.  The event cannot be stopped, but people can be saved.  I don’t think we’ll get enough prayers but if you’re reading this consider yourself part of a spiritual Red Cross.  Your prayers are being asked for.  There is much we can do through prayer.  We have a year to go before I see it happening.

The signs of this will be in June and early July.  I think there will be earth events in the Gulf of Mexico east of this area – perhaps Cuba in June.

If any of the oil rigs in the Gulf is destroyed from a Gulf Tsunami, then the whole Gulf will be a disaster area.  The shorelines along the Gulf will be the biggest mess we’ve ever seen.  Take a look at the Japan event disaster.  Each aspect of the disaster affected the other aspects of the disaster.  I think we’ll see waves along the entire coast at that level – several feet high Tsunami.

The prayers of a few will save many.

August 20, 2014

I believe I am identifying a Tsunami as part of this event.  That is why it’s devastation spreads to islands and eventually goes out into the Atlantic.  It appears that the force of the Tsunami is facing southward.  But, some smaller part is going to affect Florida, Cuba, and the northern Islands.

While I’m NOT seeing this as of yet, I’m wondering if there could be a land mass that comes out of the water.  This would have to be accompanied by massive earthquakes.  I’m trying to see what I don’t like seeing.

August 5, 2014

I see the entire North East portion of land in South America being affected by the event in August, 2015.

I see it possibly being connected underground to the 8 point earthquake in Chile.

July 19,2014

While it will affect the islands in that region, I think the spreading of the event, will dissipate the harm that it would inflict on any one area.


I think I see it being about 10x-20x worse than an oil spill like the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, but the problem with be spread out over a much larger area.


I’m starting to see something of the size of a volcano happening underground, perhaps a nuclear explosion.


By the Spring of 2016, this event’s effects will have spread throughout the entire Atlantic Ocean.


53 thoughts on “More of the 2nd of 3 events – A Call to Prayer

  1. I will be praying. Any suggestions as to what words/thoughts that I could use to help this situation would be appreciated, Jodie. Thank you for posting this! I thank God for giving you these talents and you for sharing them with us!


  2. Hello Jodie,

    I think that your thoughts that it might damage an oil rig could be spot on – it would certainly cause the spreading of some kind of contamination as you have pointed out in previous replies.

    When the BP spill happened, many scientists were worried that if left uncapped, the oil would contaminate the entire east coast. If the tsunami is as large or multiple as you state, this may happen somehow. It may reopen the cap on the BP rig and rip apart several others. It saddens me so much to think of all of those wonderful beaches being contaminated and covered with oil.

    There may be more rigs than what is there now due to an added push by the US government to export oil. If it’s as bad as you say, refineries may be involved as well.

    You seem to see the catalyst coming from underground (volcano) and over ground (meteor). Could the water catch on fire due to a spill?

    Reading over your various posts, it would seem that the catalyst is a natural event causing a man-made event. Does Venezuela also have offshore rigs?

    I can’t imagine this not having a huge economic impact on the US.


  3. Hello Jodie,

    After reading your post, I did some research on oil drilling in the Gulf. My goodness – there are a lot of them! If an event caused many of these to fail/uncap/explode, it could be like a domino effect. A wall of fire could ensue, and it would be nearly impossible to put out given the amount of oil and gas in the region.

    It does explain your repeated visions of a ‘spreading’ and that it would affect other areas and get worse.

    I’m wondering what can be done if this happens. From what I hear, all of the BP hasn’t even been cleaned up yet. My heart aches for these islands – my ancestry is from there and I was hoping to return.


    • In any event like this, the main force goes one way and the reverberation of that force can go the opposite way – weaker than the main force. What is helping the islands north of the predicted event center/site is that there is deeper water to the north. This will help some. However, ***IF*** it plays out as I’ve been seeing, I also see those northward islands being affected, just not at the same high level. However, any tsunami event will be devastating to the islands. Even if it were only 5-10 ft high, that would cause devastation.
      On the beneficial side: the islands are aware of the need for tsunami awareness, as they are with hurricane awareness. The warning systems in place will help considerably.


  4. I saw in previous post comments, that you don’t see a meteorite ever being big enough to cause that type of damage. I also read were you don’t see an actual “Three Days of Darkness.” Meaning the whole world is in darkness no sun, because of ashes from an explosion. Another man predicted this same event and saw an asteroid hitting too, but he saw the “darkness” that is supposed to take place. What should we do other than pray for this?


    • Correct to your first statement, and I’m still not sure if what I’m seeing is caused by a meteorite. Yes, I’m not seeing the “Three Days of Darkness” as being ‘no actual sunlight putting the whole world in darkness.’ Perhaps I don’t see that type of darkness because I focus less on physical phenomenon and more on the consciousnesses of the people going through an event like this. This is where I see the darkness, when a massive amount of people believe that God has abandoned them, and figuratively, their world as they know it, comes to an end. These kinds of “Days of Darkness” do happen based on the consciousnesses of the people who go through them.

      As to what to do – go to the One who can truly help. Enter into meditation or prayer and ask. Wait for the answer that is yours specifically. If in our hearts we are willing to help, the opportunity will come forth. God is in the response and the help.

      What I see is that if the whole planet full of 7 billion+ people were to pray and meditate to help deal with this event, it would still happen, but the impact and disaster would be wholly lessened and the people affected would be fewer.

      Imagine a whole world of people united in prayer.


      • The fall of the asteroid is the first phase of this judgment, the second will be the shockwave on these places, immediately the earthquake of 12 degrees, the tsunami, the three days of darkness and the sixth will be the outbreak of a great pestilence. This will be the worst of the six events. It will be a result of the decomposition of bodies floating on the water and left unburied. (The 3 days of darkness and the flooding of oceans and rivers will make it very difficult to get rid of the bodies). Everybody will be affected in different days and times.
        No matter how many medications are stored, Jehovah God will bring this nation back to His feet, through this punishment. God will move the entire continent in a way that has never been seen.


      • In the post for August 26th you said you see disease spreading. Isn’t that what I was stating here? What kind of disease are you stating and where does it spread?


        • The diseases will be much like we saw during Haiti’s earthquakes. There are many that medical workers are very familiar with during times of mass deaths, and flooding. It will spread inland throughout Venezuela. As a matter of record, there will be some in neighboring countries, but not like it will be at the beginning of the event in Venezuela. Humanitarian aid and support will be needed.


  5. I have done some research and found there is an underwater volcano, Kick’em Jenny in that area. There are also Tsunami preparedness plans for most of that area although they do not anticipate anything so big. I will continue to pray.


    • How are you seeing the east coast being affected by this event? I have a friend living in Seminloe Flordia and I was wanting to know if they would be okay.


      • I see the affect in Florida and along the east coast of the US as being mild compared to the Caribbean islands, and more over a long term, like the effects of the Japanese event on the eastern side of the Pacific Ocean – over time and spread out, making it felt less. Florida will not be free from experiencing some results, but it is protected by distance and the angle of approach. “Mild” means a significantly noticeably smaller impact.


  6. I would appreciate it so much if you will share what you see happening in Ecuador during these times. I have many family members and friends there.


    • If the cause of the event is an earthquake, I see the earthquake reaching Ecuador, but in a much smaller event. I don’t see massive damage to Ecuador because of the distance and the Andes. If I’m seeing accurately, there could be some damage on the eastern side of Ecuador. The citizens will respond to help as much as they can. Many of the countries in that area will have to focus on their own citizenry first, appropriately.
      If the cause of the event is a meteorite, I do see some spreading of damaging material reaching – again – to the eastern side of Ecuador.
      Columbia is closer and will be affected more.


      • This reminds me of the Edgar Cayce “New World Map,” where parts of the East Coast and most of Flordia is gone. What did you mean by the “milder,” part? Also, how will the Christ spirit play apart with all of the prayer?


        • I offer that Edgar Cayce’s “New World Map” has been changed and we will not see that come true in our lifetime. If we stay on the same course of climate change we’re on, we will indeed see ocean levels rise in the centuries ahead.


  7. I am new to your blog. Thank you for your work! I will join you and pray from my heart for the utmost mercy to be manifested and lives to be spared. My heart especially goes out to the little children who already may live in poor conditions and the grace they will need to survive such a disaster and still hope in God.


  8. Like so many others I have been experiencing the 1:11/11:11 phenomenon for a few years now. I’ve felt that these times are points of power and I use those minutes to connect in love with others who are doing the same the world over. This is when I’ll be bringing those who might suffer from these events to the forefront of my heart.
    Thank you, Jodie, for being so kind to share with me your impressions regarding Ecuador. If only you’d had better news for me regarding the coming winter. I’m a Chicagoan. I haven’t even fully defrosted yet!


  9. Puerto Rico has an island – Vieques. Will it still be around after this event? It has bio-luminescent lagoons – will they still exist after this event?


    • The event is not large enough to remove large land masses. Small micro-islands maybe. The effects north of the event will be less than south of the event. There will be some damage to the northern areas, but not on the large scale that you ask about.


    • For the Autumn and Winter of 2014-2015, I see the East Coast experiencing a few major storms. I see possibly 2 hurricanes affecting the East Coast, but I think only one will go inland or scrape land, going north. What I see currently is a third tropical storm could happen, but it won’t become a hurricane.
      There can be other storms, but I don’t see them going westward into land enough to be a major concern.


        • Very little direct impact. The 2nd event will not cause any earthquakes, hurricanes or tsunamis on the East Coast. The US will only be impacted very indirectly. Since I’m seeing the strongest force facing southward towards S. America, I’m seeing north of that area having only indirect impacts. These impacts will be much, much less and therefore only secondary. The US is protected by distance, protecting angles, and land masses in between. However, as time passes, the US will experience its own “fallout” (metaphorically speaking.)


  10. Jodie, thank you for your perspective on these matters. While these events have been foreseen by the ancients, of earth changes surrounding our times, we, in our understandings, language and vernacular, wrongly place blame. The people of the earth have been warned about the eventuality of their constructs – egotism, money, etc. It is by these constructs that people create words to define when these things go wrong. God is not about constructs of men, but, instead, about the perfect harmony of existence for all living beings. Thank you for sharing with your readers that the blame should not be upon the shoulders of God, or his emissaries of Light. We have given fair warning. Plant fruit bearing trees, gardens and cherish the earth so that when the earth changes, and these constructs of men no longer have relevance, you can build community anew in unity and peace. And, please do not take this as a plug, for it is my purpose within this current incarnation to warn and to guide… If you need direction to move into the Light from the darkness, I have written volumes on just this… please heed the warnings of Light workers, like Jodie, and understand the eventualities of these constructs we are all complicit in… the blood of the earth (oil) was never meant to be taken (read stolen for profit)… money, possessions, and your faulty economic systems were never meant to enslave and cause the destruction of the earth… Your purpose is to share that which was given to you so that you might be found worthy and be given more… The one thing all of us can do right now, in this moment of Light and Love, is to hold hands in unity and turn our backs on the darkness… Peace and Light to ALL!


  11. I do find it interesting that we are at the beginning of a global cooling era for the next 30 to 100 years according to Global Weather Oscillations.

    Now at the beginning and end of every Global Cooling cycle there have been a great increase of volcanic activity. I need to find the graph I found but there were 45 eruptions once at a beginning of one of these cycles. We are going to start seeing some of the coldest winters we have ever seen starting in 2017 according to them. But the cycle has already begun. So it makes perfect sense that what you are seeing is a huge volcanic eruption. Global cooling contributes to increased volcanic activity in great numbers. This could be how God ushers in some of the events preceding Jesus’s Second Coming. With volcanoes comes earthquakes. And it does say in the scriptures that there will be natural disasters in diverse places in the last days.

    I’ve been reading a book called “A Greater Tomorrow” about someone’s Near Death Experience where they foresaw some specific events leading to it too. I don’t know if you’ve read it but with what you’re saying it really goes with a part where they say there are going to be lots of terrible volcanoes like a chain reaction happening. And with that earthquakes. She didn’t really go into the area you mention but what if that event causes the events in the areas she mentioned? She talks about the entire west coast of the US having volcanic activity and a series of earthquakes. It goes all down to South America. I’m not sure if it starts there but what if the volcano you saw causes it to do that eventually? Anyway, it’s a good read and it’s on Amazon. I think your visions and her’s compliment one another and make both even more believable. It does say in the scriptures in the last days that men and women will have visions and dreams. She says that since she wrote her experience that 100s have come to her with the same type of specific dreams and visions. So it’s verifying that scripture I think. And it’s a time to pray and prepare spiritually as well as temporally (sp). Her name is Julie Rowe if you look it up. I really enjoyed reading your blog. And I prayed too, I really hope that event you speak of can lessen than what it could be.


    • While this time could be labeled “Last Days”, I see that the phrase only refers to a specific phase of humanity’s evolutionary process – the last days of this phase of mankind’s development. It in no way refers to the idea that the Earth will cease to exist or that mankind will no longer exist on the Earth. Humanity and the Earth will continue, and the changes, shifts, and phases that we go through are both guided and natural, even though they may not be seen or understood by all.


  12. I will continue with my prayers, I did lose faith in God for a short while after a lifetime of praying. Sometimes its hard to accept when something that was so important to many does not happen for the better. We in Scotland wanted so badly to protect our vulnerable from the evils of London Westminster Government. People have been dying, becoming homeless and left to starve especially children. We have a chance to make a difference but through corruption of our UKGov and the unionists in Scotland our Indy was defeated and I felt betrayed by God who I thought would answer our prayers to protect our people, our country Scotland. I believe it didn’t happen this time for a reason but it will and by sounds of what you can see,the events of next year has to take priority. I think many of us have become more and more spiritual around the world and more open to so much suffering and its in preparation to what will come. This beautiful planet has been used and abused by the worst kind of humans who have mistreated the planet, the people and the other wonderful creatures we should be protecting too. I feel most of us that feel more spiritual of last few years have been feeling that sometime in the near future God would come back especially when the balance of bad became greater than the great good.


    • For your sake, I understand your discouragement and I’m sorry for your sadness. Your pain is deep, because it sounds like you believe that political boundaries determine whether people that need help are helped or are not helped. Please understand, though, that God and Christ have never left – not the real God and the real Christ. And God will not take away the freewill of the people deciding political issues like this.

      God doesn’t live in legislation or political boundaries. Imagine how impotent God would be if He could only work through politics. What a horrible scenario.

      God lives in the hearts of people who bring forth understanding, forgiveness, kindness, patience, the seeking of wisdom, and the offering of mercy. God lives in the hearts of people who feel brotherhood, Oneness, and Unity regardless of where the political lines are drawn. The issue is never whether we have the government that we want. The issue is always whether we have the heart and mind and soul that we want. No government or legislation can ever legislate the heart, mind and soul. No external source can ever bring forth God into the heart. The belief that God has left comes more often than not from people from their own freewill choosing to offer no understanding, choosing no patience or mercy or perspectives of oneness with humanity. Don’t be one of these people.

      In time, Scotland will obtain the independence that some, (but not all,) seek when more people want the change than don’t want it (just like the feelings of the people in colonial US, who also were mixed in their feelings of independence from Britain.) And as the generations come and go, changes and political boundaries will continue to happen back and forth on into the future. What you seek now, will arrive for a time, and then be gone, when all the people involved choose something else. This will happen in the US, as well.

      Freewill is at work in the changing of political boundaries. And changes in either direction will give the opportunity for people to work on that which is within – within the individual’s heart and within the boundaries of the nation. Both of which can be faced now, as well. Remember, don’t look to politic power to help us in our individual and collective lives. Look to Spiritual power to help us. And the Spiritual power may or may not be in the political arena.

      My comments are not what brings cheer, but what good is having an independent Scotland, if it does nothing to change a single person’s heart, mind, soul and attitudes towards their fellow human beings – human beings like those that you see as evil in the London Westminster Government. We can see this all playing out in the US, as well.

      We either have freewill for everyone or freewill for none. God chose freewill for everyone. It wasn’t God that directed the voting the way it did, it was the freewill choice of those that voted – and even those that chose not to vote. Again, it’s true here in the US, as well.

      God doesn’t need a certain political vote to go a certain way to help or bring healing. God is not limited by anything except a person’s heart and mind being open or closed. In other words, understanding, kindness, patience, mercy, forgiveness are not limited by legislation. They’re limited by a person’s freewill choice to have an open heart and an open mind, … or a closed heart and a closed mind.


  13. Thank you for your heartfelt comment Jodie, I do see where you are coming from and I have missed my closeness with God and in the past when things that I had hoped would happen, didn’t…..I began to believe that when you turn a negative into a positive through hope that what path you are meant to take happens eventually. We tirelessly fought against not only a corrupt Government in London but the media was our enemy too, We learnt how strong,powerful and dishonest they were and that this time, our Independence was not going to happen. Being so involved in this political path for something we had so much hope for to protect our most vulnerable we were faced with far more hate,lies,scaremongering and abuse which we we not normally see in such an abundance. It has been hard coming back from seeing how cruel and evil many people given power can be but I know with the guidance of God I’ll see a clearer path as we continue to fight for what we believe in and know is inevitable, we bide our time. I have missed my closeness to God and how much it helps keep me grounded and I feel less stressed and at a loss and able to see it as you have explained it. Thank you Jodie.


      • Yes, that’s true but they are talking about a supervolcanic underwater system, maybe a part of that system stretches to outside of the coast of the south-east of the US, even if the center may be further south where you are seeing the event happening. That was my thought but I might very well be wrong.


    • In the process of seeing this psychically, the event in its entirety can be too vast to give all information about an event. My effort has been to provide as much pertinent information that could potentially help people. Being forewarned can lead to preparation. In this case, preparation is now what is most important. Will the event happen? I see it potentially happening.


    • What I see:
      Not so much. The severe social upheaval in Venezuela is the 2nd part of the destruction you’re mentioning. The devastation that has and yet will happen more is part of part 3. Part 3 will be coming forth in various forms for the next 10-15 years, with the worst slowly coming into fruition in 2018, 2019 and 2020. This energy will stay at its worse level with the Earth for 3 years beginning around 2020, then some countries will climb out slowly while others will stay in this low/destructive energy manifesting for up to 7 years. Then in the late 2020’s, most countries will slowly climb out, but it will take into the late 2030’s to be back to this decades level of living. Much of this will be economic, but much will also be natural disasters. An example is the destruction of Houston and Puerto Rico. Houston climbed out quicker than Puerto Rico. It will be years for both areas to be back to “normal.”
      Some of this can be healed through prayer and meditation – not one person’s prayers and meditations but hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people’s prayers and meditations. “The harvest is ready.” Will the workers come forth?


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