Question about the Ukraine

Now that things are heating up in the Ukraine, what do you see as the outcome of all this? Will it escalate into something bigger?

Remember, Lisa, when humans are involved, things can get very messy.  When God is involved, things can get cleaned up.

There are so many souls in the Ukraine region and associated with dealing with this region (many that aren’t physically in the region) that are wanting to add their voices to how things should be worked out.  The effort is meant to be diplomatic, but military force is what many use in their tool chest, and call it “a tool of diplomacy.”

The Ukraine will be a hot area on into the end of this decade, when a quiet time will be in place.  The quiet time only will hide the dissatisfaction with the solutions put in place, but will not be a real solution.  In the next decade, 2020’s the next round of “heat” will come forth.

I add that the issue here isn’t whether this is a hotly debated area, or a hotbed of struggle, or whether war will break out – even though these are important issues.  The issue here is that there is potential for effort and real work to come forth in this area.  This “effort and real work” includes work that all of us can do – praying for this region.  This is not just for us to observe, but rather contribute or help in whatever way we are willing.  They are struggling to find a peace for their lives.  Our prayers can help them.


“The best prayer is the one in which we stop using words and instead use the heart.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2013, Jodie Senkyrik)

“Praying for others is very, truly helpful, as long as our prayer isn’t ‘God, make them into what I want them to be.’ ” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2006, Jodie Senkyrik)

Logic and God

Logic and debates can never prove the existence or non-existence of God.  The foundation of an experience of God is not a “mind” experience and will never be a “mind” experience.  God exists centered in the heart, and is only recognized through the heart.

Looking at it metaphysically, we can offer the same argument put forth about Love.  How do we prove Love?  This is an equally valid question when asked to prove the existence of God.

The experience of Love is an inner experience.  It is subjective, confusing, a struggle and full of questions.  But, when the day comes that we know that we love someone or someones, we know it from a place of “knowing” from which we alone can be sure. No one else in the world can experience our love for another from inside of us.  No one else in the world can experience our love for another in any way, except from outside of us looking in.

The experience of God is exactly like that.  We experience God solely within ourselves – and only we, our self, are witness to this inner experience.  In truth, no one can have an experience of God through someone else’s mind, someone else’s heart, and someone else’s soul.

Ultimately, the decisions we have related to God’s existence, are for each individual alone to address.  But, it needs to be this way.  The decisions and questions related to a belief or experience of God are the decisions and questions of “Willingness.”  Only in our own hearts do we decide what we are willing to do in our life – what we’re willing to think, willing to feel, willing to believe, and willing to …. everything else.  In the same way, only within our own selves do we decide what we’re willing to not think, not feel, not believe, and not…. everything else.

This is why logic isn’t what convinces anyone to love another, and logic isn’t what convinces anyone to believe in God.


“We believe that which we believe, because that is what we’ve chosen to believe.  We don’t believe that which we don’t believe, because that is what we’ve chosen not to believe.” (The Rainbow Cards, 1995, ©, Jodie Senkyrik)

“The issue isn’t whether we can or can’t do something.  The issue is whether we’re willing … to do what it takes to do that something.  If we’re not willing to do “whatever”, then, of course, we can’t.” (The Rainbow Cards, 1995, ©, Jodie Senkyrik)