Proof of God?

Many people fret and fume that we don’t have objective proof that there is a God, or even that there was a Christ, or a Buddha, or any sign that the soul exists or a spiritual dimension is real.

This is by design, folks.

What physical evidence would YOU accept?  What physical evidence would anyone accept?  Would physical evidence gives us the sense of “knowing” which exists inside of us?  Whose expertise would you accept?  What, if anything, exists in the physical world that everyone agrees about in the same exact way?

Do we all agree that man went to the moon?  There is physical evidence – but not to all people.  Do we all agree that the Earth is round?  There is evidence – but still some say no.  Do we agree that there is evidence that proves that life needs water and air to be alive and nothing that doesn’t breathe or need water is alive?  Maybe on Earth that’s true – maybe – on Earth.  But what about viruses which don’t breathe or need water?  Who agrees on the evidence of climate change?

See.  The mental world – the logical world – the physical world is open to debate and each of us determines for ourselves the answer which we will accept.  So, physical evidence is subjective, because we all have feelings and thoughts about things – springing forth from our hearts.  These feelings and thoughts determine so much of what we choose.

We all have desires and hopes – things we want to be real or true.  These desires, feelings, hopes, etc come from within the heart – but not from the physical heart.  There we go again.

The beliefs and “knowing” of God, Spirit, the soul and the spiritual world – also are subjective only – simply because we cannot give one another our own feelings.  Our freewill to choose for ourselves how to feel and think is the freewill that everyone has to choose for themselves.

One reason why logical arguments don’t work is because the experience of God doesn’t come from the mind, but rather from the heart (not the physical heart) – where love exists.  There  is no physical proof or evidence that love exists, either.  No vial exists that contains the fluid of the love that a child has for their parent.  No bottle exists that contains the love that a mother has for her child, and on and on.  Even though some say that love is just a chemical in the brain, this too is a subjective belief based on a particular interpretation of chemical measurements.

The believe in God comes from our personal experience – which is helped by our inner experience we call “knowing”, which also is personal experience.  There is no way to share the same experiences of God, because they happen within a part of our consciousness – our heart – which we only subjectively admit exists.  The experiences of the Love of God come only because we love, also.  The experiences of a connection to God come only because our minds are open and our hearts are open.  At no time are these experiences measurable or provable that they are what we “know” them to be.

So, the belief in God, which exists in our heart, mind and soul can only happen within this one person – our self.  No one can have a relationship with God through anyone’s but their own heart.  We cannot have a relationship with God through another person’s experiences, mind or heart.

This is how it works, and will continue to work.  So, any “proof” of God may only barely come from how we treat another person – with loving kindness, patience, understanding, tolerance, mercy, forgiveness and the like.  “If God exists,” He/She lives in our hearts and actions through these qualities.  This is the only way we can share our experiences of God – by demonstrating Love.


“No one speaking of judgment and condemnation speaks for God. No one speaking fear and retribution speaks for God. The one speaking love and forgiveness, kindness and mercy – this one speaks for God.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2008-2018 by Jodie Senkyrik)

“God’s will for Himself is to love us, to heal us, to nurture us, to be patient with us, to show us mercy, to give to us, to support us, to teach us, to guide us, to listen to us, to accept us, to comfort us, to welcome us, etc.

God fulfills His own will. (The Rainbow Cards, ©,1996-2018, Jodie Senkyrik)

“There is more of God in the air that we breathe, than there is air that we breathe.”(The Rainbow Cards,©,1998-2018, Jodie Senkyrik)

Logic and God

Logic and debates can never prove the existence or non-existence of God.  The foundation of an experience of God is not a “mind” experience and will never be a “mind” experience.  God exists centered in the heart, and is only recognized through the heart.

Looking at it metaphysically, we can offer the same argument put forth about Love.  How do we prove Love?  This is an equally valid question when asked to prove the existence of God.

The experience of Love is an inner experience.  It is subjective, confusing, a struggle and full of questions.  But, when the day comes that we know that we love someone or someones, we know it from a place of “knowing” from which we alone can be sure. No one else in the world can experience our love for another from inside of us.  No one else in the world can experience our love for another in any way, except from outside of us looking in.

The experience of God is exactly like that.  We experience God solely within ourselves – and only we, our self, are witness to this inner experience.  In truth, no one can have an experience of God through someone else’s mind, someone else’s heart, and someone else’s soul.

Ultimately, the decisions we have related to God’s existence, are for each individual alone to address.  But, it needs to be this way.  The decisions and questions related to a belief or experience of God are the decisions and questions of “Willingness.”  Only in our own hearts do we decide what we are willing to do in our life – what we’re willing to think, willing to feel, willing to believe, and willing to …. everything else.  In the same way, only within our own selves do we decide what we’re willing to not think, not feel, not believe, and not…. everything else.

This is why logic isn’t what convinces anyone to love another, and logic isn’t what convinces anyone to believe in God.


“We believe that which we believe, because that is what we’ve chosen to believe.  We don’t believe that which we don’t believe, because that is what we’ve chosen not to believe.” (The Rainbow Cards, 1995, ©, Jodie Senkyrik)

“The issue isn’t whether we can or can’t do something.  The issue is whether we’re willing … to do what it takes to do that something.  If we’re not willing to do “whatever”, then, of course, we can’t.” (The Rainbow Cards, 1995, ©, Jodie Senkyrik)