A Christmas Message

We may study all kinds of esoteric teachings.  We may find out about other planes of existence, of activities beyond time, of evolutions of things that are beyond our accepted paradigms.  We may discover paradoxes and ancient secrets, and all about other realities …
and we may want to shout about these things from the mountain tops to all others saying “Look what I have learned!!”

Yet, there’s one thing to remember.

If we only learn two things, – “to Love God above all else, and Love our neighbor as ourselves”, and practice these words of Christ with all effort and desire, in our heart and mind, then we can go our whole life never having learned anything else, and will have gained the most important of all things, which all the other esoteric teachings come from.   No one specific practice, belief or religion is absolutely a “must have”, but rather these two statements which are the foundation of all paths can do nothing but lead us back to having the best of relationships with each other, and the best of relationships with Our Creator, the One From Whom All Life, Light and Love Comes.

Merry Christmas, and God bless us, Everyone.

A Christmas Prayer

… Or For Any Time

A human praying - How we look to God when we're praying

Please, help all those who need blessed, know what it is to be blessed.
Help all those who need help, know what it is to be helped.
Let all those who feel unloved, know what it is to be loved.
May all those who feel alone, know what it is to feel surrounded and cared for by friends and family.
Help all those who feel despair, know what it is to feel your Love.
Let all those who feel afraid, know the peace of mind that is beyond understanding.
Let all those who feel they need you, know what it is to be in your arms.

Thank you.

Children praying -Where two or more are praying in My name, so am I there with them.

Commercial or Spiritual?

There’s some criticism that occurs around this time of year. Some think that the season has gotten commercial, commercial, and more commercial. A person can definitely perceive it as such. And many want to, thinking that criticizing the purchasing will heighten the spiritual message.

This never works, though, does it. Regardless of the disgruntled, the season of giving continues. Still, it is the Spirit of Worship that leads some to feel commercialism isn’t what the season is about. And in a sense, selling things isn’t what the season is about.

But, the Spirit of Giving is what the season is about. The giving of gifts started not with the three wise men, but with The Father. Our Father, who art in heaven, who has given us the gift of His Son, Christ. And three wise men followed suit.  (Following God’s example is why they may have been thought wise.)

Then the legend tells us that the giving of gifts secretly started with one man hundreds of years ago, when he gave helpful gifts to the needy, during the silence of the night. And the Spirit of Giving became alive again. With the Spirit alive again, it made that silent night, also a holy night, for the Spirit of Giving – the Spirit of Christ came forth again.

But, it is the Spirit of Giving that is inside us when we are at the stores, even if in only a small spark. We all want to participate in the giving of something that is appreciated and needed. We want to give something to those we think most of and feel most close to. We take this time, whether willingly or sometimes disgruntledly, to remember those important to us by giving a gift showing to them that they are thought of fondly, respectfully, or in high esteem hopefully giving them happiness.

The spirit is catching, too. During the Christmas, or holiday season (whichever is preferred), there really is a better feeling towards others, perhaps even a greater consideration of others. Sure, business and life goes on, but within the heart of the individual the feelings come forth whether we realize it or not with the thoughts of those close to us and what would make a nice gift for them – what would make them smile.

Who doesn’t like receiving a gift, which demonstrates that someone was thinking of their well being and joy? We know in our hearts that the receiver of our gifts, bought or made, are going to have some good feelings receiving the gift. So, commercial or spiritual, the Spirit is alive and well in both – in different ways, but still in both – maybe hidden to the other point of view, but within them both anyway.

I would rather have this world with Spirit living in both of these points of view, than a world with only one point of view, or neither. Be joyful, for this time of year the Spirit of God lives inside us more, whether in great ways or small, and regardless of the symbols we use. Then we can say what the dream told me to be true… indeed, “if Santa Claus didn’t come once a year, this world would be in terrible shape.”

So, we may give in whatever way we think will bring happiness to others.  In doing so, the Spirit of Goodwill lives inside us.  And while we’re out purchasing gifts, consider also adding “under the tree” the gifts of understanding, tolerance, forgiveness, mercy, and patience with others.  We have these gifts to give from an infinite source which lives inside our hearts if we so choose, especially during the Christmas and holiday season.