Comment Q n A’s from “2023 and 2024”

So what’s going to actually happen? Any specific examples? C.V.

Remember, the more general the question, the more general the answers. One can be asking a general question, while thinking about your neighborhood and, at the same time, asking about the entire world.

In the case for specifics, first I’ll take this opportunity to say that looking ahead is somewhat like seeing a boat traveling down a river coming upon the river delta which leads to the ocean. The delta spreads far wider than the river and gives many choices. As the boat gets close and into the delta, the choices become fewer and fewer to choose from. For some events there is no delta, though. For some events, the choices have already been made and the course has already been determined – like global warming. It is now our response to those hit hardest that we have choices to make.

There are many decisions by many people yet which will help influence the responses which we will collectively bring forth – which will determine how impactful these future events will be to our personal lives. Some will choose helping as much as possible and some will choose to not help any. (All people are individuals who are making choices for themselves.)

With all of the above said, the specific occurrences are in the categories I mentioned – weather, and I’ll include economic problems in the world from the weather, as well as conflicts around the world and economic problems in the world related to the conflicts. The destructive weather we’ve had in the past set of years, is what was predicted by those in the last century and we can see forward that these events will repeat themselves, with them getting more numerous and worse in destruction.

The same with world conflicts – i.e. what we see happening now in Ukraine and many other areas of conflict is massive destruction. Many of these events could be avoided had there been and if there were now, greater and greater and greater efforts towards prayer.

If you would like to know about your specific corner of the planet, you can ask about that. Others have, too.

I’m seeing this pandemic being all but resolved by the end of the summer/fall of 2024 with greater medical understanding and better medicines.


  1. If anyone hasn’t yet, do go back and read the predictions articles for previous years. I do mention 2023 and 2024 in almost all of these. I have predictions going back to the beginning of this blog and many of them are of 2023 and 2024. When reading the predictions articles, start at Psychic Predictions for 2022 and go backwards or start at 2018 and go forwards.
  2. Check (click on) the category titles on the right hand column of the blog – 2023, 2024.
  3. In December, 2022, I will post my next predictions for 2023.


………(see comment 2)
P.S. what are your thoughts on this idea of “ascension” and dimensions? I have a feeling this is just storytelling of sorts. It seems kind of ridiculous and I wonder if people are just using it as an excuse to explain away disaster… potentially leading people into a state of inaction or a kind of numbness to everything. We’ve created this mess and I think we (humans in flesh) are the ones to take us out of anything we create(essentially creating the solution to self created problems). Victor

I want to mention that because there is such a great diversity of beliefs and a great diversity of religions, the definitions for ascension and the understanding of dimensions will be just as diverse.

What I offer about ascension is this – it is part of the evolution of the soul – whether in the Earth plane or out of the Earth plane. Many souls who finish their karmic work and learning in the Earth do not need to keep returning in new and different lives again and again. When a soul reaches this point, we are able to “ascend” into higher levels of consciousness to then learn what that level has to offer. Sound familiar?

Those who graduate the Earth can move on into ever higher planes of existence. Those who aren’t yet finished learning, return to yet learn our spiritual lessons, and we all have the choice ever and forever about learning the spiritual lessons set before us – compassion instead of criticism, patience and kindness instead of attacking and abuse, forgiveness instead of vengeance. See how it works? As individuals, yet, we regrettably make choices, while in a physical life, which affects when our “ascension” happens, especially when we sometimes think there is no such thing and therefore we can get away with anything.

So, for me, ascension means moving on to higher planes of consciousness. But, we only move on to higher planes, if we bring forth higher levels of consciousness in the Earth – the higher levels being the consciousness of love, of kindness, of patience, of mercy, of compassion, etc. We move on to that which we have built for others and ourselves. These higher planes are waiting for all of us, and the nice thing is that we can help each other reach these higher levels. After all, we’re in this together, aren’t we.

Likewise, dimensions are also different planes of existence. Remember what Shakespeare said, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” This means that when we think our own beliefs are the only thing that is true, we will be in for a “rude awakening” when we find out our own beliefs are a thimble full of muddy truth, and there is yet a Universe of crystal-clear Truth waiting for us to open our minds to.

Dimensions are part of the Infinite Consciousness of God, wherein which our own dimension exists and wherein we experience it as if it were physical in nature and full of solid matter.

With that, I recommend keeping the mind open, and if you seek it, letting God reveal Truth in God’s own way. This way has been known to be helpful and enriching…. and quite amazing. When it comes from God, and traveling from the vast universe that is within our very self, we do not quickly forget it.

[Many questions….] (see the 3rd comment) I’m planting fruit trees. Lots and lots of them. Lisa

Planting trees of any and all kinds is a magnificent activity. May God bless your work and your trees.

I offer this. It is always easy to get discouraged, isn’t it. But, while the media seems to be looking for ways to bring drama and different versions of everything, there is also a POV which exists – that of it having a greater purpose to how it all comes forth. When all the stories come forth, no matter what the perspective, each and every story or presentation can be a flag calling for the prayers from those willing participants of prayer – no matter who the listener is, no matter what the slant is to the story.

If we do not know what to pray for, we are apt more, to not pray. When we hear of problems in the world, or in our own country or our own community, then for those who choose it, we can then bring forth our prayers for those in need which we are then learning about. The harvest of needs is great, but the workers/people who choose to pray, are few. Be one of the few – when we as individuals say, “Father/Mother God, Here I am, one person, ready to help.” God answers with, “And Here I Am With You, As Well!”

And from there, we hear the chorus of hidden helpers – thousands and millions around the world, getting no press and no notice – who sing forth, “We’re glad to have you now with us. Everyone everywhere benefits greatly from the help of one more joining in.”

Never believe anyone who says that one person can do nothing to help the world – not even if it’s our own self saying it.

May God bless us and help us, Everyone.

12 thoughts on “Comment Q n A’s from “2023 and 2024”

  1. Jodie, my wife and I are strongly considering moving to the United Arab Emirates, specifically Dubai, in 2023. What are you seeing for that country over the next five years in terms of climate, economy, politics, and opportunities for us?


    • In the next 5 years, I’m seeing tremendous heat waves first off. I do see a stable government, and efforts to respond to the heat and water problems which come with the heat. The economy will suffer some because the people will suffer from it, especially during 2023, then increasing in the 2024 year. It won’t diminish in 2025 but there will be efforts in place by then to face it nationally, and some of the efforts will be helping the people. Each nation around in that region will be dealing with similar problems and so politically, the governments will have their hands full, and even looking for ways to gain and learn from other countries’ solution efforts.
      Opportunities for you both, school and such, will continue to be in place, but there will be stressors which are indirectly affecting you – funding sources, inflation of the cost of living, some social problems related to the heat, but I don’t see Dubai dealing with war or military conflicts as of yet.


    • The Chicago area has been and will continue to see serious weather problems. The temperatures and winds will ramp up to be even more of an issue in these 2 years. I am seeing buildings damaged by high winds when the winds come. Chicago has faced freezes and high winds, but it will continue to increase in severity. Chicago will also experience painful heatwaves. Chicago’s economy is strong and can withstand these years, but like other places, the increase in the economy which people think will come – will not come in these 2 years. Again the city’s services to help people will be strained and overwhelmed during this time. Neighbors helping neighbors will be the most useful. Like other cities and towns, if you want to see first hand the hidden needs, difficulties and pain people are already having, and which will get worse during these years, then volunteer at food banks or other needs-based services. The people who are in need are already in need, and many more will come forth – yet remain unseen – especially if we turn away from our own community and our own neighbors, or if we think “I’m doing okay, therefore everyone is doing okay, and no one needs my help.”

      This is a time where the world is “going into labor”, like a woman giving birth to a new child, and the suffering/pain will be real. It is a time where the human race is expelling many poisons which have caused great harm through the ages. We do this individually and we do this collectively. The remedy is through helping one another, for the simple reason that God designed us to need one another. We are all in this together, and there is no other way we can make it through these dark energy/low energy times – except by joining together.

      There will be a new dawn, but not before the darkest times, and that is what we are preparing for now. Let your prayers and meditations invite God in for your individual guidance, courage and strength. Those of us who ask God within ourselves for our own ways to help, will receive guidance. In addition, we will see those who need help come forth – both strangers as well as people we already know.

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  2. Thanks for providing your insight. What do you see in the future for the Atlanta metro area? I’m somewhat concerned about nuclear weapons being used in the mainland US.


    • I’m currently NOT seeing any nuclear weapons being used anywhere in North America – with my looking in this decade. There will be other problems, though. I’m seeing natural disasters in South America – earthquakes, volcanoes – and very serious ones, for them, especially in the 2023 and 2024 years.
      For Atlanta, during this time, the danger is mostly from continued and increasing drought, hurricanes, wind, and flooding. Hurricanes will start earlier in the year than normal. Then on top of that is the continuing inflation for your area, also – like what we see now. Yes, we take it in stride, but if the pain from these is happening now, then now is when we need to pray and meditate for guidance in taking steps.
      If anyone wonders if there’s food scarcity in your area, call and volunteer at the food banks and see how many hidden people are having hidden and serious difficulties. The housing problems we’re having now are somewhat going unseen by many who are secure in their homes, but even these will be in harm’s way when the weather gets worse.
      Weather related problems are going to be met with scarce AFFORDABLE materials for rebuilding. While I’m seeing people currently having much hope for the employment/unemployment aspects in your area, this year and in the future, I’m seeing 2023 and 2024 NOT getting better in the area of employment. I also don’t see it cratering, but rather it being “rocky” – (but not like the Great Depression)
      Is this the end of the world? NOOOOO!!! This is the beginning of when people will benefit greatly by joining with local neighbors in helping one’s neighbors and preparing for more difficult times coming, more difficult than what we’ve seen.
      I know I sound like I’m preaching disasters around every corner. Not everywhere will face receiving a hurricane, but some will. I’m also preaching solutions by planning ahead, and by joining with helpful services already in place, then starting new ideas and new solutions which come forth. It will always be a good idea to join with local services already in place. More help when needed, comes from local, community sources, many of whom are in need of volunteers – community members who join to help their own community and neighbors.
      That’s enough preaching on this answer.


      • Thanks for that thorough answer. In the news there’s even a protest going on demanding affordable housing. It’s insane how expensive housing is getting here. Thank god I bought my house about 5 years ago otherwise I’d be struggling today.

        And yes I like the idea of helping your fellow neighbors! It’s going to be interesting to see how the next 2 years develop!

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  3. Jodie, what do you see as far as climate disasters and/or natural disasters, such as fire, seismic/volcanic activity for the San Francisco Bay area and the Portland, Oregon area for 2023/2024?

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    • First, I see no volcanic activity for either area. And with seismic activity, I see a continuing pattern of small earthquakes which is normal. In 2023, I do see a larger quake in the South Central Eastern area of California (roughly Bakersfield) the size I’m seeing is in the 5 range, but could fluctuate a little. In 2024, what I see appears more like an increase in the number of smaller quakes, almost to the point of it seeming like a continuous quaking motion – possibly around 2 times the normal smaller earthquakes. I’m also seeing a potential larger quake – again around 5 range in the northern section of the Sierra Nevada mountains, I’m see little damage from earthquakes during this time period but that doesn’t mean damage won’t occur – just not massive. I will give updates as the time approaches.

      Now to the real issue – the fires. You don’t need a psychic to know this for both cities – that fires are going to happen in California and the west coast. In 2023, the west coast will seem the same as last year in 2021. In 2022, also. This means that the air will be thick with particles, and smoke.

      ***Don’t wait for it to happen to get air purifiers and masks. *** Do that now.
      Have a purifier for each large room of your dwelling. Plan for staying inside most of the time when the smoke gets bad. This is for the entire west coast – California, Oregon and some of Washington, but not as bad.
      In 2024, I see the fires starting earlier in the year and burning more areas. Consider this the new normal average summer. Keep your air purifiers in good working condition – as well as the filters. An AC won’t be enough to keep the air clean. Keep your AC units cleaned – the aluminum fins of the AC units.
      All of these suggestions are for cleaning the air around you. Anyone with asthma will have greater difficulty and this will be a constant high alert time. This is going to be a dangerous time for these medical problems.

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      • Hi Jodie, I would like to know what you see in term of climate/natural disasters that will befall Malaysia and Singapore in 2023 and 2024?


        • Hi Ming,
          For both of these, in general, since they’re so near the Equator, they are in a “zone” of generally “okay” weather. Most of the time. This means there is less extreme weather than so many other areas. While temperatures will slowly climb during these 2 years, I see most of the dangerous weather coming from Typhoons and extremely high winds – especially in 2023. I’m seeing almost constant wind in 2024 being what will effect both of these the most. As the years go on, there will be some “getting used to winds being part of life.” There will also be less rain than normal for these two regions, but not to the extreme like Australia will be. Not in these 2 years, at least.

          When the warnings come for high winds or Typhoons, do not underestimate what the danger will be. Take all precautions. Be the ones who take it seriously and prepare ahead of time. Remember, winds come even when there are few storms/typhoons. Damage can indeed be done by high winds that are not spawned by Typhoons.


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