2023 and 2024

This article is to declare that the writing is on the wall. This will come forth. I will not be holding back as to what I’m seeing that is set in rock.

In a recent experience of looking at the lower/dark energy which I’m seeing (and many other psychics are seeing also) in the years 2023 and 2024, I’m going over more of what I’ve been seeing for so many years now. There is no change to what I’ve been seeing about the dark energy of 2023. It is still a dominant energy of the coming year. At the same time, I’m still seeing 2024 being filled with even more of the dark energy.

When I say dark energy, I’m referring to the manifesting of energy which is a low vibration, a minimal presence of the Light, with little that we can do to change it. Dark energy is energy filled with selfishness, self-centeredness, bitterness, resentment, vengeance, and the like. Therefore, dark energy is destructive in nature, chaotic among patterns of life, i.e. the pandemic, climate disasters, etc. and is created from the chaotic actions, thoughts, feelings and the like of human life (i.e. war, conflict, resentment, bitterness, revenge, and more.)

The Light is the higher vibration – healing in nature, resolving, building up, based on the God energy of Infinite Love and the dark energy is not a higher vibration. The solid manifestation of this dark energy cannot be changed. Our prayers now, are for the responses to these events – to help us to respond to and deal with what manifests in our individual lives. For so many of us, life as we have known it will change in the blink of an eye. Although I have not been intentionally looking for this aspect – the number of human deaths – I do believe we will see many souls leave this Earth during these 2 years.

To speak to the unchangeability – for years, each time I looked at this time period and dark energy, I looked for why it could not be changed by prayer, meditation or any efforts to bring forth Light into the world. I found little information at the time, but now, I’m understanding how this can happen – it being almost completely unchangeable – especially now that we are in the time of both climate crisis, and war.

With global warming, we are beyond the point where we can reverse this. There is nothing we can do or rather there is very little humanity has been willing to do, to change what is continually manifesting even as it gets worse. Therefore, climate crisis related events will continue to happen and get worse – drought, fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, also. The term we will be bandying about is “Biblical”.

North America, South America, Antarctica, Western Asia, Central Asia, Central Africa, and Australia, and Western Russia, as well, will experience the worst that 2023 has to offer. In this year, China and Southern Africa will be slightly spared from the worst that 2023 has to offer.

Meanwhile, 2024 will fulfill the term “Biblical” completely. There is no place on Earth that will be spared. But, the dark energy is not coming FROM God. The source is the darkness which mankind has manifested with freewill for ages and ages.

At the same time as this darkness – the darkness also being the destruction brought onto the environment of the Earth – is the physical setting for this scenario to play out. The natural state of the Earth – vulnerable, “behind the scenes” evolutionary patterns which have been coming forward and manifesting from natural forces – lays a foundation – setting the stage scenery, rather than causes this. The Earth’s evolutionary opening to a weaker state, makes the environment more vulnerable and thus presents the available location where humanity’s karma and freewill choices to NOT do the inner work of resolving selfishness and hatred, returns to roost.

Make no mistake, without humanity being the source of dark energy, we would not see the level of destruction we have and will see. Some may jump on this and say this is all a natural evolutionary event – and that is the exact freewill choice state of mind that has contributed to this getting worse and worse. Any denial that mankind has a masterly role to play in this dark energy manifesting just contributes even more dark energy to the manifestation.

Currently, I am not seeing the total of all the immediate “easily seen” and “obvious” avenues to the causes – but, …. yes, to Global Warming as a cause, yes to conflicts from self-serving, destructive government leaders, yes to the closing of the mind, heart and soul to God’s helpful guidance and healing, yes to efforts to mislead self and others …. I’m still NOT seeing nuclear weapons as a sure-thing even though we’re seeing great concern about this during this Russian/Ukraine war. (Right now, today, March 29, 2022, I’m seeing Putin pulling back from using nuclear weapons).

I’m adding this article about the coming next 2 years because this is a bigger source of worldwide problems than even the current R/U war. However, if we choose not to respond to the war, then we are also choosing to not respond to the problems in the Earth. We are here to respond to that which is in our lap, and the war is in our lap – all of our laps.

Our responses are the avenue where God/Christ may come into the world and help. Our prayers and meditations, our efforts to resolve our inner self-wars, and find personal inner peace, our efforts to heal our relationships – these are all real and effective. These settings are where the higher vibrations come forth – through the expression of the Spirit of Love in all available forms which Love can manifest (yes, diplomacy is a manifestation, and yes, having courage to stand up for those who are downtrodden is a manifestation.) These are planting the garden of higher energy as well as weeding the garden of that which chokes off life.

As I’ve told others, the world we are in now, is vomiting the poison of our destruction on the Earth and towards each other in our past lives. Some of us are attendants who can help (each time we so choose) and respond to this vomiting – cleaning, healing, transforming, returning us to peace. “The harvest is ready, but the workers are few.”

We can begin with ourselves, with the prayer, “Lord, help me be honest with myself.” Then remember, we are not going to hear God’s still, small voice within, while we are screaming and yelling at each other on TV or anywhere else. God is NOT in the screaming and yelling on TV and radio. Nor is there insight in the degradation and insulting of others.

Be still, and in this stillness, we will know God and God’s guidance.
Be still, and in this stillness, we will find the path to balance and peace.
Be still, and in this stillness, we will find patience and in patience, we will know our-self.
Be still, and in this stillness, we will find the path of how to proceed with loving kindness and compassion – both of which are the homes of all real power to bring change in this world.


In the comments, I invite questions, as always, but I also invite to share steps people are taking to prepare and actions people are doing to bring healing – how people are responding to that which is in our laps.

7 thoughts on “2023 and 2024

    • I answered this comment as an article, but I want to add some things here.
      1. If anyone hasn’t yet, do go back and read the predictions articles for previous years. I do mention 2023 and 2024 in almost all of these. I have predictions going back to the beginning of this blog and many of them are of 2023 and 2024. When reading the predictions articles, start at Psychic Predictions for 2022 and go backwards or start at 2018 and go forwards.
      2. Check (click on) the category titles on the right hand column of the blog – 2023, 2024.
      3. In December, 2022, I will post my next predictions for 2023.


  1. I have recently started to read the first half of E.M. Niocolay’s book “Timeline Collapse and Universal Ascension”. Written in 2015, it sets out to predict events of the earth until 2600s. Some things he appeared to not quite nail in the 2010-2019 decade. Although he does mention World War 3 in the mids 2020’s along with American default and collapse of the dollar by I believe 2030. In the second half of this century China and Russia will start to become new areas of “Enlightenment”. USA will be fractured into regions, but I think there will be a very loose federal system. He predicted nuclear weapon use in the middle east and in parts of America. He said WW3 would be sparked in the middle east through nuclear weapon use.

    A lot of karmic energy related to ancient religious conflicts will get… i don’t know what the word is… used up, balanced out, or “completed”. He says it may sound like doom and gloom but all humans will be where they need to be. The ones that choose not to suffer will attract themselves to places and people that also think alike. There will still be incredible leaps of technology.

    The southwestern part of the states and northeast New England area will actually fair very well compared to the inner part/northwest. I’m not how much of this will manifest, because he also acknowledges that timelines are in flux and shouldn’t expect certain things to happen in very specific years.

    I also read about potential increases in solar events in the coming decade, really big ones. But those predictions could be from people who are specifically looking for something in data that may not be there.

    Your description of darkness reminds of the Disney video game Kingdom Hearts. There are these enemies called the Heartless. Here’s the wikipedia on them:
    “The Heartless are creatures born from the darkness of people’s hearts, lacking a body or soul, serving as the most common type of enemy the player encounters in the Kingdom Hearts series. Their name derives from their lack of a heart, despite originating from people’s hearts. When darkness consumes a character’s heart, they become corrupted and transform into Heartless. The Heartless act as forces of darkness, seeking to consume more hearts, including those of worlds.”

    P.S. what are your thoughts on this idea of “ascension” and dimensions? I have a feeling this is just storytelling of sorts. It seems kind of ridiculous and I wonder if people are just using it as an excuse to explain away disaster… potentially leading people into a state of inaction or a kind of numbness to everything. We’ve created this mess and I think we (humans in flesh) are the ones to take us out of anything we create(essentially creating the solution to self created problems).


  2. The world is awash in the news of the Ukraine as a terrible crisis but what of Yemen and Afghanistan? Children are starving due to sanctions and we could stop this – but we don’t. Nobody even thinks about it anymore if one is to judge from the media cycle.

    The US has instigated so much terror throughout the world. Russia seems to be destroying bio-labs much like the ones that unleashed a plague throughout the planet. When will we learn the truth of all this? When an earthquake/hurricane/tornado destroys it?

    In the early 90s in Los Angeles, a man was beaten and the people who did it got off even though it was filmed. Riots ensued for weeks. Not even a year later, an earthquake rocked the same area.

    I do believe that the land absorbs the pain and sorrow of what grows on top of it. Does it recycle it or simply push it back? Maybe both.

    I’m planting fruit trees. Lots and lots of them.


    • Hi Terry,
      At this point, our prayers and meditations will NOT change the slower/lower/dark energy from manifesting as problems, BUT our prayers and meditations WILL help with our ability to respond in stronger and more capable ways. Prayers help people. Meditation brings forth guidance and ways to respond to the problems. It is like the difference between having a plan of safety when a major storm comes or NOT having a plan of safety when a major storm comes.
      Many of the problems, will be related to very limited resources being available. Many will think that the government will provide all the help that is needed, but that is not the case since all over the world government services will be overwhelmed with the massive needs of the people. At this time, neighborly cooperation and safety education will be very helpful. At this time, sharing supplies when possible, as well as being innovative and creative in supporting each other will be helpful. These are examples of what we can come to realize when we use prayer and meditation. And as you say, hundreds, thousands, and millions praying and meditating will bring great helpfulness and stamina to go through these years and the problems they bring. As I’ve said, I am seeing these problems grow in 2023 and get the worst in 2024, before the problems can be diminished because of our efforts – diminished some but not all the way, in 2025, and onward.
      Large areas of the eastern coast of China will see many great and powerful storms. Having safety plans and safety resources will help many, many people.
      I’m seeing similar danger in Central China but I don’t see what kind of danger it is. In western China, I’m seeing food scarcity problems during these years causing some migration in that area.


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