Conversation about March 28-April 4.

This is a recording of a conversation with the Astrologer Stephanie Austin, of, regarding an event which I’m seeing happening beginning March 28th (or late March 27th) and continuing for about 7 days until April 4th – Monday to Monday. I called her to see if there were planetary considerations or forces with this time period.

The volume of my voice is low, so you will have to turn up the volume as high as you can to get my voice clearly. I’m sorry about that. If it helps you to download it and listen, please do. This volume problems is the problem with my own equipment sometimes. You can hear Stephanie Austin’s voice clearly, though.

I tried to turn up the volume on my voice but so far have not been able to get it louder except on my own computer. It did help me to hear it when I ran the mp3 file through a voice editor to listen to it, but, the louder volume did not transfer to another copy of the file. However, if you have voice editor software, feel free to use it for listening.

The recording begins after the conversation has started – about 5-10 minutes from the beginning.

10 thoughts on “Conversation about March 28-April 4.

    • Many of them will eagerly return to rebuild their country. But, there will be a significant number who stay away yet, and some few that will not return for years. I would say about 60% will return to rebuild, and that day will come when it’s time to go back home.


  1. Wow this was great. Hope there’s another one. Curious what the event is at the end of the month. I’m wondering if it could be a false flag attack and one of the nuclear reactors gets damaged. I could see that causing panic. Something like chernobyl or Fukushima.


    • Right now, I believe it would be more than a reactor getting damaged. I see the influence or outcome spreading across half the globe within a short time.
      Addition: 3/19/22 – In looking again at this, I can see a larger disaster from multiple reactors being damaged causing radioactive debris spreading in the winds across that area of the globe. I regret saying this, but this is why prayer is a very real thing we can do. Pray and then pray more. After that, pray again.


    • Always we begin with prayer, of course. There is nothing greater than prayer that we can do for this. Prayer changes the future. The more prayer, the more change. Prayer changes the lives of those prayed for. The more prayer, the more change.

      I do not say this because I believe that people might be helped if we pray, I say this, because I see the energy of prayer and the change that prayer brings. I say this, because I see the effect prayer has on the timeline and the future. I have seen and do see the massive impact that the prayers of millions has on the planet and all physical life. This is why I say what others are also saying, to pray and then pray some more.

      After we pray, then we can look for where we can offer financial, physical and emotional support to others who are struggling with this. When someone asks, “Where is God when stuff like this happens?” Then answer to them, “God is in the response that comes through the hearts of those who say ‘Here I am. How can I help?’ ” It is the response to those in need that then gives a very real hope to those who suffer from these events.

      We have war, because we humans of this Earth have not yet prayed enough for war to end.


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